17 October 2018

5 Fun & Healthy Halloween Treats for Your Littles

Halloween is typically considered a “healthy” holiday. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be. Throughout the month of October you can get your children excited about Halloween with healthy Halloween-themed treats and activities.

Doing this can also provide a great opportunity for educating your children about what is good for their bodies and how too much sugar can affect them negatively. Prepare them for their Halloween candy collections by teaching them about sweets in moderation before that mystical night arrives.

As an advocate of healthy treats, the Family Dental Health Center helped compile this list of fun Halloween treats to try with your little ones this month.

Haunted Fruit--

Try some banana ghosts with chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth in half a banana and mini pumpkins with clementines and celery stems. These can be a fun project for your kids to put together as well, and a great afterschool snack!

You can thank One Little Project for the idea.


Apple Spiders--

Slice up some of your favorite apples, and make a peanut butter sandwich with them. Use chocolate chips or raisins for the eyes and place pretzel sticks or fruit leather in the sides for the legs. This is another great one to get the kids involved in making to help get them excited about Halloween and eating healthy.

Find this fun tutorial along with another spooky snack at Brit + Co.


Halloween Roasted Veggies--

Do you have trouble getting your children to eat their vegetables? Try making them more appealing with some fun shapes like ghosts, jack-o-lanterns and witch hats. This works great with beets, potatoes, and large carrots. You might even be able to try it with a variety of squash too.

Find a great recipe for these deliciously fun veggies at Live Eat Learn.


Crafty Veggies Tray--

Another way to make veggies more fun beyond the fun shapes is to dip them! Try making these cute pepper jack-o-lanterns, fill them with dippable veggies like broccoli, carrots, peppers, or celery, and maybe even have one more jack-o-pepper that is “puking” out the dip for an added fun factor.

Find the tutorial for this crafty veggie tray idea at Hidden Valley.


Healthy “Candy Corn”--

In a small transparent bowl or cup, layer pineapple, mandarin slices, and vanilla yogurt (or whipped cream) to get a healthy treat that has the same colors as the common Halloween treat - candy corn! You could even top it with a couple pieces of candy corn to teach sugar in moderation. Just be sure to help them brush their teeth afterwards!

Thank Family Fresh Meals for this cute idea.

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