12 July 2018

Traveling to Las Vegas? 5 Money Saving Tips

Whether you wish to have the gambling experience of a lifetime or to tick off a bucket list entry, Las Vegas is the place to go. Many consider it to be the single greatest place on Earth, and it lives up to these expectations year after year. Virtually endless resources are poured into the preservation of the flashiest, richest and the most glamorous city in the world.

Photo by Bradley Wentzel on Unsplash
You should definitely leap at the first opportunity to go there, if you haven’t already. Millions of people visit the Sin City every year, and you can rarely hear any complaints.
When someone mentions Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the casino. There are 104 casinos in total and plenty of other attractions to see. Whether you want to test your luck, visit a club or taste some phenomenal cuisine – Las Vegas has you covered.
However, there’s one thing the greatest place on Earth isn’t known for, and that’s cheapness. Luckily, there are many ways in which you can make your trip to Vegas both affordable and enjoyable. You just need to know where to look.

Pick the Right Time and Accommodation--

Going to Las Vegas off-season can do you wonders. Make sure to book a vacation during the summer months, especially during July and August. If you don’t mind scorching desert heat, the difference in price will certainly make you happy. Lots of people visit Vegas during early spring or fall, so there may be fewer good deals then when it comes to accommodation.
Another thing to keep in mind is that hotel rates tend to be overpriced on Saturdays. Generally speaking, everything in Las Vegas is much cheaper during the work days. Be sure to do some research on the hotel and motel prices before you make reservations.

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The location plays a major role in the price of accommodation, as well. In order to make the most out of your vacation, you should be as close to the Strip as possible. Even if the prices may seem too steep at first, make sure to take everything into consideration. The farthest hotel will be the cheapest, but you will also have to pay for the transport if you stay there.
Finally, if you join one of the slot clubs, you’ll be able to enjoy exclusive deals for several hotels. Also, booking through the hotels directly can be a good idea, if all else fails.

Play Games with Better Odds--

You will surely go to at least a couple of casinos during your stay. Although no games have a 100% win rate, choose games which require more skill than luck.  
Games like blackjack, baccarat, craps, and video poker fall into that category. You can play them longer than most other games, and neither the losses nor the gains are that drastic.
Also, you need to be wary of hot streaks, since they may trick you into believing your luck will never run dry. Knowing when to stop is incredibly important when it comes to gambling. If you’re losing, that means you should probably retreat for the night. Winning back what you’ve lost is much harder than it sounds.

Look for Promotions and Bonuses--

There are many special deals to be found in Vegas. Most resorts, for example, offer gaming reward programs with which you can receive various benefits. Rewards such as discounts at restaurants are among the most common ones.

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Casinos also offer special deals constantly. If you’re into games, they can make your whole gaming experience much cheaper than it would normally be. They insist on those deals so much that even online casinos offer huge bonuses for most of their games. On Spilleautomater and New Zealand Casino websites, you can receive bonuses and free spins for participation in certain games. All you need to do is register and play.
Online casinos can also offer you a better experience if you want to place bets, for example. UK Online Betting is probably the best place for doing this. They also have many promotions, and they offer a casino experience like no other. For everything else, however, it’s better to go to an actual casino. Las Vegas, at least, has enough of those.

Cheap Food and Drink--

Surprisingly enough, there are many cheap restaurants in Las Vegas. The food is not the best, but if you’re visiting Las Vegas on a budget, you’re probably not there for the food, anyway. Burgers and pizza will be your best friends during your stay.
You can drink for free at a casino, provided that you play the games there. It’s also possible to get a free drink if you’re there with a friend who is gambling. It’s important to tip the cocktail waitresses well, though. If you do, they will come to your table to provide you with free drinks all the time. If you really want to save money, however, you should probably buy drinks in stores. Make sure to avoid clubs at all costs. They are very expensive.

Affordable Entertainment--

Yes, it is possible to find cheap concerts and shows in Las Vegas. There are websites which offer tickets for certain events on the Strip for half a price. You can also find information on various free attractions on the Internet.

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash
Going to the malls is also a good way to spend time. Window shopping is highly recommended, since buying a small souvenir can cost you a fortune. When you’re finished with all the other attractions, you can always people watch for fun.
All in all, vacationing in Las Vegas on a budget is completely doable. Though it may not be as glamorous as you’ve often seen in the movies, you’ll most certainly have a time of your life.

09 July 2018

Getting Information Before Building a Property Boundary

When you want to put up a fence around your property, you may have a lot of questions that need to be answered first.  For example, you may want to know from what materials this boundary can be built.  You also may wonder how much the entire project will cost you from start to finish.

Photo by Alvin Engler on Unsplash

While you may be able to figure out some of the answers yourself, you still may want to get in contact with the company from which you want to purchase the fence.  By asking about materials like wood, vinyl, plastic, and chain link fence Tampa homeowners like you can plan ahead and budget accordingly.

Using the Online Answer Section

The company understands that you may have a lot of questions and concerns.  It also knows you may not have time to spend talking on the phone or visiting a showroom.

Rather than take time out of your busy day, you can get fast and ready answers by visiting the FAQ section on the company's website.  This section gives you the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding fencing.  You can then use this information to decide what kind of fence you can afford to build.

Even after reading the FAQ section, you still might have questions about the specific materials available to you.  You may want to know what advantages chain link has over wood, for instance, or if you can really save time and money by opting for vinyl.

You are invited to visit the company in person to get a good look at all of the materials that it offers to property owners like you.  You can handle the material samples, check out the weights and dimensions of each one, and ultimately decide which one is best for you.  The company's physical address is listed on its website.

A fence can increase the value and protection of your property.  You can get the information you need to make the best fence building decisions by visiting the company's website.  This page has answers to most if not all of your questions.

What Are the Most Flood Prone States in the USA?

Whether  it’s  attributed  to  global  warming  practices  or  the  next  stage  of  the  Earth’s  natural  cycle,  one  thing  remains  the  same:  the  water  levels  across  the  oceans  are  rising,  and  this  is  causing  a  heightened  awareness  for  the  states  that  are  prone  to  flooding.  

Numerous  environmental  research  journals  have  published  studies  that  predict  the  likelihood  of  an  increase  in  levels  of  up  to  a  foot  within  the  next  one  hundred  years.  While  this  may  not  seem  like  a  huge  amount  in  daily  life,  consider  the  numerous  natural  disasters  that  have  occurred  on  coastal  type  states  due  to  just  a  few  inches  worth  of  increase.  They  say  that  levels  are  increasing  more  quickly,  too.

This  means  that  in  addition  to  the  expected  flood-prone  states,  more  states  of  the  USA  will  be  joining  the  list.  

Southern Florida, New Orleans, and  the Manhattan Section of New York  

Florida,  Louisiana,  and  New  York  are  three  states  already  on  the  flood-prone  list,  but  there  are  areas  within  them  that  will  be  joining  in  the  expected  risk  zones.    

It  is  estimated  that  nearly  two  and  a  half  million  people  who  reside  in  over  half  that  many  homes  are  located  within  only  four  feet  of  the  locally  designated  high  tide  line  at  current  ocean  levels.  With  rising  levels,  these  people  and  homes  are  becoming  an  expected  loss  because  there  isn't  a  way  to  build  a  wall  of  protection  against  the  flood  waters.  

Without a way to relocate, the damages in this area with flooding and general  water damage could triple.  

While  coastal  areas  were  once  coveted  places  to  build  a  city,  they  are  no  longer  safe  due  to  rising  sea  levels,  and  the  impacts  of  the  major  storms  that  dump  hundreds  of  thousands  of  gallons  of  water  on  these  areas  is  expected  to  only  get  worse.  


Although  Georgia  is  technically  out  of  the  path  of  hurricanes,  the  tropical  storms  influenced  by  water  levels  have  caused  a  major  increase  in  rainfall,  enough  to  put  Georgia  on  the  map  of  a  
flood-prone  state.  In  recent  news,  almost  a  foot  of  rain  fell  in  only  three  days,  which  caused  significant  water  damage  and  flood  issues.  

North and South Carolina  

The  Carolina's  in  recent  times  are  getting  record-breaking  levels  of  rainfall,  upstaging  records  that  have  existed  for  hundreds  of  years.  The  sheer  amount  of  water  coming  in  caused  thirteen  dams  in  South  Carolina  to  fail,  while  similar  stories  are  heard  in  North  Carolina.  In  addition  to  the  dams  of  major  bodies  of  water  failing,  which  causes  an  onslaught  of  even  more  water,  mudslides  are  often  an  additional  devastating  consequence  of  major  rainfall.  

Southern California

California  has  experienced  some  major  geologic  events  in  its  history  as  a  state.  Fires,  earthquakes,  and  floods  are  all  on  that  list.  However,  the  former  two  are  expected  to  be  less  as  flooding  concerns  take  precedence.  California,  specifically  southern  California,  hasn’t  suffered  terribly  from  tropical  storms,  but  unyielding  rainstorms  keep  contributing  to  large  amounts  of  water  that  can’t  drain  quickly  enough.    

Virginia and New Jersey  

States  like  Virginia  and  New  Jersey  are  joining  the  list  as  flood  prone,  too.  Heavy  rains  and  storms  affecting  coastal  levels  are  causing  both  chronic  flooding  in  areas  or  flash  flooding  that  leaves  devastating  water  damage  behind  to  buildings  and  people's  homes.  

Not Just the Coastal States 

Although  it  has  previously  been  considered  that  the  coastal  states  are  expected  to  flood,  the  weather  patterns  impacted  by  rising  water  levels  have  increased  the  severity  of  storms  across  multiple  other  states.  This  has  caused  quite  a  few  disastrous  situations  to  those  areas,  which  are  not  prepared  to  handle  such  a  drastic  change.    

Occasional  flooding  is  one  thing,  but  the  amount  of  rainfall  in  some  of  these  states  is  causing  much  more  damage  due  to  repetitive  flooding  and  an  inability  for  the  water  to  drain  before  more  is  added  to  it.  Many  buildings  are  not  designed  to  withstand  the  constant  onslaught  of  water.  Even  states  that  are  more  north,  and  not  even  purely  coastal,  are  joining  the  flood-prone  list.      

Although  individuals  can’t  prevent  storms  and  flooding  from  occurring,  there  are  certain  preventative  and  restorative  measures  that  can  be  taken.  No  matter  what,  if  any,  of  the  flood-prone  states  you  live  in,  being  prepared  to  evacuate  in  the  case  of  a  natural  disaster  and  knowing  who  to  call  for  help  with  chronic  flooding  and  water  damage  issues  can  all  go  toward  protecting  yourself  and  your  loved  ones.    

05 July 2018

5 Things Dancing Teaches You About Life

What I love about dancing is it’s something everyone can do. Whether you are short or tall, muscley or willowy, confined to a chair or ridiculously flexible, dance is for you. Dancing comes in all forms because to dance really just means to connect with and move to a rhythm.

Because everyone has the ability to dance, they can learn some great lessons that apply in every area of life. And these 5 things dance teaches can help you be happy, confident, and successful in whatever you do.

It’s Okay to Look and Feel Silly--

Have you ever tried dancing to a new song or tested out a strange dance move or piece of choreography? It’s easy to let your first thought be about what the people around you are thinking as they watch you.

No one wants to feel foolish, and it can feel even worse if someone remarks negatively on your efforts, but growth and innovation come from these moments where you’re figuring out how to fit new movements and ideas into an old space. You can learn to dismiss the judgment of those watching because they don’t have quite the vision that you do.

Small Improvements Lead to Big Achievements--

Time has a habit of feeling extra slow when you are ready to move ahead and meet your goals already. It can seem even more futile when you have been working on the same thing for weeks and aren’t getting anywhere.

The truth is, these small improvements may frustrate you, but the time you’re spending on them will lead to a solid mastery. And those small things that once were so daunting become the foundation helping you to finally make progress and reach those bigger goals.

Individual Efforts and Teamwork Help Everyone Succeed--

Your team can’t do all the dirty work for you, and no matter how experienced you are, you can’t single-handedly take your team to victory. Individual skills and team skills are dependent on one another.

When you put in the effort to be the best dancer you can as an individual, you’re able to offer a wider range of skills to your the group. But just as important is recognizing where your skills and talents fit into the choreography and how they blend with the other dancers.

Your Health Must Be a Top Priority--

You might have seen the feet of a ballerina and been horrified that they are so dedicated to an art form of such elegance while their toes bleed into their pointe shoes. Dancers love what they do, even when it’s hard and pain comes with their progress. They are aware of how much their body can take.

They train to increase those thresholds, but they also know how to recognize bad pain. If a foot doctor recommends extra rest, icing, or something else, they do it so they can dance long into their life. Ignoring your health can be the very thing that stops you from reaching your goals, so don’t neglect it thinking that success is everything.

You are Unique--

When a dancer is brand new, it’s easy to worry about being different, especially when it comes to technique. If you aren’t doing it the one way it’s taught, then you’re told it’s wrong. But the better you get, the more you learn that, yes, you can do the same things the other dancers do. The only difference is that your challenges are unique to you.

You’ll find that techniques are different with every style of dance as well. Ballet could be difficult for you, but jazz may come naturally. Your strengths and weaknesses can work together, teaching you to be flexible and accept yourself for who you are.

Why Waking up Early Can Transform Your Life

So, you’re dedicated to relentless self-improvement, and you do everything in your power, in every given moment, to become wiser, healthier, better at your job, more capable, more centered, and more present and uplifting as a presence in the lives of your loved ones.

Sooner or later — if it hasn’t already — your research on self-improvement is going to introduce you to the many benefits of waking up early.

Since time immemorial, thinkers and writers have promoted the simple practice of being an early riser as an incredible health tonic, success ritual, and key to wellness, vitality, and prosperity in general.

Maybe you’d like to use your newfound morning hours going for a jog, with some trusty insoles from biopods.com helping to minimize tension during the workout. Or maybe you’d like to use the time to engage in a particularly meaningful (and frequently-neglected) hobby of yours.

Whatever the case may be, here are some reasons why waking up early can really transform your life.

You’ll Be Able to Build Serious Momentum Before Most People Have Even Brushed Their Teeth--

Whatever it is you want to achieve in the day, you’re probably aware, on some level, that momentum is key to productivity and success. The faster you can start working, and the more uninterrupted work you can get done, the more unstoppable you are in terms of mastering the day, and life, in general.

When you wake up at noon, you will rarely, if ever, succeed in building up and maintaining sufficient momentum to be truly effective, even if you stay up late.

If you begin ticking off targets for the day from 6:00 am onward (or even earlier), on the other hand, you’ll have achieved more in the day by the time most people have brushed their teeth, than many others will all day.

Whether your ambition is to read a good book, do some imaginative writing, or attend to chores, the simple act of getting things done in the morning can make you unstoppable.

Mornings Naturally Tend to Be More Productive Than Evenings--

Quick question — what do you usually do with your time when you stay up late? Are you being deeply productive, and setting your life in order? Or are you checking Facebook constantly and idly surfing between YouTube videos?

For a huge number of people, if not all, mornings are naturally more productive than evenings. At night, the world is going to bed, our bodies are winding down for rest, and things just seem more sluggish and easygoing.

In the morning, on the other hand, the world still has to wake up and get busy. There’s opportunity in the day ahead, and we’ve got a head start on everyone else.

The Day Will Seem so Much Longer, and Your Mood Will Improve--

There’s a reason why people who work night shifts are more prone to depression and low mood.

When you’re out of sync with the world, and you never see daylight, your body will become hormonally dysregulated, and you’ll feel robbed of time and out of step.

Waking up early, on the other hand, gets us in tune with the natural day-night rhythm and helps us to feel more optimistic, and with more time at our disposal.