26 August 2018

8 Myths to Debunk Before You Buy Your First Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are as good as real jewelry and they can cost you as much too. But the idea of spending thousands on your favorite premium watch brand should not dissuade you if the thought of flaunting the best timepieces in the world excites you more than anything else. You have to start somewhere at least if you want to have a flaunt-worthy collection. However, things are not really that easy for the first-timers because these watches may cost you a fortune and there are hardly any budget options out there. Moreover, there is always a risk of getting a counterfeit even if you pay up the full price of an authentic piece. To add to these woes, there are several myths about luxury watches that may make buying your first one even more challenging. Let us help you by listing some common myths and misconceptions about luxury watches.

Photo by Pat Taylor on Unsplash
#1 - The Movement Is the Most Important Thing to Consider
The common belief is that you should consider movement as the single most important factor while you buy a luxury watch. Movement refers to the mechanism which drives the hands of the watch to show time. Additionally, it powers up several other features such as chronographs, dates and calendars. Considering these functions, movements are important but they are not the only thing that a watch is all about. When you buy your first luxury watch, judge its quality by evaluating the movement in addition to other features such as the dial design, case construction, exterior finishing and complications. Even the bracelet matters because it shows the watchmaker’s craft. Also, the brand of the watch has a lot to do with its quality and price.
#2 - Higher Price and More Complications Means Higher Quality
If you think that you will get a high quality watch by spending more, you may be mistaken because higher price does not always indicate better quality. New buyers are usually taken for a ride because of this misconception and they may end up spending a fortune while buying the first watch for their luxury collection. Similarly, you may be tempted by the number of complications that a particular watch advertises. Complication is a feature that a watch has besides time telling, such as stop watches, subdials, and windows. A large number of complications may seem exciting as a first-timer but they can make the watch complicated and you may end up using none of them. It is advisable not to associate the watch price and complications with its quality.
#3 - All Swiss Watches Are Made in Switzerland
Switzerland has earned the reputation of the premier watch destination in the world and every avid collector would want to add Swiss watches to his collection. But one misconception that you must clear out is that all Swiss watches are made in Switzerland because they may not be entirely made in the country. The Swiss law says that even a watch that has at least 50% of its parts made in Switzerland can be considered as “Swiss-made”. Technically, this means that only half of the watch needs to be from the country. This means that you cannot be really sure about your first luxury watch being genuinely Swiss even if the brand claims it to be one.
#4 - More Jewels Mean Better Quality 
Another misconception that first-time luxury watch buyers have is that more jewels on the timepiece indicate high quality. This is attributed to the watchmakers advertising the number of jewels on the watch as its high point. You will be surprised to know that precious stones were originally used to reduce the friction between watch parts and prevent wear and tear in the tiny inner parts of the mechanism. Even if they may elevate the price of the watch, jewels studded on it should not be seen as an indication of high quality. Moreover, you need to ensure that these gemstones are genuine so that you pay only for the ones that are worth.
#5 - The Case Size of the Watch Does Not Matter
First-time buyers are not really sure about the features to consider while picking the first watch for their collection. They often think that the case size of the watch hardly matters but this is where they can be wrong. The standard watch dial diameter is sized between 34-44mm, but a size of 34-40mm is recommended for men with thin to moderate build. Men with broader build can opt for a size beyond 40 mm in diameter. Still, you can try out one of the fashionable large dials if you prefer to, though it is always better to stick to the standards size for your first watch. Be sure to try the watch before buying it because the fit determines whether the watch would look good on you or not.
#6 - You Get Only Fake Pieces Online
Luxury watches can be bought from retail outlets, auctions or on online websites. However, it is commonly believed that online sellers sell fake copies of the original models of the best brands. But this is not true as there are several reputed sellers who are using websites to showcase and sell their products via the internet. As online selling becomes a rage today, even the sellers who have physical retail stores are investing in websites to supplement their retail sales. So if you are planning to explore a rolex watch for men by frost nyc or some other reputed online seller, you can do it without any apprehension. The best part of shopping online is that you can check out the watches conveniently with just a few clicks. Moreover, such sites offer attractive deals and discounts from time to time.
#7 - It Is Not Possible to Distinguish Between a Fake and Genuine Watch
Counterfeiters have come up with ingenious ways to make people fall for fake watches and pay hefty prices thinking them to be real. Telling a fake watch from a real one may be challenging but there are several telltale signs that can help you make the distinction. The logo may not be centered, there may be some spelling errors, the letters printed on the dial may not be sharp enough and the complications may not work. In some cases, fake watches may be lighter than the genuine ones as they use inferior quality parts inside. However, this is one way that you cannot completely trust to identify a counterfeit because unscrupulous sellers are making copies that weigh almost same as the real ones. You need to be smart enough to consider all these factors together to identify a piece that is not authentic.
#8 - Rolex Should Always Be Your First Buy
Yes, Rolex definitely emerges as the clear winner when it comes to listing the most desirable luxury watches for men. The brand gets all the points for its cutting-edge design, master craftsmanship and innovative features. And probably it is the most popular brand name that every watch fan and non-watch fan knows about. But it is not the only option that you have. You can explore more famous brands such as Blancpain, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, and more if you are looking for more choice. Consider your budget and pick a unique piece that make a style statement for you.
Debunking these common myths and misconceptions can help you in making the right choice while buying your first luxury watch. Plan a clear budget in your mind and buy a reputed brand from a trustworthy seller only.