04 February 2016

..::Recipe::.. Ore-Ida Homemade Totchos

This is probably the easiest recipe ever.  Seriously.

Step 1: Buy Ore-Ida Tater Tots.

Step 2:  Dump them on a baking sheet and bake 'em according to the directions.

Step 3:  Decorate!  I added delicious Siracha Fusion sauce, fresh cilantro, chili powder, sour cream, and (for some crunch...) the chips!

These were a HUGE hit around here.  Super cheap, delicious, and doesn't take long at ALL.

For more recipes, go to the Kraft website!

This is a #sponsored post...Ore-Ida & Influenster gave me a coupon for free Tater Tots, and I made a recipe with them.

03 February 2016

Six Ways to Make Your House Look Totally Unique

Home décor is vital, though you’ve probably already come to that conclusion. But as well as keeping things looking nice and tidy, are you concerned about making your house look unique? Your own style is an important thing to have. It can make you feel more comfortable in your own home, as well as give it a real cool look. If you’re bored of how your house is looking or feeling like it doesn’t suit you, just keep reading.

Give It the Natural Look--

So many homes have such a clean, maintained look that they can seem almost artificial. Adding a bit of natural charm to your home can really make it feel more warm and cozy. It could be as simple as using more varnished wood or adding a plant. If you really want to make your home unique, however, why not try oak garage doors? If you have wooden fittings, these sturdy additions can really blend in and give your home stand-out quality.

Make Your Backyard a Theater--

If you’re looking for a new way to entertain visitors, then look no further. Having your very own outdoor cinema is just a little effort away. Just get yourself some comfy seats and a projector. That might seem like a cumbersome idea, but it’s surprisingly light and easy to set up. You’ll be the envy of pretty much everyone and your summer nights will be enjoyed relaxing with friends and enjoying a movie.

Show Your Personality--

A lot of us have collections we’re fond of-- teapots, records, movie posters. If you have a passion, there’s no need to hide it. At best, it’s a great conversation starter. At worst, it makes your home feel like your home. Learn how to display your collections tastefully and you’ll love what you end up with. If you don’t have a collection to display, then start one. Collecting cute wall-hung ornaments and wooden signs is always a great idea. They can be as sassy or as homey as you like.

Paint Outside the Box--

You might have immediately gone to a safe color when it came to painting your room. Many just think of the primary color of their biggest piece of furniture and run with it. Why not try painting on the wild side, for once? Paint can always be changed so don’t be afraid to try out something new and make your room really pop.

Hack Your Own Furniture--

If you want things really looking unique then the solution is to just make it yourself. There are all kinds of DIY techniques to making your furniture something new and unique. It can be something as simple as attaching fabric to an ottoman to something as involved as getting a personalized chair carved.

Add a Bit of Chalkboard--

We love chalkboard. It’s a neat addition to any home. Whether you want to write phrases you find motivating, recipes, special welcomes or your plans for the day. Chalkboards are a way of immediately displaying your own personality, so get one and be in control of what your house says.

How to Make More of Your Windows

The windows of our homes are like the eyes of the house or apartment in that they control the amount of light we receive. They also contribute to the amount of warmth and coolness. How we deal with them makes a tremendous difference to the way we feel about our rooms. They have a direct bearing on the ambience of any space. When we have windows that are overlooked, we also have to find a balance between seeing out and being seen.

Letting in Light--

This is perhaps the primary function of the window. Any house or building will be facing in a certain direction. Depending on where you live, you will get the sun in the morning or the evening. This has implications on how you can make the most of your living arrangements.

The amount of light you receive has a direct effect on your wellbeing and health. As technology has advanced, we have developed more efficient and better windows. This gives us the option of installing larger windows to make more of the light.

If you are undergoing renovation, for example, older windows can easily be replaced with new more efficient versions. You might also install windows that are larger, or even replace windows completely with ranch sliders. Installing double glazing is standard in new houses. These windows are far superior and prevent heat loss during the colder months.They also keep homes cooler during the summer.

Maximizing Light Without Compromising Security

Window coverings are an essential way for us to deal with privacy, security, and also heat and warmth. Curtains were originally designed to keep rooms warmer and to some extent that is still their primary purpose.

With the advent of newer hi-tech windows, the idea of a big old heavy pair of curtains has diminished somewhat.These are also difficult to clean and can hold a lot of dust. If you have an allergy sufferer, then you might need to replace them with something easier to maintain.

Blinds are the most modern solution. A slatted horizontal blind is the most common variation. These can be made of wood or plastic. Earlier blinds tended to have problems with the mechanisms which were often faulty. Today that is not so much of a problem. A classic blind can be made of bamboo or hardwood. These can be a lovely touch in a classical style room. They also suit a more modern style apartment. Blind cleaning can easily be contracted out. Otherwise, they are pretty much maintenance free and easy to operate.

Roman blinds have more of a fabric feel, so they're a great compromise between curtains and blinds. The fabric can be a sumptuous as you like. They can play a role in any luxury room conversion. As they rely on a good structure, it is easy for these blinds to be raised completely and lowered again to the degree you need. Vertical blinds are less common. They tend to be used as an alternative to the traditional net curtain.

Whatever you choose, try and keep all window sills as clear as possible. Wipe down or wash your window hangings to keep dust at bay. Ensure that you have the best window covering you can to maximize all of that lovely light and give you the security and privacy you need.

02 February 2016

Design a Cozier Home

These days, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on minimalist, modern interiors. Of course, there’s a lot of appeal in some of these designs, but sometimes a totally modern look is lacking something. With all those 'nondescript' decorations and plain colors, a home can easily lose a lot of its coziness. If you’re looking to keep your home feeling cozy, here’s how to do it.

Like a lot of interior design posts, this is going to start with focusing on the light in your home. If you play with the light in only a few rooms, you can create a totally different feel to the entire place. One undeniably cozy feature is an open fireplace. Having a crackling, glowing fire in the middle of winter is something truly unique. Using this as a light and heat source can also do a lot to help the environment. I understand that a new, large fireplace may be out of the question. It could be easier for you to have a traditional wood-burning stove installed. There’s just something about a live flame which makes a room much easier to relax in! At the very least, you could look for some vintage candle holders. Combine those with some musky, earthy smelling candles for maximum effect!

The next thing to focus on are the colors and patterns in your home. If you’ve read some of my other interior design posts, this next pointer might surprise you. Look for some darker colors. Yes, there’s usually a big emphasis on light colors to make a room feel larger. However, this isn’t really what you’re going for if you want a “cozy” feeling. Using long, billowing curtains and martex sheets in deeper, dramatic shades can make a room feel so much more 'home-y'. Take this in moderation, though. Balance any kind of intentional darkness with some whites and metallic colors. This will stop it feeling like the walls are closing in on you!

Choosing the miscellaneous décor items for your home can have a big impact on its coziness. You’re looking for the kind of charm you get from the horseshoes and farm tools on the walls of rustic dives. Of course, your home doesn’t have to be extremely archaic, but think of one of those little 'Mom & Pop's' for some inspiration. Vintage oil paintings are a pretty good thing to start with. From majestic horses to old European towns, these throw in a potent sense of character, wherever you want to hang them. If you can, make a little reading nook in the corner of a room. A few bookshelves surrounding a comfortable chair is a much more potent touch than you might think!
I hope this post has started you towards that comfy feeling you’re looking for. You might not be too crazy about vintage looks, but this is just one method you can use. Once you try out a few features and see what works, I’m sure you’ll find your home makeover to be a total breeze!

Struggling with the Price of Healthy Living? Here's My Advice!

In a perfect world, staying healthy wouldn’t cost a dime. Everything to do with what’s best for us would be free, even health care. But we’re not in an ideal world and, unfortunately, trying to stay fit will cost you. For instance, if you decide to head to the gym each month you’re probably looking at a bill similar to cable TV. Even if you want to exercise at home, you’ll need to buy the equipment. Or, how about buying the medication your family needs to stay healthy? All of these costs start to add up, and you soon realize a substantial amount of your income goes towards your personal health. How can you cut the costs in these areas and still keep your physical fitness?

Coping with Medical Costs:

Medical costs are perhaps one of the most expensive health bills from your income. This is particularly true if you’re paying for a medication your family needs like Vyvanse. Vyvanse is a medication used to treat ADHD and is a crucial drug for moms coping with kids suffering from this condition. These costs can be difficult to cope with, but you can get a Vyvanse discount card. At the end of the year, this will have saved you a fortune on meds.

Instead of the Gym…

You could be spending as much as sixty dollars heading to the gym each month. Let’s face it-- half the time you don’t even make it there because other life commitments get in the way. How many moms make it to the gym when they have to look after their children? Not many, I imagine. That’s why you should instead work out at home. Rather than buying all the gym equipment, just practice completing some simple exercises. Both pull-ups and crunches are the perfect form of exercise for keeping your body in shape. Neither one involves any equipment, and the exercises can be completed quickly in your spare time.

Eating Healthy:

It’s tricky to know how to be able to afford the cost of eating healthy food. Healthy meals cost quite a lot when you add it all up. This seems a little unfair as they hardly ever taste as delicious as things that are bad for you. There are a few ways you can think about cutting costs here. You may want to look into finding deals at different stores on items you need. If you price check everything you might find you cut a lot of money out of your weekly shop. Try only to buy things that you need rather than what you may want.

As well as this, you can think about growing your own fruit and vegetables. This is an awesome way to put healthy living back in your hands. Once you start growing your foods, you’ll be living off the land, taking a large chunk out of your shopping bill.

These are a just some simple tips on how to keep the costs of staying healthy low. If you do this, you’ll keep fit, and your finances will still stay healthy, too!