16 August 2018

The 8 Cutest Cases for Your iPhone

In  this  day  and  age,  it  seems  as  if  our  phones  are  a  part  of  us,  which  means  that  when  you  go  out,  your  phones  act  as  another  accessory  that  can  show  off  your  personality  or  make  or  break  any  outfit.    

Phone  cases  are  increasingly  popular,  if  not  only  for  the  practical  reason  that  they  protect  your  phone  screen.  However,  protection  doesn’t  have  to  be  ugly!    

While  Otter  Boxes  and  other  boxy  cases  may  ensure  no  damage  can  ever  harm  your  phone,  there  are  plenty  of  options  you  can  purchase  to  provide  cute  cases  that  offer  some  flare  of  style  along  with  protection.  A  lot  of  online  shops,  like  the  website from Casely,  are  up  and  coming  offering  some  of  the  trendiest  cases  for  your  iPhone,  and  at  reasonable  prices!  Just  snap  on  the  case  and  boom-  your  phone  is  secure  while  also  showing  off  your  latest  style  or  favorite  passion.  

Some  of  the  trendiest  and  cutest  cases  for  your  phone  are  listed  below:    
#1 - Marble Cases  

Tie-dye  meets  classic  with  any  marble  case!  Colorful,  yet  tasteful,  marble  cases  come  in  a  variety  of  different  designs,  blending  an  assortment  of  colors  to  create  a  splash  of  rainbow  that  almost  looks  like  water  colors  for  any  phone.    

#2 - Holographic Cases
Shiny  and  eye-catching,  holographic  cases  are  fun.  Not  only  do  they  remind  you  of  the  early  90’s,  but  their  sleek  designs  catch  and  reflect  light,  changing  the  images  or  pattern  depending  on  the  time  of  day  or  what  room  you’re  in.  Try  it  out  for  yourself!  

#3 - Prints and Patterns  
Stars,  cats,  stripes-  oh  my.  The  great  thing  about  prints  and  patterns  for  phone  cases  is  that  there  are  literally  endless  options.  Designs  vary  depending  on  the  company  you  order  from,  but  their  ability  to  capture  your  personality  and  likes  will  have  everyone  complimenting  your  phone.  And  you  don’t  have  to  limit  yourself  to  a  shop.  Just  Google  your  favorite  hobby,  TV  show,  music,  animal,  etc.  and  add  ͞phone  case͟  to  your  search,  and  BAM!  Let  your  personality  shine  through  with  fun  patterns!  

#4 - Glitter Cases    

After  the  recent  scare  of  glitter  cases  leaking  acid,  good  news:  the  glitter  is  back  and  safe  and  thriving!  From  cases  that  are  flaked  with  glitter,  to  those  that  act  as  a  glitter  filled  hour-glass,  these  cases  offer  a  little  of  sparkle  wherever  you  go.    

#5 - Wallet Cases  

Practical  meets  fashion  with  wallet  cases.  These  are  great  for  any  night  out,  especially  when  you  don’t  feel  like  carrying  an  entire  purse  or  bag.  Wallet  cases  typically  flip  up  and  offer  multiple  slots  for  your  ID  and  cards,  really  selling  its  practicality  point.  It  keeps  everything  safe  and  secure.  Just  make  sure  your  phone  doesn’t  demagnetize  any  card!    

#6 - Floral Cases    

Floral  has  made  a  huge  comeback,  and  not  just  from  the  70s.  The  flower  power  is  trending  once  again,  but  this  time  with  a  classy  twist—no  vibrant  tie-dye.  From  sunflowers  to  cherry  blossoms  and  lotus,  any  floral  pattern  will  have  your  phone  screaming͞, "I’m  with  the  in  crowd!͟"

#7 - Clear Cases  

Proud  of  your  rose-gold  phone?  Don’t  be  afraid  to  show  off  the  color!  Cases  that  have  clear  backings  are  becoming  popular  as  they  show  a  flare  of  personality  by  offering  anyone  who  passes  by  a  glimpse  at  what  color  and  style  every  phone-owner  has.    

#8 - Charging Cases  
Last,  but  certainty  not  least,  charging  cases  have  become  a  huge  trend.  While  they  were  once  known  as  being  blocky,  clunky  and  heavy,  they  now  come  in  slimmer  designs  with  different  patterns.  From  marble  to  solid  colors  and  print-friendly  images,  charging  cases  are  redefining  practical  yet  cute  as  they  promise  a  full  battery  all  day.    

Overall    Phone  cases  will  continue  to  be  popular  because  we  like  to  continue  to  show  off  our  phones!    Because  we  thrive  in  a  society  where  such  a  small  accessory  can  make  such  a  big  statement  about  ourselves,  it’s  important  to  really  consider  what  phone  case  you  want.    

What  does  it  say  about  you?  Should  you  get  one  for  different  times  of  the  year?  Will  you  really  get  sick  of  the  space-cats  design?  Your  options  are  endless,  fun,  and  always  a  hoot  to  shop  for.  So,  go  on  and  get  shopping-  decide  what  you  want  your  phone  case  to  say  about  you!  Just  make  sure  it’s  cute!   

From Statement Ceilings to Pattern Plants: Home Planning Trends You Should Consider

Statement ceilings have always been a synonym of luxury throughout history: Louis XIV wanted them in his renowned residence in 1682. The entire concept lost a bit of interest at the beginning of the 20th century, but it's now coming back, with an interesting DIY twist that will surely create a lot of hype on the matter in the upcoming months. With all that being said, let's try to understand how this trend will combine with another big one: pattern plants.

DIY Statement Ceilings and Disruptive Design--

In order to better understand the matter's potentials, it's important to state the fact that indexing images sites like Pinterest and Deviantart recently had a 200% increase of their listings including the keyword "Statement Ceiling(s)". This happened because the entire planning is now focused on an identity-based approach, instead of a luxury-based one: the key factor of a statement ceiling is, in fact, revolving around the creation of a space that has a strong personality, even when empty. With this design practice, there are no limits, really: a disruptive approach with disconnected shapes or objects hanging from the ceiling is currently used in many conceptual properties (most of them are in the US or in China/Japan, see images down below).

Cohesive Planning and Breaking Points: Connect Your Furniture--

The hardest point when it comes to creating a statement ceiling stands with the fact that it must coexist with the rest of your furniture. For example, wicker furniture could be an easy pick for this matter: being naturally "simple" it could easily cohabit with the ceiling, giving a sense of order even if your design and concept are crazily exaggerated. Space optimization is the second point when it comes to planning your room(s), given the fact that your ceiling needs space to be appreciated. With that being said, try to organize your corners by not leaving them empty, which will naturally guarantee you more space for the rest of your furniture.

Pattern Plants as Your Go-To Accessory--

Last year has seen the decadence of indoor plants, even if the entire "go vegan" movement peaked at its maximum point, especially during the cold winter days. pattern plants are back this year and they could be the finishing touch to accompany your concept made statement ceiling. A touch of green is always welcome, but without exaggerations, if possible.
The best part? They are incredibly cheap.

About the Author--

Hi! My name is Vicky, I’m an interior designer, running enthusiast, and occasional model. Fashion and design are and will always be my passions and I also love sports. I am currently doing an internship but I would love to open my showroom soon!

Parents- Here's How You Can Improve Your Job Prospects!

As moms, we often have to take significant time away from work and our careers to look after our kids- and although it’s unfair this can affect our job prospects. If you’re looking for ways to be more employable when you return to work, here’s how you can go about it.

Improve Your Education--

One of the best ways that you can improve your job prospects and open the door to better jobs is by improving your education. The higher your education level, the better paid the jobs will usually be. Regardless of what level you’re currently at, working towards the next stage will most definitely benefit you. Whether you’re studying towards a high school diploma, a college degree an undergraduate degree or a masters, these days you can do it from home in a flexible way that suits you. You can study just about any topic imaginable, from an a supply chain management masters to animal psychology degree to baking technology certificate! Decide what career path you want to go down if you’re just starting out, or what you’d like to specialize in if you already have qualifications. You can work this kind of study around your parenting commitments, and while part time will take you longer to complete, once you’re done you’ll be so glad you started when you did. By the time your child starts school and you feel ready to get back into the workplace full time, you’ll be graduating and ready to apply for better jobs.

Become Your Own Boss--

Working when you have kids, especially when they’re small requires flexibility that most companies aren’t able to offer. When your child gets ill you need to be there, and you will also often need time off for things like school holidays and special events. Instead of trying to fit your life around your work, why not create work that fits around your life? Starting a business and becoming your own boss can allow you to do exactly that. There are plenty of options for home businesses that don’t require much money to get started with, and as the boss you can pick and choose when you work. This is something you could do in your spare time now, and later down the line when your children are a little older you could go full time. Right now you’re getting it established and earning money as you go, which will benefit you both now and in the future.  

Give Your Resume a Boost--

Big gaps in employment, even if it was to have a baby and raise them is often viewed negatively by employers. To improve your job prospects, it’s worth making sure you’re doing something pretty much consistently. If starting your own home business isn’t an option, how about doing some freelancing? This can look good on your CV and is something that busy parents can take advantage of. Take writing for example, you could write an article here and there in your spare time and get paid for it and put this onto your resume. Having hobbies is also beneficial, employers like well-rounded individuals who do things outside of work, and develop their skills in other ways. It could be anything from cooking to sports, not only is this good for your mental health as a parent but it’s all things that will look good to employers too later down the line.

How to Manage Your Limited Income Better

If your goal for the next 12 months is to get better with money and improve your financial situation, you might have a huge challenge in front of you, especially if you have a limited income. Many people around the world, however, have managed to make their tiny budget stretch further by implementing some thrifty living principles. If you would like to avoid getting into money troubles, take a look at the below advice and improve your situation gradually.

Learn to Research Deals--

One of the most important skills you need to learn to become money savvy is how to manage your finances and how not to fall for the hype. You don’t have to pay for big brands’ advertising budget, and get great deals on products that have the exact same ingredient. You might also want to up your online research skills, you can find the deals on couponing websites and online shops, saving up to 50 percent on the recommended retail price.

Understand How Money Works--

You can’t make the most out of your money if you don’t fully understand how it works. A large percentage of people who got into credit card debt did so because they didn’t know how fast interest can add up and the fact that they still had to make the minimum payments, even if they just signed up for a zero percent balance transfer deal. You need to educate yourself on various accounts, and you will have to learn how to invest the smart way. It will never hurt learning about cfds with CMC when it comes to spotting new opportunities.
Learn New Skills--


It might also be a good idea to pick up some craft and DIY skills, so you can maintain your home on a budget and still preserve its value. There are plenty of online guides that will show you how to restore the shine of your flooring, or how to hang wallpaper. If you feel like, you can even go back to college and learn some basic building and plumbing skills, so you can do the jobs you would normally pay an arm and a leg for.
Fix Up Instead of Replacing --

It is a good idea to buy quality furniture or buy second hand and upcycle your finds from the thrift store. Modern cheap furniture will not last for more than a couple of years, and they are not easy to transport when you are moving to a new home. In fact, most of them are likely to fall apart as soon as you move them from their place. This is why you should actively seek upcycling projects, so you can create something unique and long lasting on a budget.

We all have to deal with tiny budgets, and when money is tight it is time to learn how to manage our money better. If you would like to maintain your lifestyle and make your money stretch further, it might be a good idea to learn some basic money skills and educate yourself on how to spot the best investment opportunities and deals.

Make Use of Your Old Items

Just because your items are old, it doesn’t mean that they have to be old to other people. They might be old to you because you’ve had them in your home for a long length of time, or perhaps because you’ve used them that much, they just look a bit worn out. Well, we wouldn’t want you to go around wasting your items by just sending them off to your local dumping site, or perhaps even just leaving them on the street and waiting for someone to take them, as a lot of people do. We want you to take pride in the items, and actually put them to good use. You once will have spent a nice amount of money on these things, so it will be a shame if you allow them to just go to waste! So, here’s how we think you can make the best use of your items. Have a read on to find out more!

People Who Need Them More--

There really are going to be people out there who will need your items more than you will ever need your items. But, giving them away is not always on people's agenda. Instead, they go to waste somewhere else. Think about the people closest to home at first. All of the people that you know and love might be dying for your furniture, and could actually be in need of it. For example, if the items are actually in really good condition, but you just want something new, see if there are any members of your family that are moving home. They could benefit from any freebies, and it will save you the task of having to find somewhere for them to go!

Secondly, think about the people in need who you don’t know about. So, we’re talking about the people that might not have a home, are in a homeless shelter, or charities that ship the items out to countries that really are in desperate need. Organisations such as the Habitat for Humanity Halton are just one example of people who need that. They could be building homes in your local community for the less fortunate, and one of the things the less fortunate definitely won’t be able to afford is the furniture to go in the home. So, think about what the condition of the items are, and whether other people will actually be able to use them in your home!

Transforming Them--

You don’t always need to jump to the conclusion that other people would be better of with it, or in fact that other people might not want your items. What you could do, is think about whether you can restore your items to their former glory. There are plenty of articles on the internet about upcycling, and it’s actually not that hard to do. Even things like older leather sofas can be restored if you get yourself the right tools. If not, you can even see if there are any companies available to do the work for you!