23 April 2018

5 Best Ways to Monitor Your Health at Home

People have never been more aware of their personal health and fitness. With the leaps and bounds made in science and medicine in the last decade, we understand more than ever what is good and bad for us. Alongside better knowledge, wearable tech has made it easy for us to track our heart rate, fitness levels and sport progression. 

If you’re interested in keeping a keener eye on your health, there are now plenty of ways you can monitor various aspects of your body and fitness at home. Here’s our top tips for monitoring your health whenever you please.

#1 - Blood Pressure Wrist Cuff 

Did your recent physical at the doctor’s show you have high blood pressure? This is a common problem that can be solved with dietary changes and regular exercise. You might find it useful to have your own blood pressure monitor at home to keep a check on the problem. These can be picked up cheaply from Amazon and health stores, so you can monitor your health problems and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. 

#2 - Fitness Tracker 

Fitness trackers most often come in the form of smart watches. From the humble beginnings of the old-fashioned pedometers we all used ten years ago to record our daily steps, fitness trackers have become the one-stop-shop for health monitoring.

Fitbit, Garmin, and the Apple Watch are among the most popular fitness tracker brands, which easily connect to the internet and sync your fitness data. Runners and athletes wear these to evaluate their exercise intensity, the distance they travel, the calories they burn, their pulse rate, their temperature, and even sleeping patterns. Other functions include setting goals and recording personal bests. 

They have a huge array of uses and are highly recommended to anyone who likes to see hard evidence of their progress to spur them on. 

#3 - Menstrual Cycle & Fertility Tracker 

This one’s for the ladies. If you glance at a woman’s iPhone screen, you might just see a period, ovulation or fertility tracking app. Many women find them useful to record their period lengths and dates to get a heads-up when the next one is likely to arrive; others use them to know which days each month they are most fertile. When trying to conceive a baby, this form of health monitoring is extremely useful. They can also predict when you might experience low moods, cramping or soreness. 

The best part is how easy and accessible it is to be able to track this on an app, rather than working things out on the kitchen calendar, which isn’t very discreet. Popular menstrual cycle trackers and fertility apps include Glow, Clue, and Ovia. 

#4 - Measure Your Waist 

This old-fashioned method is still a goodie. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, a man’s waist size should be no more than 40 inches, and a woman’s 35. Any greater than this and a person has increased risk of suffering common problems associated with obesity, like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and osteoarthritis.

For these reasons, keeping a check on your waist size is a handy way to know if you’re overstepping the line where obesity is concerned. The BMI and weight scale methods are flawed, not taking into account muscle mass. If your waist measurements exceed the recommended inches, consider upping your exercise regime and swapping pizza for salad.

#5 - Heart Rate & ECG Monitor

If you have arrhythmia or have suffered a heart attack, you may have to track your heart rate and have regular ECG (electrocardiogram) tests at the hospital. Nowadays, there’s technology and devices that mean you can track this pretty well at home – though not as thoroughly and accurately as with hospital equipment.

The Kito+ is a device that connects to iPhone cases, consisting of a credit card-shaped sensor and a small connector that charges the device. To take a heart reading, you slip the device into a specialized iPhone case and place your fingers onto the sensor, after opening the Kito app on your phone. It then shows you a graph of your heart’s electrical activity, created by reading the pulse of your heart beat in your fingers – astounding!  

20 April 2018

Christian Corner - April

For this month in Christian Corner, I’ve decided to discuss the times that we live in, and what we can do to avoid experiencing far worse times, and a far darker fate. It doesn’t take much attention to notice that our world and societies are heading in a bad direction. Turn on the news and you’ll be met with a barrage of negativity, sin, divisiveness, and the persecution of Christian beliefs. For example, today I read an article about a bill that’s up for a vote in California, Assembly Bill 2943. This bill, if passed, will make it illegal to distribute resources, sell books, offer counseling services, or direct someone (to a biblical-based model) to get help with their homosexuality or gender confusion. In a nutshell, if someone is looking for help with their homosexual desires, it would be a crime to offer them any help, or provide them with any Bible-based resources (even if the resources are free).
Regardless of how you feel about homosexuality, it is clearly laid out in the Bible that this type of behavior is sinful, as are gambling, drunkenness, lust, lying, etc. Our world is filled with sin, and if you’ve been on this Earth long enough, you have probably seen that these behaviors are becoming more and more acceptable as time goes on. Prostitution is now legal in the United States; pornography addiction is at an all-time high, and caring for one another (regardless of one’s beliefs) is, for the most part, long-gone. Did you know that in just one year more than 4,599,000,000 hours of pornography was watched?(1) Break out your calculator, and figure out how much time that is. Hint: it’s nearly 5,250 years of time. There are websites, legitimate websites (with advertisers) that offer services for you, or anyone, to cheat on their spouse, or sell your body to a stranger.
I think you get my point. Sinful behavior is becoming acceptable behavior, and the Bible foretold that this would come. “You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will only love themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred.” (2 Timothy 3:1-2) It goes on to say in the last half of verse 3, …. They will be cruel and hate what is good.” There are numerous other examples of the Bible teaching about the Last Days. If I’m being frank with you all, I truly believe we are witnessing Biblical prophecy unfolding – right in front of us. If you follow Christ, and are a part of the Christian faith, you know that our faith and beliefs are being persecuted and stepped on around the world. This is an undeniable fact. While Assembly Bill 2943 doesn’t outright state that the Bible will be illegal/banned – if they are proposing to ban the sale of any text that speaks against what the Bible defines sexual sin, or how to help someone overcome it, we can work out where this is eventually headed.
My point is, we live in very treacherous times, but things are going to get a lot worse. Once the rapture of the Church occurs, the anti-Christ will rise to power and the tribulation period will begin. According to scripture, the tribulation is going to be a time that no person should ever want to be a part of. If you’d like to know what the tribulation is going to be like, turn to the book of Revelation and read it in its entirety. I propose you to watch Dr. David Jeremiah’s sermons about it on YouTube. He’s a far better teacher about the times that we live in than I ever will be.
The point of this post isn’t just to illuminate how rampant and acceptable sin has become, but also to offer you (the reader) a solution if you wish to change your life. Accepting Jesus Christ doesn’t cost you anything, it’s free, but it does take work. “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9) When you become saved, your life should change dramatically. Not only will you walk through life with Jesus Christ, but he will be there for you to strengthen and guide you in times of weakness. I can’t count how many weak and sinful moments that I’ve had throughout my life, even after I got saved. The enemy (Satan) doesn’t want us to be saved, he wants to corrupt us. This is amplified when we turn our lives over to Christ. The Devil wants us to falter, so the temptation to sin will grow even stronger. It is in these tough times that we must rely on Jesus and our relationship with him. We will never be perfect on our own, but through Jesus and his resurrection, as well as our trust and faith in him, we are saved and forgiven. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done in our pasts, how bad our actions may have been, the invitation is an open one. I invite you, right now, to accept Jesus Chris as your Lord and Savior. I love all of you, I mean that.

1 https://fightthenewdrug.org/by-the-numbers-see-how-many-people-are-watching-porn-today/

5 Tips for Choosing a Dining Set

Dining sets are both functional and decorative. Your dining table and chairs shouldn’t just fill up the space in your home, but be capable of accommodating all of your family members or guests. The right set also goes well with your existing interior décor in terms of style, texture and colors.

However, with the market flooded with tables and chairs in all sorts of designs, styles and sizes, choosing the right one for you is important. With styles ranging from contemporary and modern to rustic and traditional, there’s something for every unique taste and personality out there. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the best dining set:

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dining Table and Chairs:

#1 - Your Existing Space

Do you have enough space in your home to accommodate a dining set? Is it open and spacious or long and narrow? The shape of the room should determine the shape of tables and chairs you opt for. Do you also intend to have other furniture such as sideboards and bookcases in the same room? Would deep, rich colors or distressed natural tones look best in your room?

Determine whether you want a light, simple or heavy, solid look in your dining room. A long dining set is perfect for entertainment while a smaller table is perfect for family dinners. However, the number of people in your household can also determine the right size of a dining table and number of chairs for you.

Measure your dining room, leaving three to four feet allowance from the wall to give easy access to all chairs around your table. Write down the measurements for reference when you go shopping.

#2 - Material

Wooden dining sets gain character as they age. Choose the specific type of wood you want on your set such as mahogany, cherry, oak, etc. Depending on your interior décor style, opt for finished or unfinished wood. Glass tabletops are easy to clean and can brighten your interior space, giving it a modern look. Other materials to consider include metal, plastic and acrylic.

#3 - Size and Shape

The numbers of people you expect to use your dining set and the size of existing space in your home greatly influence the size of furniture to buy. Determine whether your space can accommodate a rectangular, oval, round or square dining table. If your interior space can fit them all, choose the shape that most appeals to you.

#4 - Chairs

Do you want chairs that match your dining table or prefer a contrasting look indoors? Chairs can be unpadded or padded and crafted from various materials such as plastic, wood, leather, chrome or even a mix of fabrics. Slipcovers soften the appearance of your dining set, giving it an instant new look. Accessorize with centerpieces, rugs and lighting for enhanced appeal.

#5 - Style

Wood with a distressed finish has a vintage look while glass or metallic dining sets have a sleek, clean look for a modern touch. A carved, wooden dining set with fine details such as tapered legs are perfect for traditional interior décor styles. Pick a style that either matches or contrasts your existing décor style with an enhanced appeal.

Buying a versatile and sturdy dining set is also important. Make sure the table and chairs are properly constructed using high quality materials and joining technology for prolonged use. Whichever finish, material or design you pick for your dining furniture, make sure it’s both aesthetic and functional to meet your unique needs.

Visit https://emfurn.com/collections/dining-chairs to order your favorite dining set for your home or business.

19 April 2018

Your Home: Where Carbon Neutral Meets Cost Neutral

The home is your refuge. It’s the one place in the world that has your back. When the rest of the world is on your back, the home is somewhere where you can kick back, unwind and truly be yourself. But in an environmentally conscious age, your home is also something else… An opportunity. It’s a place that allows you to make small but incredibly meaningful lifestyle changes to ensure that you make the world a better place. Still, while we all want to do our bit to help the environment, none of us is made of money. In a post-crisis economy, we work hard for every penny we have and become extremely gun shy when it comes to our spending, especially when we don’t see the immediate value in it.

Fortunately, however, many of the best things that we can do for our planet can end up paying for themselves by reducing waste and energy usage (without detracting from your own sense of style). For example...

Rethink Your Roof--

We all know the benefits of double glazed windows and doors to save the environment and your hard earned money. But did you know that you can also lose a lot of the heating you’re paying for through your roof itself. Firstly, take a good hard look at your attic insulation. If you see damp patches or evidence of animal infestation such as droppings or teeth marks you may need to replace your insulation. But even the roof itself can be upgraded to make your home more eco friendly and cost effective by changing to a metal roof. There are lots of reasons to consider metal. As a natural conductor, it’s well placed to seal in the heat from your home, while reflecting the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them so that your home stays cool in the summer. Thus, you save money on heating and AC. Plus metal roofs are usually made of entirely recycled materials and can be completely customized to your specifications and style.

Light up for Less--

We all want to have a bright beautiful home, but there’s certainly no need for us to spend a fortune on lighting it. Not only are traditional filament based light bulbs 90% inefficient (only 10% of the energy they create is light energy, the rest is heat) they don’t last very long and are not recyclable. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) on the other hand last far longer, while using far less energy and they can even be recycled at local recycling centers. Of course, if you’re looking for completely carbon neutral and low cost lighting, be sure to make use of the natural light your home gets for as long as you can.

Stop Using Cleaning Products--

That’s not to say that you should stop cleaning. However, we’ve been conditioned to believe that we need a different bottle of environmentally damaging, chemical based cleaners for every surface on every room. This is, in fact, nonsense. There’s nothing that expensive cleaning products do that can’t be accomplished by a combination of spirit vinegar and water or a paste made from water and baking soda.

DIY Spring Makeup Look

This Spring it's all about pastels and the color blue.  The holographic and mermaid looks have kind of died down, and whilst some still like the 'blinding highlight', many are going for an 'au natural' look instead.  I chose the following products from my makeup stash to create this look:

  • MAC Prep + Prime Base
  • Dior Forever Foundation
  • MAC Concealer
  • Coty Airspun
  • NARS Bronzer in Laguna
  • NARS Blush in Orgasm
  • NARS Highlighter in Forte de France
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz
  • The BrowGal Brow Gel
  • Lord & Berry Black Liner
  • Natasha Denona Tropic Palette
  • Urban Decay Ultra Gloss

I started with a blank canvas.  Lots of texture to my face, if you know what I mean, heh!

I started with the base, and applied it with my fingers.  Everything else, I used brushes.  

As far as the Tropic Palette, I used 'Pastel Melon' as my transition shade', and followed a little bit lower with 'Sahara'.  I took a shade brush and applied 'Laguna' all over my lid.  I applied 'Coco' in my outer V and on my lower lash line and buffed it out.  I blended it all out with 'Fake Tan' to complete the eye look.  

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the highlighter, too?  It's a wet-looking highlighter and it compliments my skin-tone so well.  It's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!  I found this highlighter on Sephora through a website called Wikibuy, and because of them, I found a coupon code where the Urban Decay lipgloss was free with purchase.  

Wikibuy operates as a website and Chrome extension that finds you the best deals across the web on products you love!  You definitely need to check it out.  

I used the Lord & Berry black liner for a thin line on top and in my bottom water line.  I completed the look with a layer of the gloss.

Is this a look that you are going to try?  What are your favorite springtime colors?