16 August 2018

From Statement Ceilings to Pattern Plants: Home Planning Trends You Should Consider

Statement ceilings have always been a synonym of luxury throughout history: Louis XIV wanted them in his renowned residence in 1682. The entire concept lost a bit of interest at the beginning of the 20th century, but it's now coming back, with an interesting DIY twist that will surely create a lot of hype on the matter in the upcoming months. With all that being said, let's try to understand how this trend will combine with another big one: pattern plants.

DIY Statement Ceilings and Disruptive Design--

In order to better understand the matter's potentials, it's important to state the fact that indexing images sites like Pinterest and Deviantart recently had a 200% increase of their listings including the keyword "Statement Ceiling(s)". This happened because the entire planning is now focused on an identity-based approach, instead of a luxury-based one: the key factor of a statement ceiling is, in fact, revolving around the creation of a space that has a strong personality, even when empty. With this design practice, there are no limits, really: a disruptive approach with disconnected shapes or objects hanging from the ceiling is currently used in many conceptual properties (most of them are in the US or in China/Japan, see images down below).

Cohesive Planning and Breaking Points: Connect Your Furniture--

The hardest point when it comes to creating a statement ceiling stands with the fact that it must coexist with the rest of your furniture. For example, wicker furniture could be an easy pick for this matter: being naturally "simple" it could easily cohabit with the ceiling, giving a sense of order even if your design and concept are crazily exaggerated. Space optimization is the second point when it comes to planning your room(s), given the fact that your ceiling needs space to be appreciated. With that being said, try to organize your corners by not leaving them empty, which will naturally guarantee you more space for the rest of your furniture.

Pattern Plants as Your Go-To Accessory--

Last year has seen the decadence of indoor plants, even if the entire "go vegan" movement peaked at its maximum point, especially during the cold winter days. pattern plants are back this year and they could be the finishing touch to accompany your concept made statement ceiling. A touch of green is always welcome, but without exaggerations, if possible.
The best part? They are incredibly cheap.

About the Author--

Hi! My name is Vicky, I’m an interior designer, running enthusiast, and occasional model. Fashion and design are and will always be my passions and I also love sports. I am currently doing an internship but I would love to open my showroom soon!

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