12 June 2018

How to Open up Your Home to Natural Light

We all want lighter and brighter homes. If you work from home and call your conservatory or spare room your office, getting the natural light is extremely important. Make sure that you are making some smart adjustments that will let the light flow through your space and help you save on your energy bills. There is nothing more depressing than a dark and dull house or home office. Find a few tips on getting started below.

Open Plan Spaces--

If you find that some of your walls stand in the way of the light, you will have to open up your spaces. Instead of having a full wall between your kitchen and the dining room, you can move your kitchen island between the two, so you can serve meals faster and have a kitchen that is a pleasure to cook in. Likewise, if your corridors are too narrow and dark, create some openings that will let natural light in.

Glass Walls--

A great solution is getting glass walls installed in place of the old brick ones. While you will have to consult with a structural engineer to make sure that you are not getting rid of a wall that is supporting your beams, the investment and the mess will all be worth it. A colored glass wall between your living room and the dining room, or between two reception rooms can create a great atmosphere.

Glass Blocks--

If you would like to take advantage of the insulating functions of bricks or concrete, but don’t want to feel claustrophobic, you can even get colorful glass blocks installed next to or above the doors. This will allow you to let more light in, and help you make the most out of your home in need of some TLC. Glass blocks can also brighten up landings and corridors, and be installed over back doors.

Smart Blinds--

You will also have to have full control over the light in your home. If you can get some smart blinds installed, you can make sure that you are getting just the right amount of light in the room every time of the day. You can also try day and night blinds that let you see clearly outside, but prevents others from looking through your front window from the street when passing by.

Better, Bigger, More Efficient Windows--

Of course, increasing the size of glass surface in your home will brighten up your room. If you can, you can install some efficient Replacement Windows that will make you feel warmer in the summer and the winter and get the most out of the natural light coming through into your house. You can even replace your back window with a glass wall or patio door.  

Whether you are looking to enjoy your house with your friends or want more natural light in your home office, the above tips are going to help you make your spaces brighter, lighter, and looking more modern and spacious.

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