19 November 2018

9 Tips to Revamp Your Home on a Budget

Remodeling even a portion of your home can dramatically increase its aesthetic appeal as well as its value in the real estate market. If you enjoy redoing your home every few years but are deterred by the cost of large renovations, here are 9 home renovation tips for revamping your dwelling on a budget.

Start with the Smaller Stuff
The best way to revamp the look and feel of your home without breaking the bank is to fix or replace the small stuff first. Clean the cabinets, appliances, faucets and fixtures and replace broken or tacky-looking door knobs, lighting, lamps, wall clocks, dated wall décor, chipped crockery and so forth.
Toss an inexpensive yet crafty throw or scarf over the living room couch; get a rug in a lively color; clean the windows to let in the light; place potted plants around the house; and do up the patio with homemade crafts or inexpensive wall décor.
Start small and you will find that you’ve created a space that feels fresh and alive while you haven’t even started on the big stuff yet.
Paint Away the Signs of Aging
Applying a coat of fresh paint is a quick, affordable and easy way to infuse life into a room. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of repainting your entire house, do one room every few months. This will not only keep your renovation costs in check, it will also give you plenty of time in-between paint jobs to consider what color and décor you’d like for each room.
So transform your home one room at a time with colors and themes that appeal to the family member who’s using that room.
Revamp Your Bath and Kitchen Cabinets
If you like to DIY, you can do this one on your own, or hire a professional if you don’t want to get your hands dirty but are desperate to give a budget face lift to your bathrooms and kitchen.
An affordable way to remodel these spaces is to sand down the appliances and cabinets and then use a new finish to create a completely refreshing look. This way you’ll have a brand-new kitchen and bathrooms without having to spend thousands on costly renovation or new purchases.
Play with Your Furniture
It’s normal to feel bored with your furniture after you’ve used and seen the same setting years on end. A quick and easy way to revamp your living room is to move around your furniture and rearrange the key pieces to create a completely different look. Move the furniture between rooms for a more refreshing feel.
Another economical way to add character to your living room is by adding accent pieces in stark colors bought at a local or online festive or season sale.
Decorate Your Home with Your Own Artwork
Get a family member who loves to paint or draw or embroider to create artwork for your walls. Enlarge photos from your travels and frame and hang them at different places around the house. Homemade artwork and photography will add warmth and beauty to your home and also serve as great conversation starters when guests come around.
The best thing about this renovation idea is that it is easy, affordable and a joy to work on.
Remove Clutter to Renovate Your Home’s Heart
Removing clutter enhances the flow of air and positive energy through a home. It revives an old, dull space and gives you more room to experiment with your décor without spending a lot of money to buy new things.
Even if most of your clutter is hidden from view in cabinets and cupboards, take the time to clear it out and you will feel lighter, energized and inspired to do more for yourself and your house.
Use Lighting to Create Different Moods
Did you know that even if you did none of the above, you could still change the look and feel of your home by installing mood lighting, by simply hanging a couple of pretty string lights, or by using inexpensive lamps to create light-and-shadow effects and give each room a different mood.
For instance, the kids’ room can be enlivened instantly by hanging a fun string of festive lights on the wall. Or paint a lampshade or lamp cover in a different color or pattern to make it look all new.
For more inspiration, take a look at this insightful blog post listing Australia's Top 10 Latest Home Design Trends - Kre8 Constructions WA.
Be Realistic with DIY
A lot of DIY renovation can go wrong quickly and fixing the issue may cost you several times more. Before taking up any kind of renovation or remodeling, carefully consider if you have the skill for the task.
For instance, can you paint a room nicely on your own or should you get a friend to do it (someone who’s done it a few times before and won’t mind helping out in exchange of a beer and barbecue).
Consider if hiring a trained professional would be the most practical way to get things done well and in time. Anyone can change a light bulb, but you may need the expertise of a professional electrician to install an LED lamp at a new location with no or insufficient wiring.
Shop at Bargain Sales and Lightning Deals
You can buy new stuff for your home and still save lots of money if you keep an eye out for discounts and sales. Changing the curtains doesn’t cost a lot, for instance, but if you get high-quality curtains at a steal, you can use the savings to buy something else for the revamp project.

Keep track of online sales and promotions when wanting to remodel your house. You can save hundreds of dollars on branded fixtures, fittings, home furnishing, kitchenware, accessories and more. The idea is to be able to buy the stuff you like at cheaper prices, so wait a few weeks if you must for the sale season to arrive.

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