03 October 2015

..::Product + Video Review::.. KidzLane Pretend Cooking Set

My Review of the KidzLane Pretend Cooking Set

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"This deluxe cooking set for kids comes with 10 bright colored realistic pieces, play pots and pans with lids, cooking utensils; spatula, serving spoon, refreshments Pitcher, and more!

Yours Kids will enjoy playing with the cookware set for endless hours. Perfect for learning and pretend play, they will think they are cooking themselves! A perfect gift for girls and boys, a great essential cooking experience for preschoolers.

This kids cooking set is a perfect add on for any play kitchen set."


I was sent the kids cooking set from KidzLane to review.  

The price for this set is $14.99.  Shipping is free with Amazon Prime.

Packaging & Presentation of the KidzLane Pretend Cooking Set

This cooking set arrived in excellent condition.  The box holds everything perfectly without being too over-sized but not smooshing the pieces, either.

All sides of the box offer the same information.  It's a very colorful box, displaying all of the included pieces largely and personally.

The box flips open from the side, the pieces will tumble out ready to go.

The little booklet displays other role playing sets that are offered from this company.

My Personal Experience with the KidzLane Pretend Cooking Set

Both of my kids love playing with their toy kitchen. I was excited to introduce this set to their kitchen.

There are ten pieces, realistic and colorful.

My daughter loves making chicken-potato-ketchup bottle-graham cracker casserole!

Check out this video, to see a few more details:

Pros of the KidzLane Pretend Cooking Set
  • Great quality.
  • Easily washed.
  • Sturdy pieces.
  • Colorful.
  • BPA-free.

        Cons of 
        the KidzLane Pretend Cooking Set
        • I haven't found any cons of this cooking play set.

              We literally just set up a toy kitchen yesterday, and I had to let my kids use MY kitchenware because I didn’t have a little set for them. Well, now I do! This is so cute, and the little pieces fit perfectly on all aspects of the wooden kitchen.

              Now, the pieces are all really well made and are made of a thick plastic. I was actually really impressed with the look, feel, and quality. These are not easy to bend or break in any way. Plus, if they get dirty, it’s really noting to wash them because they are very easy to wipe down or just stick in the (real) sink. These are also gender-neutral.

              You get quite a few things in here—a casserole dish, measuring cup, soup pot, pan, fryer, lids, and two cooking utensils. It’s definitely the perfect starter set for any toy kitchen setup.

              Are you wanting to try the KidzLane Pretend Cooking Set, too?  Click the link below, and order away!    

              CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

              For further information, please visit KidzLane on:

              DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. 

              01 October 2015

              ..::Website + App Review::.. Popmap - Boutique & Designer Marketplace

              My Review of Popmap

              What is it exactly?

                   From the website. . .
              "We believe in building a marketplace of shops that have a story, craft their own artwork, and create selections that are held to a high standard of original designs. At Popmap, we have gathered an exclusive arrangement of boutiques to help you shop the world like a local."


              Popmap is a brand new online marketplace that puts the world's niche shops at your fingertips.  Whether you are a 'computer-person' or a 'phone-person', you can access it any way you choose.

              Just to show you how easy it is to use, I went through the website and did a little exploring.  Now, keep in mind that this is the website, but the app has the same basic function.

              When you first type in the website, you are brought to this page.  It displays a map with shops that are closest to the area in which you reside.  There is also a list that brings up the latest shops added to Popmap. The upper left provides you with a few drop-down menus to guide you or you can type in exactly what you are searching for.  The upper right displays your virtual shopping bag as well as a personalized login screen.

              If you hover over any of the catergories in the upper lefthand corner, you will find that the menu pops up and gives you a bunch of differeent subheadings to choose from.

              You can also use the search bar.  If you click on the search bar, it brings up the same main headings as the drop down menus.  But, if you click on these, it treats the search as the entirety of the heading.  For example, if you click on 'women', it'll bring up everything that women typically shop for instead of narrowing it down to 'women's shirts' like the category selector will.

              When you begin to type in the search bar, it automatically brings up results as you type.  I typed the letter 'h', and the search resulted in different things that started with 'h', and even different shops.

              Now, you are ready to shop.  But before you do, be sure to login.  Click on the little 'login' button in the upper right.  You can login with Facebook, Google, or you can setup a username/password combination.

              Next, start searching! I shopped for 'boots'.  It brings them up, listed by picture.  You can then sort them by whatever parameters you wish.

              I decided to shop for a dress for my daughter.  This time, I clicked the 'kids' heading and clicked on 'dresses'.  My daughter loves cats, and I think this would be adorable on her.  From this menu, you can add it to your bag, select you quantity, choose your size, and read more about the delivery options.  If you look at the right, you can actually check out more items from this specific boutique if you like their style.  If not, you can shop under 'similar items'.

              Once you add it to your bag, it's a five-step order process.  It's very simple, too!

              If you like something, but don't want to buy it right at that moment, you can add it to your wishlist. To view your wishlist or past orders, click on your little profile button in the top right.  In this menu, you can also change your profile settings.

              Lastly, if at any point in time you decide that you need help or if you have a question-- there is a live chat button.  No calling, no emailing, no waiting.  You can talk to a professional right away.

              Pros of Popmap
              • Lots of different selections for women, men, kids, house.
              • 500+ shops from 30 different countries at your fingertips.
              • Easy guided website.
              • Professional help any time you need it.
              • Easy saving to wishlist for future purchase.
                      Cons of Popmap
                      • It would be nice to have a first-time shopper discount coupon to get people familiar with the site.

                              I have really been on this site a lot more than I intended.  I love sites like Etsy, Zulily, Pinterest-- and this really combines all of them into one easy access marketplace.  You can really shop for anything here.  This is a great place to find a very unique gift from anywhere around the world.  The prices vary because you will experience shopping with many different vendors.

                              For further information, please visit Popmap on:

                              DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

                              Hope Rising - When Dealing with Disappointment

                              My beliefs are quite personal but, I do go to church, and for the next few weeks we are learning about HOPE RISING, and how it affects the following:

                              + When life doesn't go the way you planned
                              + When the speed of life is out of control
                              + When dealing with disappointment
                              + When facing life alone
                              + During a well-lived life
                              + When made for significance

                              I have a few problems of my own, and I feel a lot better when I openly write about it.  I thought that this would be a good place to write about the lessons for the next few weeks.  


                              Last week, I wrote about what I want to do when my life feels out of control.  You'd be glad to know that I focused in on a lot of my 'me' things.  It's been good, and it works.  You should try it.

                              This week, we are discussing how to deal with disappointment.

                              Boy, I know how this feels.  I really, really do.

                              I like to think that people disappointment a lot more than I do them.  However, I know this isn't true.  Everybody deals with disappointment differently, and I am horrible at dealing with it.  I let it fester, I let it eat me alive.

                              Here, it's best to understand that we all get dealt horrible hands in life.  Many times, we get down on our knees and look to the sky screaming, "WHY ME?".

                              Lately, and I mean within the past year, I've had a bunch of disappointment.  Mostly with other people not being up to par with the standards I set for myself as far as work goes and life itself, actually.  When I get disappointed, everybody knows it.  I let it affect every aspect of my life.  I get depressed, I get angry, I get vengeful.  We all know that this isn't how it should be, so I had to shift focus.  I had to or I wasn't going to get any better.

                              Here are some things that I fixed in order to protect myself from disappointment:

                              1.)  Realize that just because I wouldn't make a certain decision doesn't mean that it's the wrong decision.

                              2.)  Not trying to judge anybody-- for their walk of life is different than mine.

                              3.)  Let go.  Let go of it all-- if it doesn't do well for my soul, it needs to go.

                              4.)  Expect the worst, hope for the best.

                              5.)  Keep on goin'.  Don't sit and let it get to me, I don't need it.  Live and let live.

                              Lastly, it's one thing to protect myself from disappointment-- it's another to be oblivious to the fact that it will still happen.  I know it's going to happen, life isn't perfect.  People in my life aren't perfect.  I know that I'm also a cause for disappointment in other's lives.  I can fix myself, but I can't fix others.

                              This week, think about how you let disappointment affect you.  Do you let it roll right off of your shoulder, or do you let it boil?  How do you deal with the unfairness of life?  Write some things down that will help protect you from feelings of disappointment.

                              I'm excited to write about next week-- stay tuned!

                              30 September 2015

                              ..::Product + Video Review::.. Trouvaille Baby Nursing Cover

                              My Review of the Trouvaille Baby Nursing Cover

                              What is it exactly?

                                   From the website. . .
                              "Many mothers enjoy breastfeeding their babies. It provides the bonding and nutrition vital to a babies' health and comfort (not to mentions the mother's peace of mind!).

                              Unfortunately, too many nursing privacy covers are too small, too thin, or simply too skimpy and cheap.

                              Trouvaille Baby has done extensive research and are proud to offer the best nursing cover for breastfeeding in the market!"


                              I was sent the green print nursing cover from Trouvaille Baby to review.  

                              The price for this nursing cover is $35.95.  Shipping is free with Amazon Prime.

                              Use coupon code 3VPXZX2M to save $10.59!

                              Packaging & Presentation of the Trouvaille Baby Nursing Cover

                              This nursing cover arrived in excellent condition.  The entire cover was folded very nicely and placed inside of a snapped reusable plastic bag.

                              If you are not one for plastic bags, it also comes with a fabric drawstring bag that stores the cover as well.  The drawstring has a lock on it, so you can cinch it shut.

                              My Personal Experience with the Trouvaille Baby Nursing Cover

                              Not for all, but for many mother's, nursing covers are a must-have.  Now, if you are going to spend the money, at least get a good one.  I'm going to put this out there (probably so you can laugh at me...) I bought an Eddie Bauer nursing cover about a year ago or so.  I can't remember how much it was, but it was pricey.  I was sitting in Texas Roadhouse, and I go to use it, and the dang thing doesn't even cover anything.  It was the worst cover I have ever used-- I mean, I might as well have used a sandwich bag.  In fact, if I had, I probably would have had more coverage.

                              So-- please trust when I say that this one is worth it.  It's not heavy, it's breathable, and it's totally adjustable for your body.  Not a standard size.  The neck wrap is pointed so you can guide it through the adjustment rings easily.  The neckline is flexible so you can see to your baby, but others can't peek down your top (YES, I have had this happen...)

                              There are pockets inside, too.  You can put whatever you need in here.  There are two divided pockets-- one on each side.

                              It is easy to put on by myself, and it is definitely full coverage without being overly obnoxious.

                              Check out this video, and I will walk you through it:

                              Pros of the Trouvaille Baby Nursing Cover
                              • Great quality.
                              • Machine washable.
                              • Easily adjustable.
                              • Soft storage pockets.
                              • Comes with a storage bag (two of them!).

                                    Cons of 
                                    the Trouvaille Baby Nursing Cover
                                    • I would love to see a product information sheet inside of the package.  You know-- contact information, warranty, care instructions, etc.

                                          There are breastfeeding laws in place that blanket mothers who do not wish to cover, but not all mothers choose to breastfeed ‘all out’. For these mothers, a good breastfeeding cover is a must-have. I have a 17-month old baby, and I have breastfed her since the day she was born. I plan on weaning at 18 months, and pumping until 24 months.

                                          I can tell you from the past year and a half that breastfeeding covers can be really good or they can be really bad. As soon as I received this one, I was pretty excited because I could just tell that it was one of the good ones. I unpacked it, and immediately felt the fabric. It was a nice material, and it was full-coverage, but light and airy. The strap that goes around my neck was easy to adjust myself. It folds in between two rings that hold it in place. There is a shaped neckline that fits nicely and you can peek down at your baby but others cannot see down.

                                          There are two pockets inside, and these pockets are divided allowing me to keep small things inside if I wore this for a length of time. I really like that it comes with a storage pouch—this way I can take it anywhere. I definitely recommend checking this out.

                                          Are you wanting to try the Trouvaille Baby Nursing Cover, too?  Click the link below, and order away!    

                                          CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

                                          [Don't forget to Use coupon code 3VPXZX2M to save $10.59!]

                                          For further information, please visit Trouvaille on:

                                          DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

                                          ..::Review + Giveaway::.. Paper Pumpkin - September

                                          My Review of the September Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box

                                          What is it exactly?

                                               From the website. . .
                                          "Each month a fully designed project kit arrives in a delightful box filled with stamps, ink, and paper—everything cut and ready to go so you can skip to the fun. Just think of it as creativity in a box."


                                          I was sent the September 2015 box from Stampin' Up to review.  

                                          The price for a 1-month subscription is $19.95 (shipping is included in the price!).  A neat quality about Paper Pumpkin is that you can increase the number of kits per month.  If you are having a crafting party, you can order one kit per attendee in the same master order.

                                          ALSO, don't forget that for every active Paper Pumpkin subscriber, Stampin' Up is going to donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

                                          They are also going to donate $1 for every new subscriber, until 10/10.

                                          Packaging & Presentation of the September Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box

                                          Like last month-- instead of the Paper Pumpkin box being directly mailed, it arrived inside of a cardboard box.  The exterior box is red and baby blue.  It measures 10.0" x 6.5" x 1.75".The bottom of the box is labeled 'Stampin' Up'.

                                          On the outside of the box says, "Creativity in a box" and when you open it up it says, "Skip to the fun".

                                          When I opened the box, I was introduced to a tissue paper wrapped box of goodies (sealed with a cute Paper Pumpkin sticker!) with a subscription introduction pamphlet.

                                          The first layer of unwrapping revealed this month's (September) stamp set, and (1) Classic Stampin' Spot in 'Cajun Craze'.

                                          The final layer housed the actual September kit, 'Wickedly Sweet Treat'.

                                          The main title sheet provides a quick run-down of what you need to do, and it also opens up for a few more detailed instructions.  What I like about Paper Pumpkin, is that they also provide YouTube video demonstrations on how to create the months' craft.  It is a helpful assistant, one in which I used! You can view this month's video above. I definitely recommend watching it.

                                          My Personal Experience with the September Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box

                                          After unpacking everything, I was certainly ready to start creating!  First, before anything, I unpacked the actual kit and sat down and watched the YouTube video so I got an idea of what I was supposed to do (I'm a visual learner).

                                          I love making little treat bags, and I thought these were cool since they look like little hay bales.  This looked fairly easy, but boy was I wrong.  I began by stamping my tag.  You have all of the stamps to get creative with here.  I just put a few of them together, and it ended up looking pretty good. 

                                          The bags are already 'pre-fringed', so grab one of the bag supports and stick it in the bottom to give your bag structure.

                                          The second layer of fringe needed to be added to the bag.  Start from the backside of the bag (the part with the fold in it) and wrap it all the way around.  Be sure to stay even alongside the bottom of the bag.  The fringe is already pre-glued, so just peel off the adhesive backing.

                                          Next, curl the fringe with one of the paper straws that came in the kit.  You can try it like the video, but I didn't get anywhere with that technique.  I had to do one-by-one, and it took quite a while.  Be sure to curl the fringe at the top of the bag, too.

                                          Grab some of your favorite candy.  I am one of those crazy people that love candy corn, so I have some hanging around that I put in here.  I don't know why it looks so crumbly; it's Brach's.  I guess I expected better from them.

                                          After you put your candy in the bag, gather the top and tie it with a piece of the raffia.  Don't forget to stick the paper straw in the center (or you can skip this step if you want).

                                          Remember that tag you stamped?  Yep-- time to use it.  Attach it to the striped tag and double-string them together.  Tie it around your bag.

                                          After you are done, here's what it looks like!

                                          Pros of the September Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box
                                          • Everything is included.  There is no need to run to the craft store for anything that you may have forgot.
                                          • Each month brings a new craft, right to your door.
                                          • The crafts have detailed instructions including video instructions.
                                          • I had a lot of fun with this kit, because you can do so much with it.  In fact, you can manipulate these crafts and do what works for you.  
                                          • Great to bring in the fall season.
                                          • You can and will spend a lot of time on this one.
                                          • Very unique idea.

                                          Cons of the September Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box
                                          • I haven't found any cons of the September box.

                                          Ah, fall is here. What better way to ring it in than with a treat from Paper Pumpkin?  These little bags take a while to set up, but in the end you are left with a pretty cute and unique gift.  Anybody would be happy to be the recipient of this!  These are really left up to you-- you design the stamps, you can switch between apple/haystack, you put the candy in...the possibilities are endless.

                                          Are you wanting to get your very own Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box by Stampin' Up?  Enter the GIVEAWAY! 

                                          a Rafflecopter giveaway

                                          Open to US entrants only. 
                                          $19.95 ARV
                                          Giveaway will end 10-14-2015 at 2359. 
                                          No purchase necessary. 
                                          Winners will be announced 10-15-2015. 
                                          The winner will be emailed and given 24 hours to respond. 
                                          If no response, the next winner will be chosen.

                                          Don't want to enter the giveaway?

                                          CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

                                          For further information, please visit Paper Pumpkin on:

                                          DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.