05 July 2018

Should You Fix That Fixer-Upper?

The definition of a fixer-upper house is one that is cheap to buy because of the fact it has a need for significant upgrades. Before anyone thinks about buying one of these, they have to do some careful research and a lot of consideration. You can’t buy a fixer-upper until you know whether you would prefer to have an older house or a new one. If you buy a new one, there’s the obvious chance there will be less to ‘do up’ than an older home.
There are a good few people out there who prefer an older home to own for themselves, but they want the amenities and the perks of a new home. If you enjoy new projects, have a creative vision of what you want for your home and have the patience to manage a home like that, then you should go for it with the fixer-upper. The archways, crown moldings and original floors are a huge draw for an older home. If older flooring isn’t for you, then contact a specialist who can advise you on the type of flooring to get instead. Some people prefer the more modern look in their flooring and the quirks that they look for in a home – and that’s okay, too! There’s no point in looking at older homes if you have no true interest in one, but if you do, what should you expect from a home to fix up?

Black Claw Hammer on Brown Wooden Plank

Well, the good news is that a fixer-upper is often cheaper, which means that you can often get a bigger house in the neighborhood you desire. The catch is that you’ll have to stump the cost for the renovations and changes that you plan to make to upgrade the house. You do have to consider whether you would be living in the house when the renovations are happening, which is often the case for those who want to be more economical about their decision to buy an older home. As long as you can prepare yourself to live in a building site with a LOT of dust, you’ll be okay. You should also consider whether you will be calling in experts to get much of your upgrade work done for you, as this will be an added expense to consider. You will have to live in a house that doesn’t have much of a kitchen or a bathroom for a little while, and it can be done – otherwise no one would ever buy a fixer-upper!
Things can go wrong when you buy a home that needs extensive renovations, and you should be very prepared for that. The bit to remember is the outcome. If you want a beautiful home that is finished to the highest standard and has been customized to exactly how you would want it, then you should go ahead and get that fixer-upper. Life is about taking risks and it’s one that could go either way. This is your project – make it happen and make it happen WELL!

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