06 September 2018

The Secret Remedy to Your Health

There is a secret ingredient that has gained tremendous popularity due to its benefits on health. Charcoal, a black porous material includes water in the form of moisture and has trace elements of other wood material. It can be processed through industrial processes to derive activated charcoal that can be used for medical purposes. The activated charcoal is made from normal charcoal by treating it through very high temperatures. The resultant residue is cooled and a powdery paste is derived known as activated charcoal.

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Before you learn about its benefits on the human body, you need to understand what activated charcoal is and how it is created. It is basically a type of charcoal which is more porous as compared to the charcoal that has not been treated. It has a porous texture which distinguishes it from any other type of charcoals as well as the one used for the purpose of barbecuing. You need to keep in mind that only activated charcoal is ideal for human body and not the untreated charcoal.

Charcoal and the Human Body--

Charcoal has a connection with human body. It is the chemical quality inside charcoal which makes it ideal for human body functions. Charcoal has high absorbent properties that makes it ideal for the emergency treatment of ingested toxins. It helps bind the chemical toxins inside the body and when the toxins are bound, its presence and concentrating inside the body is reduced. This limits the potency of the ingested poisons before the patient is sent to medical treatment for a checkup. It is also used to treat instances of medical overdose. Medications like sedatives and aspirin can be easily neutralized by the use of charcoal. It is also used for the treatment of other ingestions like acid, heavy metals and alkaline substances.

Charcoal and Kidney Functions--

Charcoal also promotes the function of kidney inside the body. Hence, in case of diseases like kidney failure, charcoal can be very useful. The impact of the same can be reduced with the use of charcoal as a filter which will eliminate the waste that accumulates inside the kidney and causes kidney failure. Additionally, specially activated charcoal can be used to remove urea from the blood of the patients who are suffering from kidney problems.

Maintaining Cholesterol Levels--

Charcoal has the ability to reduce the cholesterol levels and ensure nutritional health. It binds cholesterol and prevents its absorption into the blood. A dose of 24 grams of charcoal on a daily basis can achieve almost 25 percent reduction of cholesterol from the body. This helps prevent any instances of health troubles including obesity. https://www.crossfitcitadel.com/article/why-charcoal-health-reasons-people-are-turning-to-this-particular-ingredient/ will give you insights into the best use of charcoal for good health and body.

Tooth Whitening--

Charcoal can be used as a tooth whitener and helps bind into the tooth staining compounds.

Filtration of Water--

Charcoal will bind to chemical water contaminants like bacteria and viruses and filter the same. It removes the particles from contaminated water.

Resolves Bloating--

If you feel bloated, you can use charcoal to eliminate the prospect of formation of the gasses inside your gut after the consumption of a meal.

Purification of the Skin and Hair--

Charcoal is widely used for natural purification of the skin. The activated charcoal will whiten your teeth and completely change your hair and skin. You can choose to make a clarifying face mask with water and honey along with activated charcoal to brighten up your skin. You can also use it for your hair by adding a small amount of charcoal in your shampoo. It can also be used as a body scrub. However, do not use it on a daily basis as it might harm your skin. You can also create a paste using activated charcoal to treat skin irritations, wounds and insect bites. It will draw out the infection with ease.


Charcoal can be used for general detoxification. It is consumed as charcoal lemonade which is black in color but has multiple benefits for your health.

Prevention of Hangover--

If you often go through a hangover, activated charcoal is ideal for you. It is used as a hangover cure and will reduce the blood alcohol levels.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

There are certain risks you need to keep in mind before you inject charcoal. The biggest hazard is that there could be high probability of causing diarrhea. When you inject charcoal, it interferes with the power of the gut to achieve the absorption of specific fluids inside the body including water. Because charcoal binds the water, there are increased prospects of diarrhea. There are additional side effects like blackening of the surface of your tongue.  The tongue will trap microparticles of charcoal when you consume it. You can brush the tongue to reduce its effect.

Charcoal is widely used as a medical remedy and its use helps in binding the toxins from the body which is why it helps in cases of overdose or poisoning. Similarly, other applications like water filtration has been commercialized widely. Undoubtedly, it is highly useful for human body and health. Activated charcoal is a supplement with a number of uses. However, it is important to follow the dosage instructions before you use it for your health or skin. Use it only as per the dosage and in case of a reaction or an adverse effect on the body, you need to seek medical help immediately.

Keep in mind that it is not a solution in case of a serious medical illness. You need to consult a doctor for serious illnesses, charcoal will not cure an illness overnight. You need to give it time and follow the instructions of dosage. It will help your health and body and it will take time and your body will also take time to react to the same. The benefits of using activated charcoal have been tested and proven.

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