15 December 2017

5 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts to Give This Year

Christmas is a time for giving and cherishing those whom we love the most. This year, show your loved ones how much you really care with some environmentally friendly gifts. Our friends at BiologiQ, a company that produces sustainable plastics with their BioBlends, have put together this wonderful list of eco-friendly Christmas gifts.
#1 - Beeswax Candles
Eartheasy has a great selection of 100 percent beeswax candles for the home decorator in your life. They are long burning and a great natural alternative for people who love to burn candles.
#2 - Books
Do you have a favorite book that you’ve read over and over again? Think of someone in your life who would enjoy the book just as much as you have, and give it to them for Christmas this year. You can even leave a meaningful message on the inside cover.
#3 - Baked Goods
Baked goods, such as cookies, pies, and bread are a great environmentally friendly gift to give to your loved ones. Who doesn’t love eating sweets around the holidays?
#4 - Your Time
Sometimes, all our loved ones want is to spend a little more time with us. Whether that is a date night that we surprise our significant other with, or a trip with our kids, time is priceless and will always be sustainable.
#5 - Handmade Gifts
Besides baked goods, any other handmade gift is a great eco-friendly alternative for gift-giving. You can put together a picture frame, make a work of art, carve out a book, or whatever you can imagine. If painting or gluing, try to use natural alternatives.

Stop Leaving Your Home at the Mercy of the Elements

No matter whereabouts you live, there are certain elemental threats that could cause problems for your home. High winds and storms pose a particular threat, but rather than just accepting that, you need to take action and make sure that your home always remains as protected as it possibly can be. You need to stop leaving your home at the mercy of the elements and realize that the power to keep your home in top shape is fully in your two hands.

Insulate Your Attic and Pipes--

Without proper protection from the outside elements, condensation can form inside your attic and begin to damage the lumber in your home. Eventually, this will completely rot and weaken, and then your home will have truly serious problems demanding your attention. On top of that, you should insulate your pipes so that they don’t freeze and cause you massive headaches during the winter months. Act fast to make these changes happen.

Spot Where Water Can Stand and Leak In--

If there are places on the roof of your house where water can stand after heavy rainfall, you need to address this as soon as possible. When water gathers and stands it will start to leak through, and that’s when it can begin to rot the wood structures underneath. As far as the roof’s design goes, it should be impossible for water to stand; instead, it should run off swiftly and not cause any problems to the roof itself.

Increase the Strength of Your Roof--

Your roof is undoubtedly the most important aspect of your home when it comes to protection. We all need a roof over our heads in order to feel safe. Do what you can to increase the strength of your roof because it’s one of the most important things you can have done to your home. After a storm, you might want to contact a company that offers hail damage roof repair. But take it a step further by reinforcing the roof and preventing future problems.

Install Modern Window Shutters--

For many people, window shutters are there to make a home look quaint and pretty, but don’t be fooled into thinking they don’t have a functional purpose too. They can prevent your windows from getting smashed when a heavy storm whips up and threatens to create problems.

Remove Trees from Around the House--

The trees that are in the immediate area surrounding your house can be the biggest threat of all to the safety of your home. If those branches were to break off and fall on your house, the damage done would be expensive to put right. On top of that, the branches could be blown off and even smash windows in a heavy storm. That’s why you should remove the trees or at least keep the branches trimmed.

Your home can remain strong and resist anything the elements throw at it, but only if you take action and make your home more secure. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to act.

11 December 2017

3 Essential Pieces of Living Room Furniture

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your house or apartment. It is where you are going to spend a lot of your time, so it is important that is fit for purpose and that you enjoy being in there. There are some essential pieces of furniture that should be in your living room, and here they are:


You need to have a couch. You might go for a classic two-three seater, or you might want to get a corner or L-shaped couch. These will fit better into the corners of your room and make better use of the space you have available. The last thing you want is for your couch to be too small and for you to have to squish on to it and for it to be an uncomfortable experience. As well as the couch, you will also want to have some cushions and a throw. These make the couch look much nicer and can be used to add extra colors and jazz up the room. The cushions are also great for cuddling up to, and the throw can help make the couch much softer to sit on and can even double as an extra blanket for those cold winter nights. The throw will also help catch and spills and stop you from damaging the couch as easily. Since the throw can be easily washed and dried and the couch can’t, it can be a real life saver.


You should have some sort of table in your living room. That might be a side table next to the couch with magazines and space for the TV remote or a coffee table in front of the both the TV and couch. Each will serve a different purchase, so you might even want both. You can find coffee tables for sale from plenty of furniture stores and they come in many different shapes and sizes. This means that the perfect coffee table for you might be the worst possible option for someone else. This makes shopping around important. When it comes to side tables, you want something that is roughly the same height as your couch and has a good number of storage compartments. However, it really does depend on what you want to use the side table for as to which one you get. Either way, a table of some kind is rarely missing from any decent living room.

TV Stand--

What else is your TV going to sit on other than a TV stand? You want to get one that has enough space under the TV for games consoles or satellite/cable boxes. You might also want to leave room for DVD/Blu-Ray and game boxes, too. TV stands come in a lot of different sizes and styles, too. This means that you will want to get one that works best for your specific TV’s size and the style of your room. It can sometimes be best to get your coffee table and TV stand at the same time so that the style is consistent.

3 Things to Look for in Anti-Aging Cream

The beauty industry is one of the biggest industries that exists today. Whenever you turn on the TV to watch your favorite show, an hour does not pass before you see an advertisement for a beauty product. Each year, hundreds of products appear, boasting of the latest breakthrough in skincare.

Some of the most popular products are those that have to do with anti-aging.  If you ask people randomly on the street about what improvements they would like to see on their skin, they would probably say that they would want to look younger than their age.

Of course, keeping yourself healthy and away from bad habits should be a priority. Eating healthy food will give you that glow, and making sure that you get a good night’s rest and that you stay away from stressors will really aid in making you look younger. But the reality is, stress is a part of everyday life, that’s why there are products that have been manufactured to keep your skin young-looking.

If you go to the mall and look for anti-aging products, you might have to spend a whole day just perusing through the stocks before you can choose which one is the best. To make it easier for you, check out some ingredients you need to look for in an anti-aging cream to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits it can offer.

#1 - Organic Ingredients Such as Aloe Vera and Ginseng Root
Nature has many things to offer to help the skin to keep looking young. Going organic has been gaining popularity not just in the food you eat but even in the things you put on your skin. For the best organic anti-aging cream, look for ingredients such as aloe vera, ginseng root, and fruit and vegetable extracts such as avocado and carrot. These ingredients, when combined together, make for a very effective cream. Aloe vera, for example, can help in the keeping the skin looking healthy and hydrated, while cucumber and carrot can give your skin a healthy glow.

#2 - Antioxidants
There are many ingredients that can be considered anti-oxidants, such as green tea or vitamin c. What makes vitamin c effective is that it can boost the production of collagen so that lines and scars in the skin will be minimized. Collagen production naturally slows down as we age, so getting a boost from products will really help. One of the things that cause damage to skin is sun exposure. Always remember to put sunscreen every day, and make sure that green tea is one of the ingredients so that you can have double protection as ingredients in the tea can minimize sun damage.

#3 - Retinol

Many consider retinol as a cure-all. It not only helps with the collagen production but it can even improve other skin problems such as uneven skin tone and color. Aside from getting healthy-looking skin, retinol and its stronger counterpart tretinoin can also help with clearing up your acne. The effects of retinol may take awhile to be visible, but if you diligently use it, you will see great improvements as time goes by.

Life in Vinyl Letters

The Creativity Conundrum
Can we all agree that arts and crafts time in preschool was pretty much the greatest of all? Our teachers would give us paintbrushes and crayons and we went crazy. As children, our imagination did not cease to exist. We would come up with the most creative and unique characters, stories, objects, anything! All it took was for us to think of even the most obscure things and let our creativity soar. Were these not the moments where we were in complete control of the situation and where we could even enter a different world? A world full of chocolate rainbows, skittle lakes, and trees that grew hundred-dollar bills. It didn’t matter, but it made us happy.
Life begins to change a little bit here and there, and soon we start to lose that creativity that we once cherished and loved so much. Now, without getting too dramatic about it, we have so much in life that tends to get in the way of, and we aren’t that creative young one anymore. Soon we are in a rut, where everything is bleak, the world is gloomy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That three-year-old we used to be can be brought back. That doesn’t mean that we should go back to throwing temper tantrums when we must eat our vegetables. We find happiness when we find inspiration to express who we are!
Adult Stickers
Remember in elementary school when we did something good, or turned an assignment in on time we got a gold sticker? Those stickers meant so much more to us back then, then if we got one for finishing a responsibility that our boss asked us to do. Wouldn’t be quite as rewarding, yet stickers can still be awesome! If we want to be creative again and bring back that child in us, why not go for some vinyl letters. They are stickers that express who we are and what matters most to us. It is easy to personalize our homes with decorations and pictures that make us happy, but remember the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Well, in this case “A thousand words is worth a picture.” Plus, guess what? You don’t even need to stick a thousand words on your wall to paint a picture, that’s what books are for.
No Plugs or Batteries Included
If you really want to show to the world how much your family means to you, write it on your walls. Of course, there is the option of love and compassion, but this is different. Take the time with your children and let their imagination and creativity provide you with your own imagination and creativity. We learn so much from kids, because they are so innocent and smart! The positive is that your phone or the remote won’t be necessary to enjoy quality time with your family. Show those around you that the child in you hasn’t gone and left. It is still here, and look out world for what you have in store!