23 August 2018

5 Things We Love About the Fall

So may school is only a few weeks from starting up again (bummer) but a new school year also heralds the coming of one of the most beloved seasons: Fall.

There are a million things to love about the Fall, and if your dread of diving into another bout of schoolwork is tainting the last of your summer days, here are a few reminders to boost your spirits and get you anticipating Autumn.

The Best Things are Now in Season--

Let’s get you going with a reminder of our favorite foods and clothes that come with Fall. It’s time to indulge in those hot meals you just couldn’t stand in the 90-degree weather. We’re talking steaming potato or chicken noodle soup, spice coffees and hot chocolates, and let’s not forget our love of pumpkin and cinnamon in literally everything.

With those falling temperatures, you know you’re ready to break out your massive stash of fuzzy sweaters and sweatshirts. And don’t forget to trade the one pair of flip flops you wore all summer for classic sneakers and trendy boots. You may look like a knockout, but you’ll never feel comfier.

A Busy Social Calendar--

Did you think summer kept you busy with parties and beach days? Then you’ve forgotten how amped events can get in the autumn. With school comes a busy homework schedule, but that comes with its organized events like football games, dances, and team practices.

Meeting back up with your school buddies makes school that much more bearable as you try out new clubs, volunteer, or just hang out in the halls. It also means lots of late nights and shenanigans that will remain unforgettable for years to come.

The Change of Seasons--

If you’re still hesitating to get in the school spirit, take a moment to remember the magic that happens inside you when the seasons change, and the summer-turned-fall episode may be the most dramatic and satisfying of them all.

You get to watch the leaves change color, feel the air turn crisp, and get geared up for all the possibilities hiding in your future. It’s the perfect time to take country drives, do some last-minute hiking, and rake up the biggest pile of leaves you’ve ever seen. The bittersweetness of Autumn whispers that, whatever you’ve experienced, you’re growing stronger, you’re ready to move forward, and you’re going to have fun doing it.

Harvest Time--

Fall also signals the beginning of the harvest season. You’ll find yourself surrounded with pumpkins, potatoes, corn, and grains for days--which make many of our favorite Fall foods possible! Buy straight from your local farmers to get the best produce you’ll ever eat.

If you live in a farming area, you can earn a few extra bucks by working in the fields, too, and those running the show can get prepared by selecting the ideal wheat storage with Dome Technologies. Not only will you be building funds for more grand adventures during the year, but you’ll be making some unique memories you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Our Favorite Holidays--

Best of all, Autumn avalanches into a succession of holidays that rank top three in almost everyone’s book. Start planning your Halloween costume and a slew of spooky activities. We’re talking scary movies, haunted houses, and eating way too much candy corn. Thanksgiving and Christmas follow quickly with good food, darling decorations, and time spent with family fulfilling yearly traditions.

With so much love packed into those four months, you’ll easily be able to make it to the Christmas holiday break. So maybe worrying about the first day of school won’t be too much of a challenge; it’s the cold, gray January you should really worry about.

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