05 July 2018

Why Waking up Early Can Transform Your Life

So, you’re dedicated to relentless self-improvement, and you do everything in your power, in every given moment, to become wiser, healthier, better at your job, more capable, more centered, and more present and uplifting as a presence in the lives of your loved ones.

Sooner or later — if it hasn’t already — your research on self-improvement is going to introduce you to the many benefits of waking up early.

Since time immemorial, thinkers and writers have promoted the simple practice of being an early riser as an incredible health tonic, success ritual, and key to wellness, vitality, and prosperity in general.

Maybe you’d like to use your newfound morning hours going for a jog, with some trusty insoles from biopods.com helping to minimize tension during the workout. Or maybe you’d like to use the time to engage in a particularly meaningful (and frequently-neglected) hobby of yours.

Whatever the case may be, here are some reasons why waking up early can really transform your life.

You’ll Be Able to Build Serious Momentum Before Most People Have Even Brushed Their Teeth--

Whatever it is you want to achieve in the day, you’re probably aware, on some level, that momentum is key to productivity and success. The faster you can start working, and the more uninterrupted work you can get done, the more unstoppable you are in terms of mastering the day, and life, in general.

When you wake up at noon, you will rarely, if ever, succeed in building up and maintaining sufficient momentum to be truly effective, even if you stay up late.

If you begin ticking off targets for the day from 6:00 am onward (or even earlier), on the other hand, you’ll have achieved more in the day by the time most people have brushed their teeth, than many others will all day.

Whether your ambition is to read a good book, do some imaginative writing, or attend to chores, the simple act of getting things done in the morning can make you unstoppable.

Mornings Naturally Tend to Be More Productive Than Evenings--

Quick question — what do you usually do with your time when you stay up late? Are you being deeply productive, and setting your life in order? Or are you checking Facebook constantly and idly surfing between YouTube videos?

For a huge number of people, if not all, mornings are naturally more productive than evenings. At night, the world is going to bed, our bodies are winding down for rest, and things just seem more sluggish and easygoing.

In the morning, on the other hand, the world still has to wake up and get busy. There’s opportunity in the day ahead, and we’ve got a head start on everyone else.

The Day Will Seem so Much Longer, and Your Mood Will Improve--

There’s a reason why people who work night shifts are more prone to depression and low mood.

When you’re out of sync with the world, and you never see daylight, your body will become hormonally dysregulated, and you’ll feel robbed of time and out of step.

Waking up early, on the other hand, gets us in tune with the natural day-night rhythm and helps us to feel more optimistic, and with more time at our disposal.

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