16 August 2018

Parents- Here's How You Can Improve Your Job Prospects!

As moms, we often have to take significant time away from work and our careers to look after our kids- and although it’s unfair this can affect our job prospects. If you’re looking for ways to be more employable when you return to work, here’s how you can go about it.

Improve Your Education--

One of the best ways that you can improve your job prospects and open the door to better jobs is by improving your education. The higher your education level, the better paid the jobs will usually be. Regardless of what level you’re currently at, working towards the next stage will most definitely benefit you. Whether you’re studying towards a high school diploma, a college degree an undergraduate degree or a masters, these days you can do it from home in a flexible way that suits you. You can study just about any topic imaginable, from an a supply chain management masters to animal psychology degree to baking technology certificate! Decide what career path you want to go down if you’re just starting out, or what you’d like to specialize in if you already have qualifications. You can work this kind of study around your parenting commitments, and while part time will take you longer to complete, once you’re done you’ll be so glad you started when you did. By the time your child starts school and you feel ready to get back into the workplace full time, you’ll be graduating and ready to apply for better jobs.

Become Your Own Boss--

Working when you have kids, especially when they’re small requires flexibility that most companies aren’t able to offer. When your child gets ill you need to be there, and you will also often need time off for things like school holidays and special events. Instead of trying to fit your life around your work, why not create work that fits around your life? Starting a business and becoming your own boss can allow you to do exactly that. There are plenty of options for home businesses that don’t require much money to get started with, and as the boss you can pick and choose when you work. This is something you could do in your spare time now, and later down the line when your children are a little older you could go full time. Right now you’re getting it established and earning money as you go, which will benefit you both now and in the future.  

Give Your Resume a Boost--

Big gaps in employment, even if it was to have a baby and raise them is often viewed negatively by employers. To improve your job prospects, it’s worth making sure you’re doing something pretty much consistently. If starting your own home business isn’t an option, how about doing some freelancing? This can look good on your CV and is something that busy parents can take advantage of. Take writing for example, you could write an article here and there in your spare time and get paid for it and put this onto your resume. Having hobbies is also beneficial, employers like well-rounded individuals who do things outside of work, and develop their skills in other ways. It could be anything from cooking to sports, not only is this good for your mental health as a parent but it’s all things that will look good to employers too later down the line.

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