07 May 2019

When Should You Have Your Dryer Vents Cleaned?

Many people don't realize that a dryer vent is more than a way for hot air to escape the appliance and leave the home. It also typically carries small particles of lint and debris out and away from the vent. Allowing this to build-up to the point of blocking the exiting hot air can cause problems.

Photo by Tina Bosse on Unsplash

Visual Inspection Reveals Dust, Lint, or Debris--

Pull the vent hose loose and inspect it using a flashlight. If you can see a build-up of dust, lint, or debris, it's time to get the dryer vent cleaned.

It's Been Longer than Three Years Since Your Last Cleaning--

You should have your dryer vent professionally cleaned at least every three years, depending on how heavy you use the appliance. If you use the dryer several times a week, increase the cleanings to once each year.

All of Your Laundry Has a Coating of Lint After a Full Cycle--

The built-in lint filter is there to catch as much as possible, but a clog in the vent makes it almost impossible to keep up with removal. It's time to bring in professional help if your lint filter is full and you still have heavy amounts of lint covering the laundry.

You Can't Feel Much Airflow Through the Outside Vent--

The airflow out of the exterior opening of your dryer vent should be strong when it's in full operation. A weakened airflow is a signal that there is a blockage somewhere in the line. Hire the expert dryer vent cleaning Sarasota residents depend on to keep the vents free and clear of lint and other debris.

Your Dryer Gets Unreasonably Hot--

The dryer and the entire area surrounding the appliance will feel abnormally hot when the vent is getting clogged. You need to have it cleaned out right away to avoid a fire that can spread to your entire home.

Keeping your dryer vent clean of clogs and blockages is important for both fire safety and to keep from stressing the appliance to the point of breakdown. Invest in a thorough cleaning and see how much better your dryer functions.

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