25 March 2019

Guys, Here Are Some Easy Ways to Improve Your Apartment

Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

Guys, have you ever wondered why your girlfriend prefers you hang out at her apartment instead of your men’s freshman housing? You might try to blame your roommates for being too loud, but there could be other things causing her to stay away. If your apartment is like most men’s apartments then the smell is most likely the culprit. You probably don’t smell it anymore because your nose is used to it, but anyone else that enters your humble abode will notice.

Now that you’re off living on your own you might wonder how you can keep your pad from smelling like a freshman guy. If you would like your female friends to feel more comfortable in your apartment here are a few basic changes you can make to get the ladies to hang around longer.


Between the unwashed sheets on your bed and the pile of dirty clothes in the corner, men’s apartments tend to stink. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and do your laundry. Don’t forget to move your clothes from the washer to the dryer. If you forget you’ll have to wash them all over again, because guess what, they stink from sitting wet in the washer for hours.


Not many people actually like doing dishes. As unfortunate as that is, they still need to be done because dirty dishes smell bad, especially if they are left sitting in the sink for days. If you want girls to come around and stay a while, rinse out the dishes right after you use them and put them straight into the dishwasher. This will drastically improve the smell in your apartment.


Make a habit of taking the trash out regularly. Putting a second trash bag out to gather more trash does help to make sure things get thrown away, but we’re back to the smell problem. Everyone knows trash stinks. The longer you leave it sitting in your apartment the worse it smells as food starts to mold and old eggshells become rotten. The dumpster isn’t that far away. Just take out the trash on your way to class.


People that are involved in athletics or try and get more than one wear out of their socks tend to have smelly feet. Most likely you fall into one or both of these categories. When you take your shoes off, don’t leave them by the front door. Take the time to put them in your room. A virtual stinkbomb sitting by your front door is sure to deter any woman who might drop by.


We’ve now gotten to the basic level of cleanliness in your apartment. The next step up is improving the room. There are room scents that you can get that will help to replace the stink in the apartment for a much better fragrance. I’m not suggesting that you make your house smell like flowers, but a nice clean cotton scent isn’t a bad idea. The room scents are not eternal. They will run out of scent and you’ll need to get a replacement if you want it to keep doing its job.

All of these suggestions are simple to do if you are consistent. If you let laundry, dishes or the trash slide, that is when it turns into a huge ordeal that seems to take more time than it’s worth. Just devote a few minutes a day to keeping up with your apartment, and girls will feel more comfortable when they drop by. At least their noses won’t feel so offended.

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