22 October 2018

8 Things You Need to Know About Wine

Wine has been in existence for a long time now. It is a complex topic which intermingles culture, history as well as genetics and you cannot learn everything about wine without getting into the history. Wine is being produced almost everywhere and the regional lines are all blurry with the increase in demand and production of wine. It is available in different varieties and is produced by various brands across the globe.

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Most Important Things to Know About Wine--

#1 - Popular types of wine: There are about 18 different grape varieties and they are referred to as international varieties. These include light sweet white wines like Moscato as well as Riesling and deep dark red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Not many must have tried all the 18 types but once you do, you will have a good handle on the entire range of wine. It will also help you choose your personal favorite.

#2 - Popular wine regions: Spain, Italy and France are the top three countries which produce wine in the world. This means they produce most of the bulk wine and they also produce the best wine in the world.

#3 - Why is there a difference in the taste of wine: There are some wines which taste tart and this is called acidity. The wines will turn warm and burn the back of your throat is the level of alcohol. There are also some types of wine that leave a dry or bitter taste in your mouth and it is called tannin. If you know the basic characteristics of wine, you will be able to describe what you like.

#4 - Wine with no sugar still tastes sweet:  A dry wine that has no sugar can taste sweeter than any other wines. This is due to the oak aging, grape variety and the region. The same type of wine can taste different when it is produced in different regions. For example, a Malbec from France will not taste as sweet as a Malbec from Argentina. This is because of the region where the grapes grow. This region has an impact on the flavor of the wine.

#5 - Learn wine etiquette: Wine is a social drink and you need to learn its etiquette. It will help you maintain calm even in an intense situation. You need to learn how to taste, how to swirl and how to enjoy your drink. If you are keen on learning more about it, Rimessa Roscioli offers an unmatched wine tasting experience.

#6 - The best time to drink wine: Majority of the wine should be drunk in the year in which it is released. However, there are some wines that improve with age and the traits of an age worthy wine are tanning, residual sugar, acidity and low alcohol.

#7 - Wine will not taste the same every year: You might have liked the taste of a particular type of wine and would have purchased a ton of it but the new wine will not taste the way you remember. You need to pay attention to vintage variation here and it will occur a lot more in cooler climates.

#8 - Cost of a bottle of wine: The cost of wine will vary significantly according to the make, the year and the country in which it is produced. You might have come across some decent deals on the finest wines but it is better to pick your favorite wine without a discount tag on it. The cost of wine may differ in a restaurant and when you buy at a wine shop. Choose your favorite and do not pick one only because it is an expensive wine.

Wine is so much more than just alcohol that you consume to get drunk. It is indeed an adventure to drink wine and it has a uniqueness to offer. It can be your company in different adventures of life and you can enjoy different types of wines across different regions in the world. Try to be experimental and expand your understanding about wine so that you can enjoy new types at different times. Wine experts tend to love different types of wines and there is never a single one they will pick as their favorite, because they tend to love it all.

If you are new to the world of wine, a wine tasting tour will do the best for you. You will not only learn how wine is made but you will also be able to taste different types of wines and understand the difference between them.


Anonymous said...

Good article, Melissa! I actually learned some stuff about wine! Although I think the cost of wine isn't just production or origin - I think its marketing as well. Lower-priced wines are marketed to a different audience than higher-priced wines. And people that are told a wine is very expensive will think the wine tastes better! ~ James

SKV4 said...

This is a great and helpful article.
Keep posting always like this great articles.
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