10 December 2018

Moving Out

Moving can be a fun experience.  It most definitely is a hectic, stressful, and overwhelming experience, but a little fun can be found in everything if you look for it.  For one, most of the time people come to help you move—it is not necessarily a solo experience so there is a lot of bonding time with family and friends.  Secondly, moving almost instantaneously promotes a fresh start whichever way you tend to look at it. All places are different; whether you choose a condominium, a single family home, or an apartment. Having to identify with a new type of living is a fun way to learn more about yourself and life in general.

Getting Rid of All the Trash--

One of my favorite things about moving is getting rid of all of the garbage.  Straight trash!  Broken items that have been sitting around for years that ‘were going to get fixed’. Moving does not allow time to deal with that.  It is time to give that up, and move on with life.  One way to handle the stress of all the garbage is to hire a dumpster company like Eagle Dumpster Rental, all you do is put the trash in the dumpster, and they haul it away.  It is so easy!  No need to fuss about trash.

Getting Rid of Stuff You Won’t Use Again--

As you are moving, packing is a necessity.  As you are packing, it is inevitable that you will come across multiple items that you just will not use again.  It is safe to say that they are not dumpster worthy, but you do not want to bring them along with you on your move.  You can easily donate them to your local thrift store, or pass them along to one of your friends who may need it.  Moving really alleviates the consumerism that we are all pressured with in our lives.  We can finally see what simplicity is and live with it, if only for a short time!

Starting Fresh--

There is nothing like a little fresh paint and clean carpet to clear your mind.  Moving from a house that you have been at for years can dull your mind and creativity.  When you move, it is a fresh start.  You can do anything!  You can decorate how you want, even if it is very different from what your previous house looked like.  Since it will be a new house, the set up will be different, and even that will calm your mind into thinking differently.  Overall, it is exciting and not just bad news like everybody makes it out to be.  I have moved seven times myself, and with each move, I have found a new piece of myself that I have discovered from the prior move.  It is an experience, and one to look forward to!


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