28 May 2017

The Hormone Reset Diet - My Journal - Day 3 Sugar-free

Saturday - May 28, 2017


Accountability is everything--

Today's Journal:  The whole 'no sugar thing' is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  You know why?  Because sugar is in everything! It is very hard to find something that is sweet that doesn't have an immense amount of added sugars.  

I actually feel better, though.  More energy, more mental clarity.  I think the detoxing baths are helping a lot, too.  I thought dry brushing was ridiculous, but I said I was at my wits end with my weight, so why not?  I actually enjoy it, and I think I am going to stick with it after the conclusion of this reset.  My skin has never felt so soft!

I know, I know.  I said I was going to upload a picture on Friday, but I felt so gross that I couldn't even do it.  I promise I will upload one this week, and then at the final week.  Tomorrow begins a new reset, so look forward to that post!

Today's Extras:

+ Dry Skin Brush
+ Detox Bath (20 Minutes)
+ Supplements
Today's Diet:

1000 - Organic coffee w/ 1 pack of stevia

1200 - Iced Green Tea w/ Stevia

1400 - Sea Salt Popcorn

1800 - Fully Loaded Dinner Salad

1930 - Pomegranate Arils

Total Calories:  1,012
Today's Exercises: 

- I didn't do any formal exercises, but I did wash my car in the hot, hot sun.  I think this burned quite a few calories, but I don't know for sure.

Total Calories Burned:  0
Net Caloric Intake (D-E):  1,012

27 May 2017

3 Ways to Update Your Backyard Landscaping This Summer

Summer is the best time to spend outdoors with friends and family. But it does not always mean going to the beach or jet-setting to far-flung places just to enjoy the sun. If you have a backyard, it can be a perfect place to enjoy the fresh air and the sun with your friends and family.

Are you looking to spruce up your yard this summer? Does it need a little makeover to make it more alive? If yes, here are three ways to update your backyard landscaping this summer.

Create a Mini Vegetable Garden--

Having a mini vegetable garden in your backyard will not only give you some sort of sustainability but having one can also provide attraction and more color to your backyard. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. If you do not know where to start, make sure to check first how much space you will allocate for your mini vegetable garden. Also, determine the design that best suits the space.

There are several design ideas for building a mini vegetable garden. You can either go vertical or spring for a square-foot design. You can also make use of cute containers to grow your vegetables such as using wine crates or old plastic bottles. Lastly, give your mini vegetable garden an artistic paint job and you’re done!

Landscape a Miniature Grassy Hill in the Backyard--

If there are kids in your home, one fun way of letting them enjoy sprucing up your backyard would be to create a miniature grassy hill. It’s simple and pretty much inexpensive; you do not need a lot of materials to build it. All you have to do is gather some mounds of dirt from your lawn, probably from somewhere in your yard and shape it to a hill. You can either do a small one or a larger hill. If you prefer the latter, you may need much larger equipment for that. There are lots of trusted heavy equipment rentals in Washington that you can use for this project.

Lastly, plant the mount with grass and voila! Your miniature grassy hill is complete. It would be a perfect spot for kids to play and run around.

Redesign and Paint Your Fence--

Your backyard is not the only thing that can attract anyone’s attention. The gateway to your backyard can also add beauty to the whole place. It is also a way to shield your garden from animals and pests. Not only does it give additional attraction, it is also functional.

Depending on your preference, you can redesign your fence with materials such as wood or metal. Most backyard landscapes nowadays incorporate wooden fences since it is easier to work with and is relatively cheaper. If your current fence is in need of some redesigning, you do not have to go over the top with it. A simple paint job will do all the work. Choose colors that will complement your whole backyard and at the same time, will showcase the colors of summer.

25 May 2017

The Hormone Reset Diet - My Journal - Day 1 Sugar-free

Thursday - May 25, 2017


Accountability is everything--

Today's Journal:  I felt better today, physically.  Mentally, it has been one of the hardest days of dieting that I have ever, ever experienced.  All I can think about is sugar.  The sweetness.  It's so so so hard.  I suppose I have pinpointed my addiction!  To anybody who says that stevia is 'just like sugar' is wrong.  It's gross, but I'll get used to it.

This hormone reset is the second tier-- to reset the body's insulin.  The book does a great job of explaining how our society's addiction to sugar squeezes our body's insulin hormone and causes resilience-- definitely check this book out if you haven't already.  The goal for this reset is to stay below 15 grams of sugar per day in totality, and to remain so for the remainder of this diet.

I slept well last night, and I am expecting to sleep better tonight.  I have a horrible headache (from the detox).  Tomorrow is weigh-in day, so I hope I am excited by my new pictures.  We shall see.

Today's Extras:

+ Dry Skin Brush
+ Detox Bath (20 Minutes)
Today's Diet:

1000 - Organic coffee w/ 1 pack of stevia

1200 - 10-spice Vegetable Soup

1400 - Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips 

1800 - Salisbury Seitan Phyllo Pouch with Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

1930 - Goodness Natural Cheerios w/ unsweetened almond milk

Total Calories:  1,110
Today's Exercises: 

+ Leg Day (weight training)
+ Ab Roller
+ Simply Fit Board 

Total Calories Burned:  361
Net Caloric Intake (D-E):  749

5 Proven Ways to Burn Fat Fast

Losing weight can often feel like an uphill battle and can really get you down. Working out is something that requires commitment and persistence. In fact, you may not see results for several weeks or more. This is what can be disappointing as you may feel like you are working so hard for nothing. This article will help identify some ways that you can burn fat quickly and see results faster. Keep reading to learn more.

Build muscle--
Work on building muscle as it can help burn fat. While working out, it is best to be sure to get in the fat burning zone. To do this, you can participate in workouts that are high intensity and will burn calories and fat cells. A great way to do this is by lifting weights. Lifting weights can build muscle quickly and burn fat. If you do choose to take up lifting weights, be sure to use proper wrist wraps as getting sidelined with an injury will halt your progress.

Be aware of your caloric intake--
People gain weight because they do not realize that what they are eating contains a great deal of calories, often double or triple one’s necessary daily intake. When you become aware of your caloric intake, you can make better decisions about what you feed your body. Food is delicious and should be enjoyed but it should also be fed to your body for energy and nourishment. Try to eat the colors of the rainbow to ensure that you are getting enough fruits, vegetables, dairy, lean meat (or a protein substitute if vegetarian/vegan), and whole grains. Eating less calories than your body needs is a way to lose weight.

Be aware of cravings--
If you know that around 2pm every day you find that you get sleepy, try eating a handful of almonds. You are likely experiencing the “midday slump” because your sugar levels are dipping after lunch. Simply eat a handful of almonds to help this. If you notice that you wake up in the middle of the night hungry, be sure to drink enough water, eat proper nutrients, and refrain from eating carbohydrates and processed foods throughout the day. These foods can trick your body into thinking it is hungry when it is not.

Drink water--
Your body needs a great deal of water every day. Drinking at least 64 oz of water on a daily basis can curb hunger and cravings, eliminate headaches, and increase energy levels. Drinking water can also help your overall health and helps your body burn fat by helping your body function.

Get proper sleep--
If your body is exhausted and you have not had enough sleep at night, it is highly likely that you are supplementing natural energy with caffeine, sugar, or food. Getting 8 hours of sleep at night will make you feel refreshed and give you the energy you need to have a great day.

With these simple and inexpensive tips, you can be on your way to burning fat and looking your best in no time. Remember to keep your head up high and stick with it!

How to Get Help When You Have a Toothache

A toothache makes us miserable and it is hard to get on with our lives when we are in pain. Avoiding toothache in the first place is the best approach and this is achieved with good dental hygiene habits. Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day reduces your chances of developing cavities which ultimately cause a toothache. It also helps our teeth to look great. However, there are other causes of a toothache and there is a lot that you can do to relieve it if you are suffering.
The causes of a toothache--
Tooth decay is by far the most common cause of a toothache but your pain may be caused by other factors and your dentist will want to rule these out.
You may have an infection in the roots of the tooth or in the gum and you may have gum disease. Some toothache is caused by the sufferer grinding their teeth and this is associated with anxiety. If you have an accident and damage your teeth, this could obviously cause pain. If the problem develops over a long period of time it could be caused by an abnormal bite.
Some causes of a toothache are actually nothing to do with teeth. The pain is referred to this area and feels as if it is originating from your teeth but the underlying cause is elsewhere. People who have TMJ/TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and sinus or ear infections often complain of a toothache. If there is tension in the facial muscles this can feel like pain arising from a tooth and you may have a headache as well.
Sometimes, pain around the teeth and the jaws is caused by heart disease such as angina
A toothache is not something that you should ignore. It is especially important to seek help finding an emergency dentist nearby if you suffer from any of the following in addition to a toothache:
+ Pain when you bite
+ Fever
+ Difficulty breathing or swallowing
+ Swelling around the tooth area
+ Continuous lasting pain
Helping toothaches yourself--
Before you get to the dentist, you can help yourself with some self-care treatment. This may temporarily alleviate the pain and inflammation until you can get treatment:
+ Rinse your mouth several times a day with warm salt water.
+ Gently floss your teeth. Sometimes pain is caused by food particles that have become trapped.
+ If it is safe for you to do so, you can take some pain medication that you can purchase over the counter. However, do not put a painkiller directly on the gums as this may cause burning and irritation.
+ Apply a medication containing benzocaine directly to affected area. This is designed to temporarily relieve the pain. Oil of cloves (eugenol) is an ancient and traditional remedy but many people find that it works. You can rub the oil directly on the area with a finger or apply using some cotton wool.
If a toothache is caused by trauma in an accident, it can help if you apply a cold compress to the outside of the affected cheek.