07 May 2019

These 5 Food Items Will Improve Your Skin and Hair Health

Sometimes the secrets to health are right under our nose when we are least able to suspect them. The market is flooded with commercially made skin and hair care products but do we closely pay attention to how we take care of our bodies from the inside as we do on the outside?

External factors only play a small part in keeping your skin young and glowing and your hair luscious. After all, no amount of anti-aging creams could save you from wrinkles if you're nutrition deprived on the inside. The human body has means to maintain its beauty and they only come into play if the right nutrients are provided through proper diet.

Hair fall, dry skin, baldness, aging and all worries that take up most of your time can be regulated, prevented and even cured with the inclusion of these 5 simple foods in your meals:


All nuts are ideal for hair growth but almonds stand out because of their nutritive properties that include an abundance of vitamin E and B that should be consumed on a daily basis for good skin and hair. Almond oil is applied for the purpose of bringing back the life and luster of dry hair with split ends.

Two teaspoons of almond oil with milk does the trick of restoring the health of frizzy and grey hair. Consumption of raw almonds as a snack is known to smooth and moisturize the skin.


We often get reminded how important it is to finish the green leafy vegetables on our dinner plate but have you ever wondered what all they could do for you? Spinach is a green antioxidant vegetable that cleanses your skin from the inside out. It comes loaded with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. It cures acne, provides sun protection and has anti-aging benefits.

It also improves skin complexion and makes it look radiant. Spinach is eaten boiled and used in salads and soups. You can order it in the form of salad or other dishes from reputed places like originalsaigon.com.au/gluten-free-guide-vietnamese-food.


Eating seeds is a healthy food habit that more people need to develop. Seeds are more far more nutritious than one might think. It doesn’t do them justice to throw them away. Sunflower seeds contain zinc that promotes continuous hair growth.

Yellowish fenugreek seeds fight dandruff and work as a skin cleanser. Chia seeds are also a prominent source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Watermelon seeds have amazing moisturizing properties. Seeds can be baked and used as salad dressings.

Oily Fish--

Fish oil is one example of fats that are not harmful to us. Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be produced by the body on its own. They have to come from external dietary sources such as fish. These acids help balance out the negative effect of Omega-6 fatty acids.

They fasten the collagen production for glowing skin and thick hair. Extraction of fish oil and selling of fish oil beauty supplements has grown popular because of the presence of omega-3 fatty acids and the wonders they do for skin and hair.


In many cultures, gooseberry is known as a fruit that has nectar-like properties. Just 10 ml of sour gooseberry juice every day could save you many potential trips to the doctor. It stops premature aging in its tracks, repairs skin to bring it back to its original coloration, and combats lifelessness of hair to make them stunningly lustrous.

There are infinite ways to include this in your normal everyday diet. Grate it and mix it with dough or make pickles or sweetened marmalade and jams. You can also drink extracted gooseberry juice for easy and quick consumption

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