26 August 2018

Design Your Kitchen Island and Its Seating Accordingly!

Having enough space in your kitchen is always a struggle. Even after building counter space and storage space, we tend to struggle with the things that need proper storage. Therefore, having an island seems to be a great option for most of the houses. However, when it is about the island, there are a couple of things that need proper attention.

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Before you get your island designed, ensure you have thought through and through about it.

Figure out the Purpose of the Island in Your Kitchen.

A kitchen island is used for either preparing meals, doing the dishes, storage or serving. Before you get your kitchen island ready, you need to make certain what is the purpose behind building it. The size of the island matters the most if appliances need more space. If the width of the of the island is enough then you can add two features in a row - a sink and a stove.

Is the island a perfect place for the stove?

If you are getting the stove installed on your island, do not forget to get a chimney installed over it. If you do not want your kitchen to look greasy then avoiding this is not really a great option. However, if you do not want to place the chimney in the central location then you can always have a sink installed in the island and stove on the kitchen shelf.

Is the dishwasher near to your sink?

If not stove then sink shall be fitted on the kitchen island but along with the sink you also need space for placing a dishwasher. Imagine, covering the entire kitchen to place the wet utensils in the dishwasher. To avoid this, find out the right spot for your dishwasher near to the sink. Also, having a spot for disposing of food leftovers near the island is nice.

Do You Want Island Seating as Well? 

In most of the houses now, you will see the dining area is limited to an island with amazing seating. However, it is not that easy as it sounds. To enjoy your family time, you need to see what kind of seating can gift the pleasure of cherishing togetherness. Before you finalize your seating design, https://www.moderndigsfurniture.com/adjustable-bar-stools.html is what you need to explore to understand what kind suits your style.

Know What You Want: the seating of your kitchen depends upon the frequency of the usage and its purpose. Are you going to take all your meals here? Is this your family corner? Do you help your kids finish their homework here? Do you use it as a party stage? If yes, then having a seating arrangement that has comfortable, have a proper back and armrest is what you need.

Be Careful with the Choice of Your Chairs and Stools! 

Your Island will look fabulous only if it has been designed in such a way that it matched with the interiors of the house. When you want to showcase your sense of style through the chairs and stools you pick then the following things are what you need to consider:

  • Chairs having a comfortable back.

  • Armrest gives an ease to your overall leisure time you spend on the chair or the stool. Just a small tip that you need to remember if you are picking an armchair then maintain a proper distance between two chairs or stools.

  • Stationary chairs are best when placed near kitchen island as they do not need much room, unlike whirling chairs. 

Adjustable Chairs Gift Lovely Memories!

Adjustable chairs and stools are what you need if you have people coming over who have different heights. Even if the family members are of different age group and height, you need adjustable stools and chairs to make the seating comfortable. If you want everyone to sit together and enjoy their meals with the family, then this is something you need to consider.

Also, measure the width of the kitchen table to know how many seats can you place in front of it. Too many can make it clumsy! Measure the table - height and width and accordingly find out the best option for your kitchen.

Lastly, ensure your kitchen island is properly lit!

Preparing meals and chopping various kinds of vegetables and fruits are highly dangerous tasks s you will be dealing with sharp knives and heavy utensils. Therefore, having proper lighting above the island is important. Remember, one lamp won’t do justice if the width of the island is more than what it can cover.

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