15 October 2018

8 Halloween Decorations You’ll Definitely Want This Year

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you going to decorate this year?

If you are, then this list is just what you need. From pumpkins to ghouls, to candy corn and owls, you’ll find the perfect decorations for your Halloween home this year, whether you want to keep it classy or take it to another level of spooky.

Farmhouse Truck--

Thoughts in Vinyl just came out with this adorable wooden farmhouse truck that has a Halloween insert of a black cat, tombstone, and a pumpkin. The best part is, it is interchangeable so you can get different inserts for each season and holiday. How fun is that?

Pumpkin Decals--

If you want to class up your pumpkins this year and don’t feel like diving into the mess of carving pumpkins, try some pumpkin decals from this etsy shop. They are an adhesive vinyl that you can stick to pumpkins, or even walls and vases to use throughout your home. If you have a vinyl cutter or want to try your hand at creating some fun decorations, you can try making this yourself as well.


Yard Skeletons--

Do you want to make it look skeletons are crawling out of your yard? Then you should probably give these guys a try. You can find them on 48 Hour Monogram’s Etsy shop at a 50% discount and free shipping right now. They are plastic and meant to last for years of Halloween decorating. So don’t miss out on these awesome decorations.


Big Boo Crew--

If you’re looking for some cutesy decorations, we have another one from Thoughts in Vinyl that is just adorable. The Boo Crew includes a mummy head, Dracula, and Frankenstein's monster. It comes as an unfinished craft kit so that you can get creative and change the colors to match your home decorations. You can also purchase the paper shown in the picture along with the kit.


Haunted Pillow--

For those who really want to reign in their spooky side, you have check out this haunted pillow cover. It looks like somebody is trapped inside. Perfect for scaring guests at your Halloween party. You can find this at wfrancisdesign’s shop on Etsy.


Painted Pumpkins--

Of course you can’t go wrong with painted pumpkins. Avoid the mess but keep the fun of pumpkin decorating alive this year with a couple good sized pumpkins and some acrylic paints. This is also a great activity for the entire family, so don’t miss out on this fun opportunity to celebrate and decorate!


Smoking Pumpkins--

The perfect decoration for Halloween night if you want to have the coolest house on the block. All you need to do is carve your pumpkin, make sure it’s pretty cleaned out. Purchase some colored smoke bombs, and then light them in your pumpkins before the trick-or-treaters come around. Then just wait for the “oohs” and “ahs” to ensue.


Candy Bowl--

Sugary treats make the best decorations for Halloween. Whether you’re eating them or not, they remind everyone of the fall season, plus, you’re definitely going to be eating them. Your guests and family will enjoy this decoration (so make sure you stock up). You can use decorative bowls or vases to bring a little more life to this decoration.

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