05 July 2018

5 Things Dancing Teaches You About Life

What I love about dancing is it’s something everyone can do. Whether you are short or tall, muscley or willowy, confined to a chair or ridiculously flexible, dance is for you. Dancing comes in all forms because to dance really just means to connect with and move to a rhythm.

Because everyone has the ability to dance, they can learn some great lessons that apply in every area of life. And these 5 things dance teaches can help you be happy, confident, and successful in whatever you do.

It’s Okay to Look and Feel Silly--

Have you ever tried dancing to a new song or tested out a strange dance move or piece of choreography? It’s easy to let your first thought be about what the people around you are thinking as they watch you.

No one wants to feel foolish, and it can feel even worse if someone remarks negatively on your efforts, but growth and innovation come from these moments where you’re figuring out how to fit new movements and ideas into an old space. You can learn to dismiss the judgment of those watching because they don’t have quite the vision that you do.

Small Improvements Lead to Big Achievements--

Time has a habit of feeling extra slow when you are ready to move ahead and meet your goals already. It can seem even more futile when you have been working on the same thing for weeks and aren’t getting anywhere.

The truth is, these small improvements may frustrate you, but the time you’re spending on them will lead to a solid mastery. And those small things that once were so daunting become the foundation helping you to finally make progress and reach those bigger goals.

Individual Efforts and Teamwork Help Everyone Succeed--

Your team can’t do all the dirty work for you, and no matter how experienced you are, you can’t single-handedly take your team to victory. Individual skills and team skills are dependent on one another.

When you put in the effort to be the best dancer you can as an individual, you’re able to offer a wider range of skills to your the group. But just as important is recognizing where your skills and talents fit into the choreography and how they blend with the other dancers.

Your Health Must Be a Top Priority--

You might have seen the feet of a ballerina and been horrified that they are so dedicated to an art form of such elegance while their toes bleed into their pointe shoes. Dancers love what they do, even when it’s hard and pain comes with their progress. They are aware of how much their body can take.

They train to increase those thresholds, but they also know how to recognize bad pain. If a foot doctor recommends extra rest, icing, or something else, they do it so they can dance long into their life. Ignoring your health can be the very thing that stops you from reaching your goals, so don’t neglect it thinking that success is everything.

You are Unique--

When a dancer is brand new, it’s easy to worry about being different, especially when it comes to technique. If you aren’t doing it the one way it’s taught, then you’re told it’s wrong. But the better you get, the more you learn that, yes, you can do the same things the other dancers do. The only difference is that your challenges are unique to you.

You’ll find that techniques are different with every style of dance as well. Ballet could be difficult for you, but jazz may come naturally. Your strengths and weaknesses can work together, teaching you to be flexible and accept yourself for who you are.

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