15 October 2018

Benefits of the HCG Diet

A lot has been said and written about the HCG diet. While many call it ineffective, there have been many patients who have managed to lose substantial amount of weight with the diet. It has a scientific relevance and has proved to be an weight loss method. Patients who have been struggling to lose weight for a long time now, should try the HCG diet and see the difference in 40 days. However, it is important to keep in mind that HCG is only suitable for the short term. It is not a long term solution to lose weight.

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Anyone who is keen on attempting the HCG diet should start with understanding how it works and how it has an impact on human body. HCG has been researched for a long time now and it has proved to be one of the most effective ways of losing weight.

Benefits of HCG Diet on Your Body--

  1. Increase in metabolism: As you age, your metabolism rate decreases and you become lazy. If you have a few drops of HCG, you will notice that you can manage to burn the calories with ease. There are many factors which slow down the metabolism in your body. These factors include genetics and growth hormones. If you have the drops, you will be able to enhance the muscle integrity and improve your metabolic rate. It will become possible for you to be healthy and fit with great metabolism.
  1. Fertility: HCG is used for the fertility treatment in order to increase the testosterone levels and the sperm count of a male and it also plays a major role in inducing ovulation in women. The drops diet increases the chances of egg release in women and it helps in the union of the egg and the sperm. The vital hormone in the human body responsible for muscle growth and sex characteristics is testosterone.
  1. Muscle strength: While on an HCG diet, most people notice that with a low calorie consumption for 20 to 40 days, their muscles do not lose their fitness and the strength remains intact. The reason for the same is that the hormone only acts on the excess fat on your body and works for the reduction of the same. It does not have anything to do with the muscle but the metabolic rate turns high during the HCG program, hence, there is absolutely no chance of loosening of the muscle.
  1. No hunger pangs: How often have you suffered from hunger pangs and have given in to the desire to eat something at any hour? With the daily intake of the drops, your appetite will suppress the hunger. It does not mean that you will not feel any hunger but you will not feel greedy about food and you will not feel like eating all the time. You will notice that your hunger has suppressed and your food intake has reduced significantly.
  1. Weight loss: Last but not the least, HCG helps in the reduction of weight and it helps reduce substantial amount of weight. It is used in the treatment of obese individuals and will show a difference within a period of 40 days. You will notice that the HCG diet and the drops have reduced the fat from your body and your body will feel toned. This is the main reason the program has been making news. A lot of obese individuals have been treated with the diet plan.

It is no surprise that HCG is powerful in nature and has the ability to revitalize the body through a rise in metabolism. A lot of research is going on in the field and HCG is still surrounded by controversy about it being safe or not. However, it is not in the black list of the scientific opinions and is an alternative to medicine. If you want to know more about the same, visit www.hcgdiet.com for complete information on how it works and who is it ideal for.

You need to keep in mind that the HCG diet and drops are not suitable for every individual. If you are already underweight and if you opt for this diet, there will be a negative impact on your mind and body. You need to consult a physician before you start the diet. If you have a medical illness, you will need to discuss the possibility of starting this diet with the illness. Keep in mind that the diet is not for someone who wishes to lose a few pounds. It is for those who are overweight and have been struggling to lose weight for a long time now. You need to remain consistent and committed to the diet plan in order to see the results. It will not happen overnight and you need to remain patient for the same.

Understanding Different Phases of the HCG Diet--

The HCG diet is a protocol which has four different phases. You need to follow each and every phase strictly in order to achieve the results.

Phase 1: In the first phase, you need to stock up on the calories. This might not make you happy but it is important to follow the phase. It requires you to eat as much as you can and fill up your body with calories. It will help you in the next phase. Hence, do not hesitate and follow this phase as you have been asked to. Keep in mind that you need to do justice to every phase of the diet protocol and remain committed to the same.

Phase 2: For the second phase, you gear up for the real test. This is the phase where your daily intake is restricted to 500 calories and you cannot consume anything more than that. You also start taking HCG drops in this phase. If you wish, you can supplement this period with physical activity. Even if you eat less during this phase, you will not feel fatigue because the drops will ensure that your metabolism is high. You cannot eat more than the diet plan prepared for you.

Phase 3: In the third phase, you slowly start going back to normal. In this phase, you start consuming calories and fat but you cannot consume sugar. You have to prepare yourself for your normal routine and this can only be done by slowly starting to consume your regular diet.

Phase 4: In the last phase, you go back to your routine and consume everything that you did earlier. You need to remember that you stick to a small quantity and watch your weight. In order to maintain the weight, you need to keep a watch on the sugar and sweetened foods that you consume. You should also continue exercising and choose food alternatives that are healthy for your body. Build a strong and healthy relationship with food. Opt for organic food if it is available near you.

At the end of the four phases, you will notice a substantial change in your body and your lifestyle. Even if you stop consuming the HCG drops, you can continue with the diet and put restrictions on your cravings. Always remember that HCG is not for one and all. It is not a medicine you simply consume to shed a few pounds. It is something you need to start only after consulting a physician. If the physical advises you against it, you need to stop yourself from thinking about the HCG diet or using the drops.

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