03 December 2018

5 Ideas To Create The Luxe Look In Your Living Room

Whilst the bathroom and kitchen often take priority when it comes to home renovations, the living room is the first place that decorators should look when their room needs a revamp. It’s the first room that your guests see and it should reflect your personal taste. But, what if your style is at loggerheads with your small, or non-existent, budget?

Finances should never get in the way of a stylish living space, so here are some living room design ideas for those on a budget. But, before you get started, there are some things you should consider first. What is your end design goal? How much room do you have to work with? How are you going to use the space? What pieces can you keep and what needs replacing? Here are some ideas and tips for making your living room look luxurious and timeless.

Simplify Your Styling--

A cluttered and over accessorized living room can look messy and unorganized instead of chic and sophisticated. Your living room should be a place for relaxation and somewhere for you to unwind after a long day.

Pare back the collection of items you have in your living room and only keep things which have a sentimental value. Having a simplified and less cluttered space will let the elements you have remaining truly shine, as well as keeping you on budget.

Hide Your Television--

Nothing brings down the illusion of a sophisticated and luxury living space quite like a huge television right in the center of the room. If fancy, television concealing mirrors are out of your budget, then visually minimize the presence of the screen by creating a gallery style wall to surround it.

Even though this won’t completely hide your television, it will make the frame blend in with the artwork and keep the eyes distracted. Plus, if you have a few thrifty finds, then this is extremely budget-friendly.

Use Interesting Textiles--

Create a custom look for your living room by using vintage and antique textiles. Throw pillows or other small pieces such as upholstered stools and armchairs will instantly create visual intrigue. An antique rug will instantly uplift a room and the unusual fabric will create a unique element and will personalize your space.

Alternatively, you can add a textural throw over the top of a tired sofa or chair to ramp up the cozy factor. Make sure that you also consider window coverings, too, as these are a big part of the room. Window coverings make a huge difference to how the room looks and how warm it is during the winter. Types of blinds will help to block out any unwanted light and keep the warmth in on the coldest of days. You can choose different textures and colors to fit in with the style of the room already or to add a splash of bright color.

Use a Piece of History--

Give your living room a sense of history and incorporate a piece of furniture that has some age and patina to it. Whether it’s a mirror or a small side table, the older the better. Visit charity shops or antique fairs to find budget-friendly pieces and experiment with upcycling.

Old mirrors can be transformed with a new frame, or a simple sandpapering and layer of varnish can make an old side table brand new again.

Add Interesting Pieces--

Living rooms can easily become a room full of circles and straight lines, so introduce an element that has an interesting shape or unusual silhouette to add some dimension to the room. A tree root coffee table, for example, will feel like a piece of art within your living room and will add a very unusual artistic component to your room, especially if you are on a budget.

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