06 June 2018

Why You Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument - Today!

Music is all around us, there’s no getting away from it! Music makes us feel good, creates memories and helps us relax. Music also relates to products, shows and events. When you listen to a particular tune, it can take you back many years to when you first heard it - the memories rush back! Theme tunes, adverts and children’s TV program tunes all evoke memories. Music is extremely important in our lives.

With music being such a major feature in our lives it’s surprising that many of us don’t know how to play a musical instrument. Musicians are in the minority in comparison to years ago. Maybe this is due to music not being taught as well in school, or maybe we are all distracted by technology based pursuits. Often as children we only get a small window in which to take up playing an instrument, cost can also be an issue. Thankfully it’s never too late to learn a musical instrument and many people start as adults. It won’t be long before you are playing your ukulele to songs on https://www.musicianauthority.com! In fact the internet has opened up a whole plethora of learning opportunities.

Here are some reasons why you should consider learning a musical instrument.

Confidence Building--
Learning to play a musical instrument builds confidence in both children and adults alike. When you first try to learn a new skill it can seem an impossible task. But with a little perseverance your ability increases until you can play an instrument well. This achievement increases confidence and enables a person to feel that they can tackle tasks that previously seemed impossible. But first you have to choose an instrument fit for beginners. If you'd like to learn how to play a classical instrument, there are brands that produces student model collections. Codabow, for example, makes six distinct bow models for classical instruments such as violin, viola and cello. If you reach a level suitable for performing, your confidence and self esteem will increase tenfold.

Increases Academic Ability--
Lots of research has been undertaken to attempt to understand why children who learn a musical instrument seem to be smarter. Learning to play a musical instrument helps to develop abstract reasoning skills, which are excellent for promoting ability in subjects such as math and science. Learning to play a musical instrument is far better than anything you can learn from a computer in teaching and developing these skills.

Increases Memory--
Having a great memory is essential for playing a musical instrument, so memory skills are developed by usage. Playing a musical instrument uses multiple areas of the brain, as you are required to  remember how to play the instrument, the flow of the music, rhythms, notes and follow music all simultaneously! Children who play a musical instrument often have a higher IQ compared to those that don’t.

It’s Fun!--
Finally and most importantly, playing and learning a musical instrument is fun, It also relieves stress. Music evokes feelings of joy and happiness. If you play alongside fellow musicians your social life will get better and your friendship circle will widen. You will be able to create music which brings joy to others, which is infectious!

There are so many positive aspects to learning a musical instrument, so if you’ve always dreamed of playing in a rock band or being a concert pianist, don’t procrastinate, take action! You will be sure to enjoy the journey.

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