02 November 2018

3 Reasons Why a HVAC Check-Up Is a Must for Home and Business Owners

There has to be a good reason why your air conditioning unit is tucked away somewhere in your home or in your business premises. For this reason, The HVAC system is out of sight and out of mind. As long as it’s running fine, you wouldn’t have much thought over it. And let’s be honest, it's only when things get out of hand that a homeowner wishes they had scheduled for check-up regularly. To face the truth, the comfort and quality of air in our homes and in most business premises depends on how well the HVAC system is maintained. For this reason, it's important not to compromise on the well-being of the HVAC unit. Below are 3 Reasons why a HVAC check-up is a must for home and business owners.

#1 - To Avoid Disruptive Breakdowns and Expensive Repairs

For starters, it’s common knowledge that a healthy workplace is a productive workplace. For any business owner, employee morale ought to receive plenty of attention. This is mainly because your employee-client relation will have a huge impact on your success and the achievement of your business goals. In simpler terms, you’ll always want to keep your employees active and energized at all times. Disruptions that may arise as a result of HVAC malfunctions will only lower productivity in the workplace. This is no different in the home environment. Such disruptions may cause health issues, especially during the cold seasons, raising your medical bills. Additionally, postponed check-ups may cause the HVAC system to suffer costlier damages from the minutest problem that could have been fixed in the snap of a finger in the first place. This means costly repairs and in some instances replacements.

#2 - Safety is Priority

When the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is regularly checked by a professional HVAC technician, it helps prevent abrupt malfunctions, especially during the extreme temperature times. More so, regular maintenance protects our homes and businesses from carbon monoxide poisoning. During those regular check-ups, the HVAC technician tests for any leakages of carbon monoxide and repairs them if any. Regular service checks on the HVAC system can help eliminate these and more related safety hazards.

#3 - Economic Reasons

A well-maintained air conditioning unit is more energy-efficient than a less maintained one. For instance, a clogged air filter would cause the air conditioning unit to run on more energy in meeting the cooling or heating needs of your home. Regular maintenance would mean reduced utility bills. This for any business owner means more profits and for a homeowner, it means more savings. In addition to this, as we had earlier mentioned, regular HVAC system checkup can help you catch minor problems before they become more costly to bear. This helps you get the best out of the HVAC system before its due date.  
Additionally, when it comes to warranties, the claim can only be valid if one provides the evidence of annual maintenance. This means that investing in regular check-ups and maintenance routines is your only security to claiming your warranty.

With the above pointers, the importance of regular HVAC system check-up is crystal clear.  

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