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January - 2018

..::Book Review::.. Cassidy Lane by Maria Murnane (01/02)



August - 2017

..::Book Review::.. Bridges by Maria Murnane (8/9)

September - 2015
'Ginger Snaps' by Webb Hubbell (9/1)

August - 2015
'Red Carpets & White Lies' by Lea Black (8/26) 

The Skin Regime by Dana Ramos (8/22)

July - 2015
'The Comfort of Black' by Carter Wilson (7/25)
10-Minute Declutter by S.J. Scott & Barrie Davenport (7/22) 

June - 2015
'The Summer Diary' by Elyse Douglas (6/27)
'Red-Line: Mirrors' by J.T. Bishop (6/25)
A Healthy Mirror for Change: Nourishing an Appetite for Losing Weight by Jerzy Gregorek (6/18)
Homemade Bath Bombs, Salts & Scrubs by Kate Bello (6/7)

(Before Update)
Wait for the Rain by Maria Murnane (5/14)
KD Novelties Personalized Books (4/27)
Silk by Chris Karlsen (4/24)
The Master Cleanse Made Easy & Going Veggie (4/23)
Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes by Teresa Tapp (4/11)
The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes by Kris Holechek (3/25)
Road to Nowhere by Evan Shapiro (3/24)
Red-Line: The Shift by J. T. Bishop (3/19)
Motivate Your Child by Dr. Scott Turanksky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN (3/5)
Dining Out at Home Cookbook I and II by Stephanie Manley (2/24)
Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy by Lisa & Michael Cohn (2/22)

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