02 July 2018

How to Give Your Children Freedom to Grow up Without Feeling Distant

When your teenager starts to get older then can feel distant, cold and grumpy and it seems as though they are starting to push you away. You want to maintain a close and cherishing relationship with your child, but you understand they are growing up and need some space. There are many issues that parents face when raising their kids, one of which is dealing with teenage mood swings. There are many positive ways that you can approach this situation, so that you can allow them to grow up without feeling disconnected from them.
Support Their Hobbies--

Try and be supportive of every hobby they take part in; whether they love to dance, play tennis or video gaming, if it’s important to them it should be important to you. Surprise them with the new Final Fantasy 15
game and explore the endless world with them. Taking an active interest in what they do will bring you closer and maintain that connection for longer.

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Offer Advice Without Prying--

If you suspect your teenager is going through a tough time then you are going to want to step in and help them. Kids can often be reluctant to take their parent’s advice but that is normally because they go about it the wrong way. Try and relate to them and explain that these things might have happened to you when you were younger. Allow them to open up to you without peeping or prying into their personal life.

Trust Them--
Being able to trust your teenager is harder than you might think. There are so many ways in which they can make mistakes and you want to be there to guide them through everything. You need to trust them to make their own choices and do the right thing as often as you can. They will respect you more if you trust them. Kids that are mollycoddled and protected too much can often go off the rails later in life. Don’t let your little one be this person, allow them to be free and put your faith in them every single day.

Let Them Learn from Their Mistakes--
Kids make mistakes, it is simply within their nature. Funnily enough you made mistakes when you were younger too, so you know exactly how it feels to be in their shoes. Try to let your teenagers learn from the errors they make, because they probably won’t do it again! Allowing your child to be independent, make their own mistakes and grow from it will make you a better parent overall. It was also bring your relationship a lot closer.

Every parent goes through the same complexes when trying to raise their teens, so you are not alone in this. Follow these helpful guidelines and you will come out stronger in the end. Maintaining a close relationship with your kids is so important to you and if you can help them through their struggles and strife they will eventually grow to love and appreciate you for being there for them.

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