18 April 2019

Getting The Most Out Of Your Wooden Pallets

Photo by Thomas Smith on Unsplash

The life cycle of a wood pallet doesn’t have to end after the product it’s carrying makes it to its destination. It also doesn’t have to come to a fiery end because you aren’t sure what to do with it. There are lots of things an old wooden pallet can be used for, listed below are just a few suggestions.

#1 - Raised Garden
Are you wanting to make a raised garden, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg doing it. Old wooden pallets have you covered. All you’ll need is a cut here a staple there and some garden netting. Form a container with the pallets and staple the netting along the inner sides and bottom. Finish off by filling the container with some nutritious dark soil and just like that you’re ready to start planting.

#2 - Wooden Walkway
Whether you have a path in the back yard that is always muddy or you're looking for something aesthetically pleasing, wooden pallets have you covered. Just add a bit of wood in between the spaces on your pallet then lay them out along your path. Just like that, you have a raised walkway.

#3 - Animal Pen
If you're needing to form a quick pen for some livestock then look no further than the pile of wooden pallets beside your barn. You could easily make a little shady lean-to for the summer or a nice warm place for the winter. If your wanting to make something a bit more sturdy with your wooden pallets the DIY instructions at The Free Range Life should point you in the right direction.

#4 - Wall Flower Bed
A great addition to your back yard is a wall of flowers. Take a wooden pallet and lay it on its side with the wood on top and bottom going horizontal. You can easily make each section of horizontal wood into a little shelf, just perfect for sticking flowers in. Lean that up against your wall and you’ll have a lovely tiered flower bed.  

#5 - Trellis
Are you in need of a garden trellis, maybe for some flowers or even tomatoes? Pallets are a great and affordable way to make yourself a trellis or two. You can get creative if you would like or just make a little tent with two pallets; either way will work and your plants will be grateful for the added support.

#6 - Garden Bench
A simple sturdy garden bench is just a couple of wooden pallets away. With a saw, hammer, and nails you could probably make yourself one in an hour or two. Throw a little white paint on top to give it a nice finished look.

It doesn’t take much to bring new life to your old used pallets, and most likely it will actually end up saving you money. The number of ways to reuse your pallets is endless. All you need is a pallet and some creativity to make something worth having.

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