23 July 2018

5 Tips to Renting Equipment for a Home Renovation Project

Whenever you have a home renovation project, no matter how small it may be, having the right equipment for the job should be your first priority. Most of the DIY (Do It Yourself) projects can be challenging to undertake especially when you are under equipped.

Getting the right equipment on time helps greatly speed up the project duration. It is also important to work on the right budget and to finish on schedule. Here are a few tips to guide you when renting equipment for a home renovation project:

#1 - The Budget

This should be your guide when you are looking for equipment to rent. The budget you prepare should cover for the attached cost such as fueling the machines and maybe hiring professional labor. If you are not good with handling the equipment it will be appropriate to hire qualified skilled professionals who will do the work for you. This should be included in the budget, try to look through various options and ensure that all cost are accounted for in the agreement form.

#2 - The Type of Project

The renovation project to be undertaken will highly dictate the type of machines to be hired. If it is a small DIY project on your backyard, for example digging, you will need a mini excavator rental lower mainland, and if it is leveling your field a skid steer will be the most appropriate equipment for the task. When you are renting the equipment, be sure to look for the appropriate equipment and if it is multiple projects, look for an equipment that can multitask rather than hiring two different machines.

#3 - The Services Offered

When it comes to renting equipment, you need a company that will provide all the services that you require. If a company offers just renting and there is another company that offers renting, free delivery and pick up with professional mechanics to assist in case of a failure, then the latter company should be the most preferred. Compare and contrast the services offered before you commit to a renting company.

#4 - The Location

This is another factor that dictates the type of equipment to rent and from where. It will be advisable to look for local rental companies in order to ease the transportation during delivery and pick up. Renting far away could add additional cost on transport and can also cause delay on the renovation project. The local rental company would be easier to deal with rather than out of state rentals as they have the equipment that is suited for your terrain and topography.

#5 - The Brand

The brand covers for both the equipment and the company. The company you rent from should have a reputable brand with honest reviews on their website. They should have experience in the business and evidence to back it up. The brand equipment should also be considered as the customer may have a preferred brand of choice and also different brands have different machines of different sizes.

Before renting equipment for renovation, you should do a good and a detailed background check of the company and the equipment for rental.

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