02 October 2018

5 Ways to Give Your Home a Trendy Facelift

Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

#1 – Paint the Walls

This is by far the easiest way for a quick facelift.  If you are tired of looking at your dull walls, you can always change the finish of the paint that you use.  You can also change the drab color by opting for a brighter and more cheerful look for the season.  Your choice of paint does not always have to be the most expensive but be sure to always use a decent primer and follow up with at least two coats of paint for an optimal finish.  A quick spruce in your kitchen, entryway, or living area is a surefire way to change the feel and vibe of your home instantly.

#2 – Build Some Unique DIY Furniture

With the spread of today’s internet tutorials, building DIY furniture couldn’t be easier.  Even a quick shelf shouldn’t be more than $15-$20 and a few hours of your time if you are a beginner.  The best part about building your own pieces are that you can create custom designs that are catered to your own individual design and style.  You can finish them to match your décor, or you can paint them to stand out.  This is a wonderful way to find a new hobby in addition to giving your home new pieces for an updated look.

#3 – Order Some Small Wall Accent Features

I think we can all agree that ordering items online is fun, so this is by far a tried-and-true method for a home facelift.  If your walls are begging to be detailed, do not deny them.  You can custom order frames for your pictures that have been lying about, or you can find unique features that match your theme of decoration.  There are so many online stores and boutiques that you can shop at that offer mass production items or one-of-a-kind shopping experiences.  You can take a look at some of the best Cyber Monday deals if saving some money is important to you.  It all depends on how much you desire to spend.  Freshly decorated walls are more appealing to the eye and are exciting to look at!

#4 – Add Small Accent Rugs

Large area rugs can cost you a small fortune, but sometimes you don’t need large area rugs to give you the look that you desire.  Sometimes you can get that look simply with small accent rugs.  You can find these accent rugs online for a fraction of the price.  Accent rugs are in style, and they are easy to manipulate into styling where you want to place them.  They are also easy to keep clean, which is a huge benefit!  Accent rugs can be placed on either carpet or hardwood floor to give a new, clean version of what you already have.  This is a neat and versatile way to place a pop of color wherever you are in need.

#5 – Put Mirrors in Creative Places

Mirrors do lots of wonderful things, and it is a remarkable thing that they have found themselves back in style trends!  They open small spaces, they bring light to dark areas, and they can be placed in slightly inconspicuous places, so they aren’t front and center to make people uncomfortable.  These days, you can find mirrors hanging everywhere—in all shapes and sizes.  You can choose to have them custom framed or you can have them frameless and flush against the wall.  You can have them in sets, or just one simple basic mirror decorated with other accents to give it a comfortable fit within the room setting.  Whichever way you choose to go, remember that mirrors offer functionality within the room as well as a décor option.

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