19 September 2018

3 Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

#1 - Try to Find Online Coupon Codes

Nowadays, coupon codes are everywhere.  There are Google extensions that claim to find the coupon code that you are looking for when you need it, there are apps on your phone that will bring up the coupon code at the nick of time, and there are even websites like https://sello.com/ dedicated to having all the latest and greatest, tried-and-true codes at your fingertips.  Searching for a coupon code that fits what you are trying to buy is a little bit difficult, because sometimes they do not match up to what is in your online cart at the time.  With a little browsing, it is possible to match up a code with what you need and save an easy 5-25% from your online purchase.

#2 - Use Second-Hand Shopping Sites

Buying brand-new items is not something that you have to do only in a brick and mortar store.  Now you can purchase second hand items online, and it can save you a ton of money.  There are a lot of websites that offer this luxury, and it brings to the table a whole new base of items that are practically brand new and affordable.  It is a fantastic way to get your hands-on brands, and items, that you have wanted for a long time without breaking the bank.  Plus, you do not have to leave the house to do it!

#3 - Always Aim for Free Shipping

A trick to shopping online is to always target the free shipping deals.  Typically, you can find free shipping coupon codes that allow for this expense to be negated.  However, if you do not, it is smart to email the company and ask for a free shipping code as a new customer.  If the purchase is not timely, then most of the time emails come around for free shipping and you can wait for the code.  Other times, websites will run deals where shipping is free after “X” amount of $ is spent.  It is wise to pre-plan purchases to assume that shipping is indeed included in the purchase amount.

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