23 July 2018

Most Worrying Things Babies Do You Shouldn't Worry About

If you have a baby, how is life treating you as a new parent? Are you constantly on edge with your bundle of joy, waiting for their next feed or when you can acceptably put them down for a nap? Are you more of a relaxed person, and you let them cry when they need to and have a strong routine to keep you going? No matter the kind of new parent you are, you’re definitely a little bit stressed over what your baby can get up to.

Kids can give us a lot of trouble. That’s an accepted fact of being a parent, especially if you’re a veteran at handling multiple little ones at once when you’ve run out of their favorite cereal or you’re trying to get them to share the same toy without any tears. But if you’re a new parent, with a brand new baby on your hands, you’re probably not feeling as confident when it comes to your kid crying all day and all night....

So now’s the time to make the research a little easier for you, and to list out some of the most worrying things babies do that 99% of the time end up being totally normally, or non harmful. And with that in mind, here's the most common symptoms and signs for your perusal.

Baby Doesn’t Focus Properly--

If your baby has trouble focusing, either with their eyes or on your voice, it’s usually no cause for concern. They’ve just been born after all, and the outside world has a lot for them to get used to; if your baby has trouble always focusing on their surroundings or can get a little confused even when you’re right in front of them, it’s because they’re still learning.

Babies develop in their own time, and they all have their own temperaments; they might not be focusing simply because they don’t want to yet, don’t know that they can because they don’t know how to sit up by themself, or they’re taking longer because senses are hard things to use when you’re only a few weeks old. And you can especially see this lack of focus in your little one’s eyes! As a parent you’ve seen this, seeing you focus on your baby a lot, even if they don’t return the favor.

So you’ve probably noticed that your little bundle of joy often appears cross eyed, and you’ve had to squint a few times to make sure your perceptions are right. You are! A lot of babies are cross eyed in the first stages of their life, and this carries on for a while, even right into their first year of age. This isn’t anything to worry about, as cross eyed babies will straighten up eventually, and your baby is just getting used to using their eyes. They have to learn how to do absolutely everything, remember!

Baby Has Something on Their Skin--

So this one might not be the fault of baby’s, but it is still a huge worry for any parent, and deserves a mention here. Your baby can get a lot of marks and blemishes and peeling on their skin, all of which can be a huge cause of concern. Of course, there’s a lot of skin ‘problems’ your baby can get: cradle cap, eczema, acne etc. There’s not much prevention you can take here; after all, there’s no way to keep your hormones from swirling around in the womb and lingering in baby’s body even after they’re born!

Yes, even after birth, your effect on your baby has physical repercussions as well. And this is nothing to worry or feel ashamed over, it’s completely normal and happens to every single baby out there. Your hormones are always going to leak into your baby’s bloodstream, and until they fade out of your baby’s body, they can seem to cause some trouble. For example, your hormones can cause your baby’s genitals to swell, and that’s nothing worry about either!

But when it comes to baby skin rash, you’ve usually got nothing to panic about, and it’s just a matter of keeping an eye on it. Most skin worries clear themselves up, and there’s always a cream you can try out (on the advice of a doctor) if symptoms don’t seem to be fading.

Baby’s Poop is a ‘Weird’ Color--

Every baby is different, and every baby has a different diet and bowel system to deal with the food you feed them. And when you're only a few weeks or months old, this system isn’t going to work perfectly. The bowel movements we have as adults can seem to be a lot different to what your baby fills the diaper up with, and because of that, we shouldn't use our adult systems to determine whether our babies are healthy or not.

Baby poo can vary from color to color, whether it’s a yellow or brown or it’s turned to green. These are all normal occurrences, and can change over time! Even as your baby gets a bit older, and you move onto solids, you should expect a change in what comes out of the other end; you can even find white threads in your baby’s poop after eating foods such as banana. Whilst all of these colors and situations will be shocking sights, there’s usually no harmful cause underneath them.

As long as you know everything good is going into your baby’s stomach, in the right amounts, good things are going to come out the other way. But if you’re seriously worried about the color or your baby’s poo, you always have a doctor on the end of the phone to contact. Let yourself sate the worries whenever you need to, just make sure you’ve never going into overdrive about your baby’s digestive system doing its job just right!

Baby Cries a Lot--

It can seem like your baby cries a lot, far too much to be normal. And it can seem that no other parent you know has the same problem; they got their baby into a routine with feeding, sleeping, cuddling, and playing and that means there’s not much of a peep anymore (except for giggles and baby babble!). Whereas you’re carrying a crying baby on your shoulder right now, desperately bouncing them to try and soothe them into stopping.

But when it comes to crying, there’s usually no right or wrong answer here. Every baby has their own wants and needs, and they have their own personality that’s developing as well; you can never say what’s normal with crying when that’s their only way of communicating with the world! But a lot of studies have found a general pattern that babies follow with how much or little they cry, so you can look into those if you’re worried. And colic is nothing to worry about either, and baby will grow out of this in their own time, just give them a chance and continue being the great parent you already are.

Babies can be a serious cause of worry, and it seems like a never ending stream of stress when it comes to raising a child! But usually there’s nothing to worry about, or there’s an easy fix you can try out to try and make a difference in how panicked you are. Let yourself relax more often!

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