27 September 2016

Don't Panic: Dealing with Small Emergencies at Home

There are many things that can go wrong around the house, but some small emergencies always seem much worse than all the rest. But most of the time, these incidents aren’t actually anything to worry about. If you deal with them quickly and efficiently, they will soon disappear. So there is actually no need to panic about these mini emergencies! To make sure you don’t stress yourself out too much, here are some handy ways you can deal with household problems.


Your home is always at risk of an infestation of pests. In the summer, there will be loads of pests everywhere looking for somewhere to live. The ones that survive in winter will try and get into your home, so they have somewhere warm to hibernate! What exactly do you do when you notice bugs in your home? First things first; don’t panic! You can run to your local garden center and grab some bug repellent. There are also a number of homemade traps that you could consider making. But the easiest way to deal with this problem is to simply call some pest control contractors to do all the hard work for you!

Locked Out--

When you are trying to get the kids ready for school and get yourself ready for work, you might leave the house without picking up your keys. There are some easy hacks that can help you get in the house even if you lose or forget your keys. One of the best things to do is to hide a spare key somewhere in your front yard. Don’t leave it in obvious places like under the doormat or a flower pot, though. Burglars will be able to easily find it in these obvious spots. Alternatively, give your spare key to a neighbor. One brilliant idea is to swap your traditional lock for a key-code lock. That way, you don’t need any keys; just commit the code to memory!

Bad Paint Jobs--

We’ve all been there – thinking you can paint and decorate a whole room all by yourself only to find that it doesn’t look quite as good as you imagined it would. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to remedy a not-quite-professional paintwork. You can get rid of drips on the wall by scraping them back with a scraper. It is also possible to sand them away using a sander. You might have to go over the area you sanded with a quick lick of paint. Another common problem is visible brush strokes. Unfortunately, these need completely repainting. Why not save the hassle by hiring a professional decorator to do it for you?

Blocked Drains--

Blocked drains are a lot easier to fix yourself than you may think. First of all, pour down a lot of bleach followed by a whole kettle full of boiling water. Leave it for a few minutes. Once you come back to it, the water should flow through again. If not, try plunging it with a plunger. This should, hopefully, remove the debris that was blocking the pipe and drain.  

26 September 2016

Improve Your Home Exponentially by Following These Awesome Ideas

These days it’s always important to look for ways to improve the home. The good thing is there is so much you can do to boost your property. Making your home smarter, more attractive, and more efficient is crucial. It makes a better environment for you and the family and makes the property more appealing. Take a look at some of the following ideas, and use them to try to improve your home more and more each week.

Smart Thermostat--
You've probably seen them around, but maybe you haven't experienced one yet. There's no doubt that a smart thermostat is going to transform your home, and your life, right away. You can benefit so much from bringing one of these into the house. You’ll never need to worry about setting your heating and hot water correctly. You won't need to concern yourself with whether you left the heating on. In fact, you'll even be able to set instructions for the thermostat when you aren't at home! You need to look at the different sorts of thermostats available on the market. Reading the Ecobee3 review is a good place to start to get an idea of what you can expect. Choosing a smart thermostat is a great way of working towards making your home smarter as well.

Get Some Plants--
It might seem bizarre to suggest that plants can help your home better. But, if you think about it, they can make a huge difference. You see, plants can really improve the air quality of your home, and make it a much healthier place. Plants in your home add some life and vibrancy. Not only do they look great, but they also have awesome health benefits too. So, you have to make sure you go out and get some great looking houseplants to brighten the place up. Think about that clean, crisp air you’re going to be enjoying.

The secret to improving your property and making it better is to move towards making it an eco-home. Get some smart lightbulbs that can link to the rest of your smart system. It’s also important to choose some energy efficient LED lightbulbs too. These will help keep your household costs low, and make the home better. It’s good to get into the habit of making your home greener. Start with something basic like recycling, and then see if you can move up to composting, solar power and growing your own food. Making your home smarter and more eco-friendly is the best way of improving it.

Security System--
You can get so many different security systems these days. It’s so important to look after and protect your home and make sure it’s safe. And to do that you have to use the best security system you possibly can. Think about the different systems that are available. You may want a smart system that can link to other areas of the home. Intruder alarms are crucial for peace of mind, as well as protection. The better you make your home security, the more you will improve your property.
As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do that will help the home become smarter. The idea is to make sure your property is almost self-reliant. You can make use of technology and fresher approaches in order to get your home to the place you want it to be.

Parenthood: Bedroom Design Tips for a Better Night's Sleep


Ah, parenthood. That was a rude awakening, wasn’t it?! From now on, every awakening is going to be a rude one. Those days of lying in bed until 11 AM are long gone. Unfortunately, your new routine is going to be getting up regularly at the crack of dawn. You might just fail to get much sleep at all in the interim, either. That’s just the nature of parenthood, and you’ll look back on it and laugh one day. One day.

But for now, we need to look at how we can get you the best sleep possible. You need to maximize every bit of time you have... and here are some great ways to do it.


Start With Your Bed--

It all starts here, and you better believe that you need a good bed in the first place. If you’re going to spend masses of money on anything, this is the area that you want to do it in. Take your time to research the type of bed that feels most comfortable for you. Think about every type of material for your mattress, too. Memory foam mattress support or an alternative foam might just offer a more comfortable sleep than a budget option. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide exactly what you need out of a bed going forward. The rest of our tips mean nothing without this!

Paint Your Bedroom a Calm Color--

It’s time to get the old paint brush out of the garage! I bet you haven’t taken the time to redecorate your bedroom since you moved in, right? You’d be amazed at what a lick of paint can do for your sleeping pattern. By painting your bedroom a calm color, your mind will relax, and your heart rate will reduce. If your baby is sleeping in the same room as you; even better!


Ditch the Electronics--

There are all sorts of reasons why you don’t want electronics in your room, even when you aren’t a parent! The last thing we should be doing before going to bed is spending hours on our phones. Televisions aren’t much better, either. They’re a distraction; they keep you up longer, and they hurt your eyes. Your body won’t adapt to the need for sleep if you’re playing on your phone before you go to bed. Get them out the room and leave them for when you’re not so desperate for some shut-eye.

Dimmer Switches--

In a similar fashion to color, you’d be amazed at what lighting can do for your sleeping pattern. Instead of brash lighting that pierces your eyes, install a dimmer switch. Then, as you’re getting ready for bed, you can set the lighting nice and low. Your body will start to get ready for sleep, hopefully settling you off quicker than usual. If you’re sitting in the bright light all the way until bedtime, it’s going to confuse your body.

baby-1266117_640 (1).jpg

Optimize the Temperature--

It’s no good trying to get to sleep quickly when it’s boiling hot or freezing cold. If you have to, think about installing a ceiling fan for some light air. You might even want to adapt your windows so you can open them more or less than what is currently allowed. If you don’t take the time to do this, you’re limiting your sleep potential.

Add Dark Curtains--

What’s the one thing that you need lots of at night? Well, sleep...obviously. But, I was thinking of darkness. Just the smallest amount of light can wake both you and your little one up. A flash from a car coming down the road outside. The sun shining through the windows a little earlier than usual. It’s all an annoyance when you’re desperate for some much-needed sleep. That’s why you need particularly dark curtains to block out that external light. It might just mean that you get an extra couple of hours. That’s all you want, right?!

Get a Progressive Alarm Clock--

Hey, let’s be under no illusions here. The days of you being awoken by an alarm clock are getting smaller all the time. But, there will be instances where you get up first, or you simply want to get up to check on your child. Instead of being awoken by a harsh tone that probably wakes everyone in the house, why not go progressive? There are progressive alarm clocks that wake you up slowly without such a jolt. You can even get mobile apps that wake you up based on your sleeping pattern. You won’t always benefit from them when the little ones are eager to arise, but you’ll be glad for them in any other situation.

23 September 2016

The Best Kept Secrets to Keeping Your Household Costs Low

Running a household is costly. With those immediate bills that need paying each month lie rent or mortgage payments. Down to the energy bills that land on your doorstep every quarter (or even monthly!), and let’s not go there when it comes to food-shopping! These costs can mount up and sometimes you may find it hard to save anything, or even have any disposable income to treat yourself. However, this is where you need to make your money work harder for you, and one way you can do that is by reducing those household costs. It is possible, and I’m here to share with you exactly how you can do it.


Make your home more energy efficient--

We've heard a lot about going green, but there is some sense to it. Having a home that is more energy efficient can offer you an instant reduction on those bills. You don’t have to do everything all at once, just make simple changes and build up from here. One way you can start to save energy is by changing your light bulbs to more energy efficient ones. There is also an element of common sense that could be applied to switching on the heating system and leaving lights on. Keeping lights off and your heating temperature low can offer you great savings in the long term. The steps you can aim for is having solar panels fitted to your roof, which will help light and heat your home. Also, changes like saving rainwater can help for watering gardens and plants. There’s plenty of information online that will help you go a little greener in your home.

Protect your appliances from hard water--

Some people will live in areas that are prone to hard water. If you are unsure what this is, then let me explain. Water is filtered to get rid of any bacteria that has developed. But sometimes going through this filter system can mean that some deposits can be left in your water. While it’s fine to drink, it can cause problems to appliances in the home. The reason why you should be aware of this is that it's best to get a water softener system in place. It reduces any costs you could incur for damaged or broken appliances in the future. Heading online to check out Water Softener Reviews is a good place to start. Let this be a rule in general, take care of your appliances and systems in your home. Regular servicing and check are far cheaper than replacement and big repair bills.


Regularly give your finances a health check--

We can all become a little complacent with our monthly bills. Allowing them to leave our account each month with little or no thought. However, this is where you can be missing a trick. Comparing your costs against other companies could provide you huge savings. Most companies offer new customers the best deals and savings. So ensure you get a piece of the action and switch providers regularly to keep your costs low. Saving money on energy is one of the sure fire ways you can do it. It’s a great way to boost your disposable income.

Finally, ensure you save as much as you can on the bills you have control over. Food shopping is a huge expense but often meal planning and changing your store can offer big savings. Also, TV packages and broadband reductions can all provide you savings on your bills. Just think outside of the box when it comes to your finances.

I hope this helps you reduce your monthly bills.

21 September 2016

Choosing Flooring for Your Family Home: Everything You Need to Know

When it’s time to choose new flooring for a room in your family home, it can often leave people confused. There is so much to choose from including tiles, wood, and carpet. Therefore, you need to think about it carefully when selecting the right one for your family. Here is everything you need to know when choosing flooring for your family home so that you make the right decision.

Apartment, Window, Glass Wall, Floor, Home
Measure the room properly before looking for flooring--

The first thing you need to do when it’s time for new flooring in your home is get the measuring tape out. You need to know exactly how big the room is before you head to the stores. It’s so important that you get the right lengths so that you can pick up the right amount of carpet, or the specific number of tiles, for your home. Therefore, make sure you measure any corners of the room and then double check the number you have written down. Otherwise, you might end up having to buy new stock if you run out during the fitting process. If you don’t trust yourself to measure it correctly, you might prefer to get a fitter out who will do it all for you.

Choose something which is easy to clean--

Cleaning the floor is one of those jobs we hate doing, but it’s a must to ensure it stays clean and free from pests and mold. Therefore, it’s so important to choose new flooring which is going to be easy to maintain on a daily basis. You don’t want to pick something which is going to get marked easily. Therefore, consider how easy it will be to clean when you are choosing new flooring. For example, if it’s going to be a room where kids and pets are going to be in a lot, you might prefer to go for something easier to clean such as wood flooring. After all, you don’t want to spend hours trying to get a mark out of your carpet. You can always find a professional who do tile cleaning to ensure that it stays looking great!

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Think about the use of the flooring--
When choosing new flooring, you need to think about the primary use is of the room. It will help you to make the right decision. For example, if you need something for the bathroom, you need to pick something which won’t get damaged by water from the shower and the sink. Or if it’s flooring for the spare room, you might not use it much so carpet would be a good choice. Therefore, think about the use before making a decision.

Remember that color is important--

It’s so important to think about the current decor in the room when choosing flooring. After all, you don’t want to choose a bright colored carpet if the room is currently painted in neutral colors. Therefore, pick a color which will look great with your current furniture and fittings. A lot of people tend to go for a cream or black to ensure it will stay relevant even when you update the room over the years.

Remember that to get some samples for your floor before making a decision. You don’t want to choose something that you will regret for years to come!