10 September 2018

10 Vital Ways to Treat Yourself

You, yes you, deserve to treat yourself. If you don’t believe so, you’re wrong. Even if you think little of yourself, you are much better than you feel you are. This means you should prove that to yourself. A little self-kindness can go a long way. Indulging from time to time is not something to be criticized. We all need it, and it can lead to feelings of self-worth, of willingness to be better, of comforting you after a difficult time.

Does this mean you should eat two Ben & Jerry's full cartons after you experience something difficult in a day, solely to unwind? No. Treating yourself loses its focus and purpose when you do it all the time. Thankfully though, treating yourself is more than possible if you do it in moderation. After all, everything should be done in moderation, even moderation. That means these following, substantial self-treatment techniques could help you gain a renewed spring in your step, and make life a little lighter:


You deserve to indulge in sleep. We all often talk to our friends and family about how tired we are, and how our responsibilities can often mean our sleeping habits become less and less reliable each night. This can only increase in difficulty when experiencing stress, emotional trouble or perhaps suffering from a form of illness. If there’s anything you deserve in this life, it’s a good sleep. However, not enough people make time to improve this in their daily lives. This can be quite a shame.

We’re simply suggesting you prioritize this time of your life. Up to a third of your life will be spent sleeping (if you do it well,) and so improving your sleep habits is perhaps one of the most immediate life betterment strategies you can pay attention to. We’d recommend assessing your sleep habits. Make a reliable bedtime and wake time.

Perhaps replace your mattress or bed frame with and elegant wooden bed setup, something you can rely on for years more. Indulge in comfortable bedding. Try to remove any distractions at least half an hour before bed. Drink plenty of water, and eat dinner at an appropriate time. Then, when it’s time to hit the hay, sprawl out and indulge in the comfort there. Perhaps it might take some herbal sleeping tablets to get you started, but long, restful sleeps can be a true gift if you work towards it. If having trouble, remember there are sleep therapists you can consult.


You deserve to feel a little pampered. Heading to your local spa with a friend not only serves as an excellent bonding activity, but can help you reduce the carried stress you’ve become way too used to. A deep sports massage or a more spiritual reiki session could be just what you need to feel more comfortable than you have been. It’s amazing to see just how renewed we can feel after one of these deep sessions, but you’ll know if you take the chance yourself.


Sometimes we need to upgrade the peripherals of our life. This might be as simply as purchasing a new scent for your vehicle, or something as major as an impromptu phone or laptop. Giving yourself a gift at random for the purpose of bettering yourself and your life can be a great indulgence, because it works towards something. Plus it shows that you’re worth being pampered, especially when you know you’ve earned it.


You deserve to submerge into art and escapism from time to time. From visiting museums to checking out new VR headsets, appreciating beautiful aesthetics in life can lift our spirits, and help us think more creatively.


Travel broadens the mind. For that reason, it has a deeply sobering effect. Travel abroad to enrich yourself with various culture, or perhaps to just absorb amazing scenery is all worthwhile, and you could likely benefit from taking part in this. Often all you need is a little interest in adventure, and you can push yourself forward to new and amazing heights. Consider asking a friend and make excited plans to try this out with one another, and automatically you have a partner in crime to double the excitement by a factor of two.

Taking a Chance--

Taking a chance in a new weird hobby or niche can be an excellent thing to do. It might be you’re really interested in tabletop gaming with figurines, no matter how nerdy it looks. You may wish to wear a certain something you’ve lacked the confidence to do so until now. Taking a chance indulges our best selves, because it shows that if we like something, we never need to apologize for it.


Many people hold onto anger, hatred and jealous, or bitter resentment towards someone that has done harm against us. No matter how valid these feelings are, often taking the time to sit back and truly consider these issues in context, perhaps even forgiving that person (even if they do not deserve it,) can help you release an emotional weight from your shoulders and put the matter to rest. We all have people we’re not the biggest fans of in our life. Perhaps you could use this power for your personal benefit.


Socializing is something to indulge in, but only if you love the people you’re hanging around. Never be afraid to prune or add friends to your list of close contacts. It could be this act is the indulgent habit. Doing so helps you feel connected to people you respect, and that’s one of the best feelings to enjoy.

Indulge Weirdness--

A little weirdness isn’t a bad thing. You may decide to simply dance around the house to a great song, making all kinds of odd faces in the mirror to make yourself laugh. We all have these feelings of silliness once in a while, and in the right time and place exercising this irrational aspect can be good for our souls.


Why not dive into comfort at some point this week? Take a full evening to put your feet up, drink a hot chocolate and binge your favourite Netflix show. Unhook your phone (or mute it,) and worry not about the worries of the wider world as you sink into your couch cushions.

With these simple tips, you are sure to treat yourself in ten vital ways.

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