01 October 2018

Fun Places to Take Your Kids Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween is closing in on us fast, so make sure to get those costumes and candy buckets ready, because there’s only a few more short weeks.

As Halloween approaches, do you have a game plan for your trick-or-treaters? If you have young children, it’s smart to make a plan for where you want to take them trick-or-treating, especially since the spooky holiday falls on a weekday and we all have early mornings the next day.

Go ahead and let your older children wander the neighborhood for candy when you settle in for the night, but here’s a list of places that you can take your children during the day and in the evening before it gets too late.

Your Favorite Restaurant--

Many restaurants will hand out freebies to children who are dressed up on Halloween. So maybe you need to go out for dinner that night.

Here are just a few places that traditionally have Halloween specials for kids in costumes:

  • McDonald’s
  • Olive Garden
  • Subway
  • Wendy’s
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • IHOP

See some of the deals that Fabulessly Frugal has found some of these restaurants offering on Halloween.

Nursing Homes--

Find a local nursing home to take your children to on Halloween. It’s a good service to the people who live there and it’s fun for your child to get a bunch of candy in a safe place! Nursing home residents generally love handing out candy and seeing the cute costumes. The visits make their night, and it’s a good opportunity to teach your children about service as well.

Community Trunk-or-Treat--

Many small communities will hold a city-wide trunk-or-treat on city property. Find out if your community is holding one this year. These aren’t always held on Halloween night, so be sure you have to date right. Dress up your kids and dress up the back of your car. Take a bowl of candy and participate by handing it out to kids at the trunk-or-treat while your kids go see how much candy they can get. It’s a great way to get involved in your community as well and learn of future community events.


You might be thing, “Why in the world would I take my kid to the dentist on Halloween?” but this is a great opportunity to stress the importance of dental hygiene. It’s likely that your dentist will be giving away toothbrushes and flossers, so it’s perfect to remind your kids to brush and floss at the end of the night when the candy has disappeared too quickly.

So take your child to a dentist like Washington Periodontics and let them get excited to clean their teeth when all is said and done.

Neighbors and Friends--

Rather than letting your kids run loose in the neighborhood to knock on every door twice, pick a few neighbors, friends, and family members that you know and trust, and take your kids to their homes to trick-or-treat. You can say hi to some good friends and feel good knowing that your kids are safe as your chauffeur them along their trick-or-treating journey.

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