03 December 2018

6 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean This Winter

Snow is pretty on the outside, but not so pretty on the inside and on your carpets.
Winter means building snowmen, going sledding, making snow angels and walking in a winter wonderland. But what winter means for your poor carpets is dirt, mud, and unwanted spots from things like rock salt.
Winter may be nice to look at, but when it’s tracked into your house and onto your carpets it can be pretty upsetting.
So how can keep your carpets looking nice and clean during the winter months?
Here are six ways to keep your carpet clean this winter and keep the ice outside where it belongs and not anywhere near the indoors and your carpets where it shouldn’t be.
#1 - Have a Spot for People to Put Their Shoes
Entryways are more than just a place for people to walk through to get inside your home, they can also be placed where people can take off their shoes to not track mud and dirt all over your nice carpets.
If you provide something like a bench or basket for people to be able to sit down and take their shoes off the chances of them forgetting and tracking dirt all over your carpet go way down.
You can teach your kids to do this as well, especially after they have come back into the house after playing in the snow or walking home from school.
#2 - Use Rugs
Rugs can become your best friend and one of the main ways to protect your carpets this winter.
Lay down some washable rugs in high traffic areas that way these rugs get most of the dirt and grime instead of your carpets. The reason it's good to get ones that are washable is that every few weeks or so you can wash those rugs and keep them looking fresh and new just like your untouched carpet underneath them.
#3 - Vacuum a Lot
Wintertime is not the time to start slacking when it comes to taking care of your carpets and keeping them looking nice and new.
Make sure to vacuum at least once a week, or more if possible because that is one of the best ways to pick up rock salt or other dirt that could be brought inside that house.
#4 - Clean up the Spots
If you notice big stains or spots around your carpets clean them up as quickly as you can.
Doing spot removal will make sure that your carpets overall appearance is good as well as preventing those spots from being able to settle into the carpet.
#5 - Call a Professional
If keeping up with your carpets cleanliness and appearance seem overwhelming this winter contact a professional carpet cleaning service such as Idaho Steam Cleaning to come in and give your carpets a deep clean.
If you want to wait until the end of the winter to get your carpets deep cleaned to ensure your carpets are looking nice and fresh for springtime that is a really great idea as well.
#6 - Shovel the Snow
A great way to ensure not as much snow and mud is tracked into your home and onto your carpets is to keep your porch and driveway clear of snow.
You can also try to enter into your home using alternate methods like the garage which can prevent snow from coming into the house as well.