10 December 2018

Moving Out

Moving can be a fun experience.  It most definitely is a hectic, stressful, and overwhelming experience, but a little fun can be found in everything if you look for it.  For one, most of the time people come to help you move—it is not necessarily a solo experience so there is a lot of bonding time with family and friends.  Secondly, moving almost instantaneously promotes a fresh start whichever way you tend to look at it. All places are different; whether you choose a condominium, a single family home, or an apartment. Having to identify with a new type of living is a fun way to learn more about yourself and life in general.

Getting Rid of All the Trash--

One of my favorite things about moving is getting rid of all of the garbage.  Straight trash!  Broken items that have been sitting around for years that ‘were going to get fixed’. Moving does not allow time to deal with that.  It is time to give that up, and move on with life.  One way to handle the stress of all the garbage is to hire a dumpster company like Eagle Dumpster Rental, all you do is put the trash in the dumpster, and they haul it away.  It is so easy!  No need to fuss about trash.

Getting Rid of Stuff You Won’t Use Again--

As you are moving, packing is a necessity.  As you are packing, it is inevitable that you will come across multiple items that you just will not use again.  It is safe to say that they are not dumpster worthy, but you do not want to bring them along with you on your move.  You can easily donate them to your local thrift store, or pass them along to one of your friends who may need it.  Moving really alleviates the consumerism that we are all pressured with in our lives.  We can finally see what simplicity is and live with it, if only for a short time!

Starting Fresh--

There is nothing like a little fresh paint and clean carpet to clear your mind.  Moving from a house that you have been at for years can dull your mind and creativity.  When you move, it is a fresh start.  You can do anything!  You can decorate how you want, even if it is very different from what your previous house looked like.  Since it will be a new house, the set up will be different, and even that will calm your mind into thinking differently.  Overall, it is exciting and not just bad news like everybody makes it out to be.  I have moved seven times myself, and with each move, I have found a new piece of myself that I have discovered from the prior move.  It is an experience, and one to look forward to!

Why You Should Give Homemade Gifts This Year

Christmas is quickly approaching, which means you’re seeing more people bustling about the stores rushing to get their holiday gift shopping done. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, sometimes we get lost in the busyness of it all and don’t put as much thought into the things that really matter.

If you’re planning on giving gifts to your friends and loved ones this year, try doing homemade gifts.


It’s More Meaningful--

Homemade gifts say “thoughtful” much more than a generic giftset from a national retailer. It shows the receiver of the gift that you care by putting thought, time, and effort into creating something unique just for them.

It’s Unique--

Where else are you going to find this sweet homemade gift that you come up with? Every homemade gift is different, and that gives it so much more personal value than anything you might buy.

It’s Economical--

You can save money by making a homemade gift instead of buying something - depending on what you make of course. If you can save money by making something just as good or better than the mass manufacturers do, and it’s unique and personal, then why not do it?

It’s Environmentally Friendly--

Think about the packaging that you save when you make something yourself than if you buy it at the store with the plastic tags and wrappings. Also, if you’re good at upcycling old items into a new and unique gift, then you’re helping in another way too.

It’s Fun!

Gift giving is more fun when you get to make the gift, instead of just taking a few minutes to make a monetary transaction. Taking the time to plan the gift out and getting the right supplies, and then the actual process of making the gift is so fun, especially as you think about the person that you are doing it for.

What can make it even more fun is getting together with a friend or family member to make gifts together.

You Don’t Have to Start from Scratch--

If you don’t feel that you have the skills or know-how to make a gift from scratch, there are options to help you still add that personal touch. Craft stores have kits that you can put together easily, while still adding that personal and unique element to it. One such online store, Thoughts in Vinyl, has adorable wooden letter craft kits that you can purchase the base supplies and add all of the decorative elements yourself, or you can get everything from them that you need.

Some Ideas--

If you know you want to do some homemade gifts this year but aren’t quite sure where to start, here are some fun and relatively simple ideas to help you out. (And if you want some great tutorials for how to make them, just search for it on Pinterest.)

  • Fudge (or any sweet treats)
  • Candles
  • Fleece tied blankets
  • Photo album
  • Scrapbook
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Sugar scrub
  • Bath bombs
  • Decorative mugs
  • Mason jar snowglobe
  • Microwaveable heat packs
  • Homemade Crayons (for kids or the quirky artist)
  • Homemade soap
  • Infused olive oil
  • Dip mix
  • Dry soup mix in a mason jar
  • Artwork
  • Coasters
  • Jewelry
  • Potpourri

03 December 2018

6 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean This Winter

Snow is pretty on the outside, but not so pretty on the inside and on your carpets.
Winter means building snowmen, going sledding, making snow angels and walking in a winter wonderland. But what winter means for your poor carpets is dirt, mud, and unwanted spots from things like rock salt.
Winter may be nice to look at, but when it’s tracked into your house and onto your carpets it can be pretty upsetting.
So how can keep your carpets looking nice and clean during the winter months?
Here are six ways to keep your carpet clean this winter and keep the ice outside where it belongs and not anywhere near the indoors and your carpets where it shouldn’t be.
#1 - Have a Spot for People to Put Their Shoes
Entryways are more than just a place for people to walk through to get inside your home, they can also be placed where people can take off their shoes to not track mud and dirt all over your nice carpets.
If you provide something like a bench or basket for people to be able to sit down and take their shoes off the chances of them forgetting and tracking dirt all over your carpet go way down.
You can teach your kids to do this as well, especially after they have come back into the house after playing in the snow or walking home from school.
#2 - Use Rugs
Rugs can become your best friend and one of the main ways to protect your carpets this winter.
Lay down some washable rugs in high traffic areas that way these rugs get most of the dirt and grime instead of your carpets. The reason it's good to get ones that are washable is that every few weeks or so you can wash those rugs and keep them looking fresh and new just like your untouched carpet underneath them.
#3 - Vacuum a Lot
Wintertime is not the time to start slacking when it comes to taking care of your carpets and keeping them looking nice and new.
Make sure to vacuum at least once a week, or more if possible because that is one of the best ways to pick up rock salt or other dirt that could be brought inside that house.
#4 - Clean up the Spots
If you notice big stains or spots around your carpets clean them up as quickly as you can.
Doing spot removal will make sure that your carpets overall appearance is good as well as preventing those spots from being able to settle into the carpet.
#5 - Call a Professional
If keeping up with your carpets cleanliness and appearance seem overwhelming this winter contact a professional carpet cleaning service such as Idaho Steam Cleaning to come in and give your carpets a deep clean.
If you want to wait until the end of the winter to get your carpets deep cleaned to ensure your carpets are looking nice and fresh for springtime that is a really great idea as well.
#6 - Shovel the Snow
A great way to ensure not as much snow and mud is tracked into your home and onto your carpets is to keep your porch and driveway clear of snow.
You can also try to enter into your home using alternate methods like the garage which can prevent snow from coming into the house as well.

5 Ideas To Create The Luxe Look In Your Living Room

Whilst the bathroom and kitchen often take priority when it comes to home renovations, the living room is the first place that decorators should look when their room needs a revamp. It’s the first room that your guests see and it should reflect your personal taste. But, what if your style is at loggerheads with your small, or non-existent, budget?

Finances should never get in the way of a stylish living space, so here are some living room design ideas for those on a budget. But, before you get started, there are some things you should consider first. What is your end design goal? How much room do you have to work with? How are you going to use the space? What pieces can you keep and what needs replacing? Here are some ideas and tips for making your living room look luxurious and timeless.

Simplify Your Styling--

A cluttered and over accessorized living room can look messy and unorganized instead of chic and sophisticated. Your living room should be a place for relaxation and somewhere for you to unwind after a long day.

Pare back the collection of items you have in your living room and only keep things which have a sentimental value. Having a simplified and less cluttered space will let the elements you have remaining truly shine, as well as keeping you on budget.

Hide Your Television--

Nothing brings down the illusion of a sophisticated and luxury living space quite like a huge television right in the center of the room. If fancy, television concealing mirrors are out of your budget, then visually minimize the presence of the screen by creating a gallery style wall to surround it.

Even though this won’t completely hide your television, it will make the frame blend in with the artwork and keep the eyes distracted. Plus, if you have a few thrifty finds, then this is extremely budget-friendly.

Use Interesting Textiles--

Create a custom look for your living room by using vintage and antique textiles. Throw pillows or other small pieces such as upholstered stools and armchairs will instantly create visual intrigue. An antique rug will instantly uplift a room and the unusual fabric will create a unique element and will personalize your space.

Alternatively, you can add a textural throw over the top of a tired sofa or chair to ramp up the cozy factor. Make sure that you also consider window coverings, too, as these are a big part of the room. Window coverings make a huge difference to how the room looks and how warm it is during the winter. Types of blinds will help to block out any unwanted light and keep the warmth in on the coldest of days. You can choose different textures and colors to fit in with the style of the room already or to add a splash of bright color.

Use a Piece of History--

Give your living room a sense of history and incorporate a piece of furniture that has some age and patina to it. Whether it’s a mirror or a small side table, the older the better. Visit charity shops or antique fairs to find budget-friendly pieces and experiment with upcycling.

Old mirrors can be transformed with a new frame, or a simple sandpapering and layer of varnish can make an old side table brand new again.

Add Interesting Pieces--

Living rooms can easily become a room full of circles and straight lines, so introduce an element that has an interesting shape or unusual silhouette to add some dimension to the room. A tree root coffee table, for example, will feel like a piece of art within your living room and will add a very unusual artistic component to your room, especially if you are on a budget.

10 Incredible Facts About Premature Graying

So you’re hardly in the mid-twenties and there are strands of gray already showing up in your crown? You seem to be eating right and taking good care of your tresses but nothing seems to work and your hair are still turning gray much before time. Welcome to the club because there are millions across the globe who share your woes.

Premature graying is perhaps one of the most common issue plaguing young men and women today. While you may seek medical help or check out with your stylist for a solution, getting your facts right is equally important. Here are some surprising facts about premature graying that you should know to handle the problem with a better perspective.
#1 -Gray Hair Is “Different” Hair
You will be surprised to know that gray hair is structurally different because it does not have melanin as the natural-colored hair do. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for imparting the hair its natural color. Loss of this pigment not only results in graying but also changes the texture and feel of hair. You can actually notice that gray strands are thinner, coarser and less manageable as compared to their pigmented counterparts. This means that you have to handle them with a different care and nourishment regimen.
#2 - Blame It on Your Lifestyle
Lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition, exposure to harsh sunlight and environmental pollution, smoking and stress could be to blame for premature graying. Stress, in particular, has emerged as the biggest culprit for premature aging symptoms, including wrinkles, blemishes and hair graying. Long term exposure to stress leads the body to go into fight-or-flight mode which damages the DNA consistently and leads to a host of problems including loss of hair pigmentation.
#3 - Lifestyle Changes Can Stop Graying
Positive lifestyle changes can stop premature graying before it causes havoc. First things first, you have to work on alleviating stress and quit smoking as well. These are the factors that are responsible for oxidative damage which is primarily responsible for aging the body before time. Furthermore, you need to understand and fill in the nutritional gaps by eating healthy to retain the color and luster of your crowning glory.
#4 - Fish, Walnuts, and Zinc Are the Best Foods for Hair
Speaking about eating healthy, there are certain foods that are specifically beneficial for countering the problem of premature graying. Fish make an excellent option because of the high omega-3 content.  Other foods that contain these hair-friendly fats are seeds and leafy greens such as broccoli and kale. These foods also offer a hefty supply of zinc, a nutrient that keeps your hair healthy and black. Walnuts are recommended for premature graying because they are a good source of copper which supports hair pigmentation naturally.
#5 - It Could Be Your Genes as Well
When you notice the first grays appearing, look to your family to check out when your mom or dad had their first tryst with them. Holly Moore from SVHairRegeneres.com explains that some women’s hair starts to gray in their early thirties. Going back to their genetics, it has been found that either or both of their parents experienced graying at around the same age. The reason is that genetics are linked closely to the condition and this has been scientifically proved as well.
#6 - Vitamin B-Supplements Can Help
If you are genetically inclined towards premature graying, it is better to be prepared. While eating the right kind of foods is recommended, supplementation can give you a head start. Opt for vitamin B supplements as they can prepare your body to deal with the early grays effectively. Essentially, chicken is high in vitamin B6 and B12, but vegetarians need to rely on the supplemental form of these vitamins to make up.
#7 - Heat Treatment and Styling Can Cause Graying
Another fact about hair graying that you may not probably know is that excessive heat treatment and styling can be responsible for it. Exposure of hair roots and follicles to excess heat can damage them from within and even deprive them of pigmentation. So if you are habitual to heat styling, change the habit before it gets too late. Let your hair relax and avoid using these techniques on a regular basis. Use them only on special occasions.
#8 - Dyeing Is Not the Right Approach
When you notice those first strands, dyeing might seem like the only option you have. But like heat styling, use of excessive chemicals can accelerate the graying process. A better approach would be to look for natural alternatives such as henna and gooseberry to retain the color of your hair. Alternatively, you can look for products that cover the grays without being high in hair-damaging chemicals. Try a hairstyle that does not emphasize the grays.
#9 -Sun Protection Is Important 
A surprising gray hair fact is that you need to get sun protection to retain its natural color for longer. Scientific studies have indicated that the ultraviolet rays of the sun are capable of melting the cortex, which makes hair brittle and susceptible to graying. If you want to protect your tresses from turning gray before age, make sun protection a routine. Cover your hair with a scarf before stepping out. You can also use a sun protection product as an extra precaution.
#10 - Plucking out Gray's Does Not Make Any Difference
It is often said that plucking out grays will increase the problem, but it does not make any difference to the pace of graying. However, pulling out hair from the root can damage it structurally and make it weak and brittle. In any case, the hair strand will re-grow from the root and it will still be gray due to the basic loss of pigmentation.
These surprising premature graying facts may probably change your perspective towards the problem of gray hair and make you handle it in a different way. The best approach would be to check with a dermatologist or stylist and seek professional advice on handling the problem. Also, make sure that you eat healthy and do not stress over just a few strands of gray!