19 September 2018

How to Keep Your Computer Safe While Browsing the Internet

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

#1 - Use a Good Anti-Virus Program

Computer threats come in all forms – from malware to viruses. These two forms of threat can restrict and restrain certain computer functions, resulting in a large dip in performance and operating speed. Anything that hinders your software or hardware components should be considered a threat, and one should use every means to keep your computer clean from all forms of infection. A good anti-virus program is the first step in that process. Look for one that is ‘all-encompassing’, meaning that it encompasses every threat, in every form.  

#2 – Consider Using a VPN

Some of us old-schoolers may have never used, or even heard of, a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, allowing the user’s connection to be re-routed through a private, and encrypted, anonymous third-party connection – hiding every facet of one’s online interactions. When you use a VPN connection, everything from the very basic data your PC transmits, is encrypted and nearly un-traceable. In fact, even if someone with ill intent were watching your online interactions, they would only see the encrypted information, and zero raw data. If you’re interested in learning more, or using a VPN, find out more about VPNs and ensure that one looks up their local, state, and federal laws regarding the technologies use.

#3 – Use Google Incognito for Questionable Websites

In-case you accidently (or purposely) find yourself on a questionable website while scrolling your PC, or phone, at any point throughout the day, remember that Google Chrome has a fantastic feature that allows you to surf the net, without the browser saving any of your history. Looking to make an anniversary, or birthday purchase, and don’t want your significant other to see it when they use the same computer? Chrome’s Incognito mode has your back. Need to use your neighbor, or friend’s PC or Phone to check your bank? Simply engage Chrome’s Incognito mode, and everything you sign into, including bank information or email/website accounts, will be technologically forgotten the moment you close browser.

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