26 August 2018

4 Types of Blinds to Consider for Your Home

Your window treatments can make or break your space. Being amongst the favorite window treatments available on the market today, window blinds come in different designs to suite different spaces. You have to be considerate when choosing the kind of blinds you want to use for your windows because a good decision will compliment your house perfectly. Finances, space, décor, and lighting are some of the most important factors which will help determine the kind of blinds you will need. Read on to see the best four types of blinds to consider for your home:

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Roller Blinds--
These are among the popular kind of blinds which are available in different designs to enable them to be mounted differently on windows. While some roller blinds are cordless, others are attached to a cord to be able to roll them up and down according to your needs. Roller blinds vary according to functionality so you don’t have to worry if you wanted a blackout roller, the modern white roller blinds or moisture resistant roller blinds. Also, pricing varies depending on the fabric and materials used so the best quality leans on the pricey side which is affordable.

Panel Blinds--
Panel blinds are common choices for very large windows. Although most blinds are not suitable for doors, panel blinds are specifically modified and commonly used for patio doors. Unlike the roller blinds which roll up and down, the panel blinds consist of different sections that allow you to slide them open while moving them along a track.

Vertical Blinds--
Popularly used on floor to ceiling windows and patio doors, vertical blinds feature single slats that are fixed along a track at the top part. Although they complement larger windows well, they can also be used for smaller windows. The slats are made of different fabrics or materials to suit functionality and design. They can either open by parting the slats in the middle or by sliding them from one side to the other. For most vertical blinds, a long string is attached to either side of the blind to enable opening and closing.

Venetian Blinds--
The Venetian blinds are the most common types of blinds. As opposed to the vertical blinds which have slats running down its length, the Venetian blinds have horizontal slats. The slats are attached to a sting or a popular piece of cloth know as tape. The blinds open by pressing a slat against the one above it. Depending on the amount of lighting you want in a room, they can be opened and closed by slightly slanting the slats. The Venetian blinds are popularly used in offices.

Blinds come with different designs and quality to suit different home decors and spaces. You can choose to have roller blinds for your bedroom windows and vertical blinds for your living room windows, or you can choose to install panel blinds to all your windows. Make sure to choose a design that goes well with your décor.

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