15 June 2018

Cool New Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Your home is so much more than just a roof over your head. It’s your refuge from the outside world and all its problems. A place where you can feel safe and secure either alone or with the people you love most in the world. It’s somewhere where you should feel unafraid and unashamed to be yourself. It’s a place where guests can see little hints of your taste, your personality and your life experiences all around whether it’s in the books that adorn your shelf, the art that hangs on the walls or even the color you choose for your bedspread. In many ways it’s the broadest canvas that you’re lucky enough to get to paint on. Each and every room can be made into a neat microcosm of a different part of your personality. Your kitchen can be almost futuristically decorated in shining chrome and brilliant white to show off your industrious and technologically minded nature. Your living room can demonstrate what you’re like at rest, showing visitors how your use of space, decoration and furnishings reflect the calmer aspects of your nature. Your bedroom can demonstrate that you have a sensuous side, using scent, colors and textures to give the subtlest hints at the more intimate side of you. These are the days of the technology where you can turn your entire house into a smart home hub, or continue reading for a few simplified investments.

Your home is many things to you, but it’s also an investment. It’s also where you keep a lot of your biggest investments. From the car in your garage or carport to the original artwork you hang on your walls to the wardrobe full of designer clothes and expensive shoes (and that tiny black Chanel dress you’re definitely going to slim back into this year). Thus, it’s essential that you keep your home as well as everything and everyone in it safe and secure. But this doesn’t necessarily mean expensive renovations or gruelling DIY. It may simply be a case of using cool new technologies to your advantage. Not only could they make your home more secure, they can also make your life a whole not more convenient and potentially save you time and effort every day.

Your Garage--

You may think that all you need to do is keep your car, motorbike or (if you’re extremely lucky) boat in the garage and this is enough to keep it secure. Unfortunately, determined thieves know how to get into many garages, especially if they have time to do so (while you’re away for example). This is why your garage should have IR sensor activated lights at the front to deter thieves. Fortunately, most modern door openers are equipped with new technologies that will not only make getting in and out quick and easy, but will also make your garage more secure. Look for an opener with a built in monitor, and an automatic close. You’d never believe how many garages are infiltrated simply because their owners forgot to close them. You should also consider a smart opener that is synced to your smartphone. For more information on keeping your garage secure, including guarding against door “fishing” click this link.

Smart Locks--

Have you ever left the house, gotten half way to work and then had to drive back because you were convinced that you’d left the front door unlocked? Do you ever get home from work only to find that you’ve left your keys in your desk drawer at work and have to drive all the way back for them? Fortunately, the new generation of smart door locks prevent scenarios like these, while also helping to make your home more secure. They offer unparalleled convenience, too. Need to let your next door neighbor in to take the dog for a walk while you’re at work or feed your cat while you’re on holiday? No problem, you can unlock your front door remotely when they arrive and lock it after them when they leave. Want to allay your fears that the doors are locked on your drive to work? Just pull up somewhere safe and check your smartphone. Smart locks can make your life easier in a host of ways while making your home more secure. You may, however, need to carry out some checks on your home before you install them.

Virtual House-sitter--

Going away for the weekend or for a far flung holiday? Want to make sure that the house is secure but don’t like the idea of paying a house-sitter to live in your home, eat your food and leave a mess for you to come back to? LG have developed an in-the-box solution that could be just what you needed. The LG Smart Security Solution is essentially a virtual house-sitter. It’s a camera, motion tracker and microphone all in one and can be accessed anywhere with WiFi through its companion smartphone app. It takes just minutes to set up and can give you a live feed of whatever room it’s positioned in from anywhere in the world. If you want to store and retrieve video, however, you will need a paid subscription. Live video can be viewed for free, though.

WiFi Video Doorbell--

Those living in apartment buildings usually get the opportunity to see visitors over an intercom before deciding whether or not to grant them access to the home. After all, nobody wants to open the door to anyone who looks dodgy or could potentially be a time waster. Fortunately, the digital age enables everyone this level of security thanks to video doorbells which send your smartphone a crystal clear, 1080p video of your visitor when they press the doorbell. It also offers you free online video storage just in case you need to warn the neighbors about a bothersome pest or a potentially dodgy customer.

Baby Monitors 2.0--

Most modern baby monitors allow you to see a live video of your baby while also alerting you if they cry or make noise. The Withings Baby Bundle, however, can not only allow you great video and audio surveillance, it can even intervene on your behalf if you’re not able to get to baby straight away. It can use a night light or play soothing music, both of which can be activated remotely. It also has automatic movement and voice alerts which send you a prompt if your baby is sleeping fitfully.

Even if you don’t have a whole lot to invest, smart technology can make your home more secure as well as making your life a little easier.

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