14 February 2019

5 Tips for the Perfect Pedicure

If you find yourself with some downtime an at-home pedicure is a great way to unwind and relax. To get started let's gather up the essentials. You’ll need a bowl, washcloth, towel, some yummy smelling things, your favorite nail polish, and a bit of time. Here are 5 steps to get the most out of your DIY pedicure.  

Soak Your Feet--

Fill a bowl with nice warm water and let your feet soak for about fifteen minutes. To make the foot bath even more enjoyable, add a bath bomb, bath salt, or essential oils to the water. This will give you a little aromatherapy while you enjoy your soak.

Wash Your Feet--

Before you pull your feet out of the water, take a soft cloth and wash your feet, gently rubbing away any dirt or grime from your daily life. If you have a foot scrub this is a great opportunity to pull it out for that extra soft finish. Once your feet are good and clean, pat them dry with a towel.

Clean Your Toes--

Now it’s time to get a little more nitty gritty with your toes. If you need to clip your toenails always remember to trim your nails straight across. This will help to prevent ingrown toenails and infection.
Next, you’ll want to give your feet a little moisture. Pull out your cuticle oil or lotion, whichever you have available, and thoroughly rub it into your toes and feet. This will help to lock in the moisture from your soak and give you nice smooth feet.

Slow Down With the Polish--

One mistake that a lot of people make is trying to rush through the nail polish process. They want the dark color of the bottle immediately so they glob on a whole bunch of paint in the first pass. By doing this you are actually slowing down the overall drying process and increasing the chance of your paint chipping.
To have long lasting paint, it is best to do thin coats of paint a few minutes apart so the paint has a chance of setting. Remember that less is more in the nail polish world.

Take a Load Off--

Now it is time to let your nails dry. How quickly your nails dry will depend on how thickly you applied your nail polish. This takes time so don't try and rush the process. Instead kick your feet up and snuggle in for a good book or a nice movie.

If you’re interested in keeping your feet feeling soft, then put a little lotion or oil on your feet each night before you go to bed and throw a pair of socks over the top. This will help your feet to stay moisturized and keep from cracking during dry weather.

You don’t have to take 30 minutes to an hour to help your feet stay fresh and looking great. Just a little bit of time once a week will keep your toes sandal-ready after your initial DIY pedicure.  

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