23 July 2018

New Ways to Access Education

With information so easily found at our fingertips via smartphones, tablets, and laptops, more people have access to education than ever before. Gone are the days when going to university was the best way to smarten yourself up.

If you’re ready to brush off the idea of a traditional education and degree, take a look at these 6 ways to acquire and build the skills you need to be successful at your chosen career.

In-person Classes--

If you still like hands-on learning with a flesh and blood instructor in front of you, in-person classes are for you. These can range from one time classes of an hour or a series of classes over the course of a few months that take you through to a certain level of competence.

These classes are fun because you still get to interact with your fellow students. These courses may or may not come with homework assignments and an earned certification by the end. They usually have a required fee to take the course as well.

Online Courses--

Online courses can also be offered in a series of installments or as an isolated event. Because of the availability of the internet, there are many websites like Coursera and Khan Academy that offer high-quality courses. Many of these can be taken for free if you’re simply interested in the information, but there is an option to pay to earn credit as well.

Video Channels--

With a YouTube channel for nearly every subject you can think of, there are experts all over the world that are happy to share their knowledge with you for free. Their knowledge ranges from the abstract of philosophy to the nitty-gritty details we encounter every day like replacing the air filter in your car.

These YouTubers understand the importance of their audience as well and will answer serious questions left in the comments of their videos.

One-on-one Learning--

Some areas of study offer individualized learning. This includes things like personal trainers and life or career coaches. They work through a customized process with you so you can get the most out of your interactions and make quick progress.

Some organizations offer a combination of group and individual skills sessions like Development Workshop, allowing people to practice their skills while also getting personalized support.


Love to learn on the go? Podcasts are right up your alley. These little nuggets of information are like the old AM radio on steroids. Again, covering every topic you could think of (and many, many topics you would never think of), podcasts can teach you what you want to know.

As they are easy to download to your smartphone, you can have one ready all the time, meaning you never let a moment go to waste.


If you would prefer to do some hands-on learning without the major social interaction of an in-person class, join your fellow bibliophiles at the nearest library or bookstore. A librarian or clerk is always nearby to help you find the perfect volume and they’re happy to let you curl up in a corner and absorb as much as you can until closing time.

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