02 August 2018

3 Fun Ways to Stay Cool This Summer with Your Kids

You have plenty of the summer season left to check off a few more bucket list items for you and your family. With the sun beating down, maybe you need some new ideas for how to cool off. After all, as much fun as chasing your kids through the sprinkler day after day can be, sometimes a little creativity can make the memories even better.

If you need a little boost in the creativity department, give some of these fun summer activities a try.

Water Balloon Dodgeball--

This is especially fun if you have older kids. Fill up a hundred or so water balloons and place them in the middle of your yard or a field. Separate into teams, and play the game just like dodgeball, with water balloons for the balls!

If a water balloon hits someone, they are out. They can only come back in to the game if a team member can catch a water balloon without it popping. But is it worth the risk?

Switch up teams and play until the water balloons are gone. You’ll be cool and tired by the end of this fun game.

Homemade Ice Cream--

Children of all ages can enjoy this delicious activity. Whether you have an ice cream maker or do it the old fashioned way, this can still be a fun activity for all. If you have an ice cream maker, let the kids take turns checking on the ice cream and pouring in the ingredients. If you do it the old-fashioned, manual way, let each kid have their own bag of ice cream to shake.

Mix in fun ingredients like crushed Oreos, strawberries, graham crackers, chocolate syrup, caramel, M&M’s, or whatever your heart (and stomach) desires!

Enjoy a yummy treat and cool off at the same time, and knowing that you made it yourself makes it all the more rewarding.

Swim in a Lake--

Have you ever taken your family to enjoy nature’s way of cooling down? Take a short hike to a lake or a fun drive, and let everyone cool off by wading or swimming in it. Pack up the floaties and life jackets, a picnic lunch, plenty of sunscreen, and be on your way!

Your kids will have fun playing and splashing each and you can join in on the fun or float on the lake, basking in the warm sun.

If you do plan on swimming in a lake, be sure to do a little research on it beforehand, if possible, to determine if it is safe or if there are any toxins in it. Some people will report that they are extremely itchy after swimming in certain lakes, so find one that looks family friendly and safe.

If you do notice that any of your children are breaking out or not feeling well after swimming in the lake, call a pediatric clinic like Idaho Falls Pediatrics to determine if your child needs to see a doctor.

There are plenty of fun, safe activities that your entire family can enjoy while trying to stay cool this summer. Get creative, involve everyone, and have fun!

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