02 April 2019

The Perfect Guide to Your Skin Care Routine

Does it really matter when and in what order you apply your skin care products?
According to many dermatologists, applying skin care products in the proper order ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each product.

So which product goes on top of what?
There is an easy thumb rule to follow. Apply your products with the thinnest consistency to thickest. But, while developing a skincare routine, it is also important to know your skin type and according to that which products will benefit your skin.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Remember, daytime skin care is totally different from nighttime skin care. Daytime skincare routine focuses on skincare protection and moisturizing whereas nighttime routine focuses on cleansing and skin repair.

To help you stay on track of your skincare, we’ve put together a guide to daytime and nighttime skincare routine.

Daytime Skincare Routine--

+ Cleanser: Wash your face with warm water or with a gentle face cleanser. It will help in removing any dirt or sweat that may have built overnight. Along with that, it will remove the puffiness that might have developed during sleep.

+ Toner: Most of the people skip using toners because back in the days, it was an alcohol-based liquid which was considered to be harsh on the skin. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore. Now, the toners are filled with gentle hydrating ingredients. They have AHAs and BHAs that unclog the pores and dissolve blackheads over time.

+ Serum: Serum absorbs deep into your skin, so it should be applied before moisturizing. It helps in preventing acne and wrinkles and brightens the skin. Some serum contains antioxidants which fight against the free radical damage caused by UV rays.

+ Moisturizer: Moisturizer is must even if you have oily skin. Applying moisturizer will keep your skin soft all day long. It also protects sensitive skin from environmental damage and improves the texture of your skin.

+ Sunscreen: Sunscreen should be your last step but must not be ignored. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays which causes fine lines, wrinkles or sunspots. It protects the sensitive skin from sunburn and reduces the effect of sun damage.  

Night Time Skincare Routine--

+ Cleanser: It is important to remove your makeup before going to bed. Remove your makeup with a gentle cleanser and then wash your face to remove dirt and grime. It will prevent your skin from losing moisture and will open skin’s pores.
+ Toner: You can use a toner both, in the morning and in the evening. Use a toner right after cleansing to remove dead skin cells and clear pores. This will keep your skin clean and allow other products to do their jobs properly.

+ Scrub: Scrubbing assures that you are getting a deep cleansing. It increases the efficiency of skin cell turnover and results in a clear complexion and healthier skin. But, it should always be gentle. Never use large rough particles that can cause a micro tear in the skin.

+ Eye cream: It is vital to apply eye cream every night. The skin under your eyes is thinner and more sensitive. Using eye cream at night repairs the skin while you sleep. Some eye cream contains caffeine and vitamin K which lightens the dark circles.

+ Moisturizer: Some people use the same moisturizer during the day and at night. But, night moisturizer is generally thicker and creates a protective coating on the skin to prevent water evaporation while you sleep.

Along with skincare guide, we have listed some basic tips and tricks to maintain healthy skin.

#1 - Stay hydrated always. It will make your skin appear flawless.
#2 - Limit sun exposure. Staying out for a long time can cause skin damage.
#3 - Get enough of vitamin C. It contains antioxidants which helps in delaying aging.
#4 - Get beauty sleep. Your skin also needs rest just like your body. 7 to 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis allows your skin to rejuvenate.

Need another piece of advice?
Listen to your skin. Remember that you are unique and nobody else has your skin. It’s important to find out what works for you and always be kind to your skin.

Skin confidence is important for your self-esteem which comes from good skin health. Having a skin care routine will not cost you much, but it will surely serve you much. If you want to have gorgeous skin 30 years from now, your routine will help in that.

Skin confidence is the comfort you feel in your skin, whether completely bare or with makeup.

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