About Me


I am 28, a Sagittarius.
I have 2 children, a 7-year-old boy and an almost-2 year old girl.
I have been married to my wonderful husband, Trey for 9 years.
I've lived in a lot of places, but currently living in Georgia.
My favorite food?  Pizza, of course.
I love couponing, being a review panelist, and shopping.
My favorite music is super hard awesome rock.
I live on 7 acres, and I have a few animals, but I am looking to expand.
My favorite color is black.  Argue it, I still will like it the best.
Secretly, I love doing laundry.
On the flip side, I despise dishes.
I'm pretty awesome, opinionated, and driven.
I love woodwork.  I am currently working on renovating a really old rocking chair.
I horde collect candles.  All of them.  Especially Yankee.
My favorite place in the continental US is San Diego. 
I have a B.S. in Finance, and working on my MBA.
Any questions?  Ask.  I'll answer.  ;)