21 February 2017

Yes, Technology Can Help You Find the Perfect House!

The average person moves eight times in their lifetime so you probably still have a few moves left to go! When it does come time to sell up and move on you might find the process a little stressful. Sorry, that was facetious – you’ll find it very stressful. There is nothing quite like moving house as it never goes to plan. There is a lot of hassle, there is a lot of admin, and there is a lot of emotion that form into a rather nasty experience. Thankfully you can avoid this experience nowadays with the right technology. Hooray for the twenty-first century!
Online Real Estate Agents--
Real estate agents like Heather Tibbetts have made the real estate game a lot easier. To be fair it isn’t just Ms Tibbetts that has contributed because almost every estate agent is online. It is the internet that has made and the difference by cutting out all of the red tape. In the past you would have had to book a meeting with the realtor, book an appointment for a viewing, and take time off work to see the property. Today you can do all of that with the click of a button by searching the website. Once you have the property you can even go and visit it without the need for a realtor. Simple!

Google Maps--
It all sounds simple until you get lost on your scouting mission. Say what you like about realtors but they do know where they are going most of the time. You are different because you have never seen the house before so you need a navigation tool. You can buy a Tomtom or a satellite navigation system but Google Maps is the perfect tool. All you have to do is input the address and follow the instructions as they are read out to you. The great thing is that Google Maps is on almost every smartphone so it really does cut out the middleman.
Digital Camera--
You might have to view a lot of properties in a short space of time. If you do, it isn’t difficult to mix up properties and their features. Before you know it you’re bidding on a house that doesn’t suit your needs because of your bad memory. Thanks to a digital camera you don’t need to worry about your memory any longer. Today’s cameras have amazing quality, are cheap and are sleek enough to carry around in a bag or purse. You can even use your phone’s camera because they fit the criteria, too. Just document the pictures and you will have a file on every house you visited which you can use to make your decision.

Mortgage Calculator--
So you have found the perfect house and want to make an offer, but can’t until you know whether you can afford the mortgage? Well there’s no need to wait around for the mortgage because you can use a mortgage calculator. The calculator requires you to input the price of the house and gives you a breakdown of what you need to pay. If you’re not sure you will get a mortgage you can check your credit score with the help of an online app, too.
Technology gives you all the tools you need to make buying a house a piece of cake.

Make Your Home Sparkle


You can never truly relax in your own home if it is unclean. Some part of your mind is always thinking about the unwashed dishes, the unclean carpet, and the dusty shelves that need attending to, which is why it is almost always better to keep on top of your cleaning before it builds up. The good news is that with a few simple and tricks, you can deep clean your home with minimal effort.

Here are some of the most useful cleaning tips to make your home sparkle:


Use Rubbing Alcohol--

If your attention is constantly drawn to that stain on the sofa every time you’re trying to watch Netflix, don’t just ignore it – get yourself some rubbing alcohol and a sponge and get rid of it for good!

Rubbing alcohol is also good for removing pens from the walls. Just make sure you use a white sponge or cloth as rubbing alcohol can cause dyes to transfer from one medium to another.


Sparkle with Steam--

A good steam cleaner will transform your life. Not only is steam very good at killing germs and removing all manner of grime, but it can be used on various mediums from sticky wooden floors to dirty windows, making it a must-have. To see just how much steam cleaners can do, check out Steam Insider and thank me later.


Use Vinegar--

Vinegar is cheap and natural. It is also great at cleaning everything from the kitchen sink to the dust on your furniture. In fact, using vinegar and a cloth will get rid of dust much more quickly and effectively than pretty much anything else.


Get Rid of Sticky Substances with Oil--

If you’ve scrubbed and scrubbed that sticky patch to no avail, try adding a little mineral oil to your sponge; you should find that the sticky substance lifts right off. Obviously, don’t use this method when cleaning fabric, or you’ll have a nasty oil stain to contend with on top of everything else!


De-grease the Oven--

The oven is one of the worst things to clean, and as a result, it tends to be one of the things we seldom clean, which of course just makes the problem worse. Luckily, there is a mixture that can cut through grease and make short work of the dirtiest ovens – vinegar, dish soap, and baking soda.


Freeze Wax--

If candle wax has found its way onto your favorite pillow or you simply want to clean your candle holders, pop them into the freezer for an hour or so, and you’ll be able to remove the wax in an instant.


Freshen up with Baking Soda--

If your fridge is starting to smell a bit funky and your carpet is starting to smell like the dog, you need baking soda. Baking soda is a cheap and effective substance which is not only great for cleaning but also excellent for absorbing odors. To use, place an open package in the fridge or sprinkle liberally on the carpet before vacuuming to banish unpleasant odors almost instantly.

What are your time for cleaning your home quickly?

How Technology Makes Alleviating Stress Easier

Life is stressful; there’s no doubt about that. From the stresses and strains that come with parenthood to financial worries and problems at work, all that stress can really begin to take its toll on you. It can be hard to juggle everything that life throws at you and not become stressed out, can’t it? The good news is that our bodies are designed to be able to manage stress effectively, or at least, manage some stress effectively. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re able to cope with all the stress that life throws at us, leading to us being overly stressed out and even anxious.

feeling stressed.jpg

On the up side, dealing with stress couldn’t be easier, thanks to technology. Yes, you heard right - technology. You see, thanks to new technology, such as smartphones, for instance, dealing with stress has never been easier. That is, as long as you know how to utilize technology to make managing stress that little bit easier. Not sure how technology can be beneficial - then keep reading for all the best tips and ideas for how technology can help to alleviate stress.

There Are Apps for Stress Management-- 

Did you know that there are apps for stress management? Believe it or not, there are various apps made especially to make dealing with stress easier. These apps, from stress-reducing interactive games to mood trackers, are highly effective at reducing stress, if you know how to use them properly, that is. Apps like Breathe2Relax, which gives directions for stress-reducing breathing, can be highly effective when it comes to reducing levels of stress within the body. Then there are apps like GPS for the Soul that allow you to determine your levels of stress, helping you to manage that stress using meditation tools, calming music, and pictures. If you’re feeling stressed, your smartphone could be the answer.

You Can Google Your Worries-- 

google worries.jpeg

One of the most common causes of stress is health problems. Mild health anxiety is a common problem that a lot of people suffer from and it’s linked to stress and worry that a simple health condition such as a cough or cold is much more serious than it appears. The good news is that thanks to the internet, you can now read up on any health worries that you have by using sites like https://safesymptoms.com/. Yes, sometimes Googling symptoms can be a bad idea because it can make you more anxious, but if you use reliable websites to research a health condition, it can help to alleviate your stress and worries.

You Can Workout More Easily from Home-- 

Studies have shown that one of the most effective methods of combating stress is working out, so being able to regularly head to the gym or go for a run is important. Of course, when you’re a parent with lots of your plate, it can sometimes be almost impossible to find the time to get out of the house to workout, making it more likely that you will become stressed out. However, thanks to YouTube and exercise apps, working out from home has never been easier or more affordable. You can watch tutorials on YouTube for workouts and follow along just like you would when attending a class, from Zumba to Pilates; there’s nothing that you can’t find on YouTube.

Audio Therapy--

headphones 1.jpg

Audio therapy is a type of therapy that involves relaxing the mind into a state of deep relaxation, helping to calm and relieve any worries or problems. Thanks to technology, this type of therapy is available via smartphone apps, downloads, or via YouTube, meaning that it’s incredibly accessible and also very affordable. (Many websites even offer it for free.) When it comes to managing stress, audio therapy is an incredible resource as, if used regularly, it can be highly effective.

You Can Live Chat Specialists--

When time is short, it can be difficult to find a gap to head out to speak to your therapist or doctor. However, thanks to technology, there are many companies that now offer live chat sessions with therapists, so you don’t even need to leave the house to talk to a therapist and get the help that you need to make managing your stress levels easier. To learn more, use resources like https://www.psychologytoday.com. You might think that therapy for stress is a little over the top but they say a problem shared is a problem halved, and they’re right - you always feel better once you’ve shared a problem.

So, there you have it, how technology makes alleviating stress much easier.

The Many Ways Meditation Can Make You Healthier


Wise people have been using meditation to improve their lives for the better for thousands of years, but it is only recently that science has caught up with the monks, swamis, and yogis and come to the realization that the completely free practice of meditation really can improve your life. Here are just a handful of scientifically proven ways that meditation can make you healthier:
Boost Immunity--
The deep relaxation that is central to a type of meditation known as progressive muscle relaxation has been found to improve the immunity of cancer patients, according to a study conducted by Ohio State University. Another study by the same university found that one month of solid relaxation was able to boost natural killer cells in older people, making them better able to resist viruses and tumors.
Relieve Depression and Anxiety--
Although meditation cannot completely cure one of depression and anxiety disorders, several studies have found that practicing mindfulness meditation can reduce the symptoms. In fact, in many cases, mindfulness has been found to perform as well as antidepressants and other more intensive forms of therapy.
Beat Addictions--
Meditation has even been found to be helpful in the management of drug and alcohol addictions. By using mindfulness to focus on the present moment, many peoples struggling with addictions are able to find the strength to overcome their problems and lead a healthier life. When used in conjunction with professional addiction counselling and programs, meditation really can transform the life of addicts.
Increase Fertility--
Rather surprisingly, a study conducted by the University of Western Australia discovered that women were more likely to get pregnant when they were relaxed, and since meditations one of the cheapest and most effective way of relaxing, it is something that any woman who wishes to get pregnant should try.
Helps to Prevent Dementia--
If you are worried about losing your faculties as you get older, sit down, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Numerous studies have found a link between meditation and brain health, with signs pointing to the fact that regular meditators are much less likely to suffer serious cognitive decline than those who do not practice.
Lower Blood Pressure--
Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that meditation was able to lower blood pressure by lowering the body’s response to stress hormones in a way that is very similar to how blood-pressure medications work, which means that, if you have a problem with high blood pressure, it is a more affordable option than taking expensive drugs.

Meditation can also help you de-stress and that can help to keep your blood pressure low, too!
Boosts Memory--
If you meditate regularly, you should not be surprised to see an improvement in your memory. Regular meditation promotes brain growth in various areas, including the part of the brain that deals with memory, so if you’re getting a bit forgetful, get meditating to restore order.
Manage ADHD--
If your child suffers from ADHD, it may be worth teaching them to meditate before reaching for the Ritalin because several studies have shown meditation can help to calm children with ADHD and allow them to live normal lives drug free.
So, what are you waiting for? Close your eyes and start meditating right now!

Blow up That Beach Ball, Not the Budget!

There's something special about that summer vacation or spring break trip isn't there? Everyone's in a fantastic mood because they've got the week off work (or school), the sun's shining, and seven glorious days of action-packed family fun stretch ahead of you. The only wasp at the picnic is that family vacations aren't cheap, especially if you have one booked abroad, so you’ll need to ensure you know how to keep track of the budget!

Snack Attack--


While you think gas stations are giving you a good deal, the truth is very different. Public places like airports, hotel lobbies, train kiosks, and gas stations are known for hiking up their prices of popular items including drinks and snacks. The meal deal might seem worth it at first glance, but take another look because the chances are the packages are actually smaller than in regular shops. To avoid any complaining and unnecessary whining when you stop for gas, make sure you pack lots of snacks. Don't just prepare healthy ones, as while apples and peanut butter crackers are great a few potato chips, sweets, and chocolates will stop kids pestering you for anything in the quick stops. Remember-- the more drinks you buy, the more bathroom stops you'll need, so if you're on the way to the airport you might want to limit the juice cartons until you've checked in.

Lounging Around--


Mischievous kids can be tricky to handle in airports as there's so many places to go, things to look at, and people to talk to who sadly, may not want to chat with your kids. Keep them close at all times as it's very easy to lose a child in a terminal. See if there's a family lounge where the kids can play in peace and quiet until you're ready to board the plane. Don't feel bad about using the free terminal WiFi to watch a few sneaky episodes of 'that-show-you've-been-dying-to-watch'. Keep kids quiet by streaming that MovieBox latest release they wanted to see in the cinema or start a game of virtual Monopoly because there's only so many times they can play Go Fish.

If there's no family lounge it may be worth upgrading into the frequent flyer lounge instead. Why? Free food and drinks are served and passes start at around twenty dollars, so it could work out much cheaper than having to pay a small fortune for a few burgers and fries in an air side airport restaurant.

Luggage Tag--


You might think taking their entire Calico Critters collection, or about ten Game Boy PSP games on a 14-day vacation is a bit excessive, but your children happen to disagree. Avoid packing problems by making clear how many toys and games they can take in advance, as well as distributing items equally between your suitcases and checking the weight limits before you leave home. It may also be worth shopping around for tickets, not only could you pick up a great deal but different airlines don't always have the same baggage allowances. While your kid's stuff might be included in their ticket price with one company, the same might not be said for another!