09 April 2019

Non-Permanent Ways to Decorate Your Apartment

Making an apartment feel like home can seem difficult. Decorating and personalizing it isn’t always easy. On one hand, you don’t want to do anything that will lose your security deposit. On the other, you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a hotel. What are some non-permanent decor solutions?

Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay

Bold Statement Pieces--

Adding something that represents you as an individual will make the space feel more like yours. A bold touch doesn’t have to be enormous; even small pieces can make a big difference.

+ A clock can make a big impact in a room. There are so many varieties available: mantle, grandfather, desk or even wall clocks. Check out PenduLux clocks to find yours.

+ Artwork doesn’t have to be limited to stuffy museum-grade paintings of flowers. Spruce up a blank wall with a gallery touch, mixing and matching various mediums. Your wall will be full of color and personality in no time!

+ Quirky furniture is a fun way to make a space feel more like yours. A mismatched lounge chair, for example, can put a pop of personality into a living room.


Even though you can’t paint your walls, your space still needs color to make it feel happier! Beyond adding bright artwork to the walls, there are lots of ways to add other touches here and there.

+ Rugs are so easy to change out, and you can find practically anything online to fit your style. Printed or one solid block of color, they’re a simple way to brighten a room.

+ Mix and match throw pillows and blankets in gathering areas. They can be as themed or nonsensical as your heart desires.

+ Get your creativity flowing when decorating surfaces. Photo frames come in every color of the rainbow and look great when grouped together.

Making a rented space feel more personalized can be easy with a few simple touches. Adding your stamp on an apartment isn’t as hard as it seems!

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