18 April 2019

How to Buy the Right Dance Shoes for Your Child

Photo Credit: Beto Franklin

Parenting is not easy. It is your job to open every door and window that will allow your child to succeed.. You do not know what interests they will develop as they grow up, so you must first lay a firm foundation. This is the primary reason why parents enroll their children in dance at a very young age.

Nothing compares to dance. A dancer is under more physical demands that a football player. Dancers spend more hours mastering their craft. A dancer uses the same muscles that a football player does, and he or she must do it with a smile. The tools of their trade are leotards, tights, and shoes. The leotards and tights support the body and help the dance to maintain good posture. The clothing also lets the dancer and the instructor see which muscle they are relying on, so they can correct an issue before there is an injury.  

Dance shoes are a different story. All of the uniforms are important, But dance shoes are the only thing between your child and the floor. If they are jumping, twirling, or practicing, the shoes must be right. To ensure their feet are protected

Photo credit: Beto Franklin

Buying Dance Shoes--

When you enrolled your child in dance, they probably gave you a list of items your child will need. These items will include tights, leotards, hair ties, and shoes. The shoes are the most costly item you will buy. The good news is if you make your purchase from a quality dance wear company like Just For Kix the shoes will last longer than the classes.

You may be tempted to let your child wear someone else’s shoes. Maybe your older child had some that you kept. Maybe your friend has a pair they no longer use. This is a major mistake. As a dancer wears shoes, they form around their foot. Even as they wear, they will wear to fit the single person who broke them in. Dance shoes must fit very snuggly on the foot. They cannot have any movement between the foot and the shoe. This is not because of cosmetics, but for safety. If your child takes a jump and her foot moves, she can injure her feet, legs, and even her back.

Photo credit: Ivandrel Pretorius

Type of Dance Shoes--

+ Ballet Slippers.  Every dancer needs a good pair of ballet slippers. They are perfect for studio practice. Even if your child is not taking ballet, they can wear them comfortably. Eventually, your child will move up to Pointe shoes. Even then, she will use her slippers to practice in.
+JazzShoes. You have a large selection when it comes to Jazz shoes.They come in a lot of colors. They also come in a range of styles. You can go with high-tops, slip-on, and low-tops.The soles are split-soles or full soles. Split-soles give the dancer more movement and flexibility. For your beginner, go with rubber soles. This gives them more control and padding when they jump.  

+ Tap Shoes. Tap shoes are only worn by tap dancers. Their shoes are part of their performance. Tap shoes have metal plates attached to the toe and heel of the shoe. With every step, the dancer hears the tap which helps with the beats of the dance.

+ Hip Hop Shoes. Hip Hop shoes may look like sneakers, but they are high-performance shoes that give 100% of the time. Before you go purchase some high-dollar sneakers, compare the prices. Save money and buy the right shoes the first time.

+ Ballroom Shoes. Few children use ballroom shoes. These shoes are well cushioned, sexy, and they are heels. Shoes that have a heel that is square are Latin Ballroom Style. Heels of 2-2.5 inches that have a flared heel are the traditional ballroom shoe. Note: Latin Ballroom shoes can be worn with any type of ballroom dancing. But, flared heels are not recommended for Latin dances.

Again, your child’s instructor will tell you what kind of shoes you will need for each class. Order dance shoes online so they will arrive on time.  Ask her about any needs for the recital at the end of the course.

No matter what type of dance your child learns to embrace, you can relax knowing that you gave her the right tool for the job.

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