28 June 2018

Botox Alternatives That Work

A vast range of nutritive creams and cosmetic procedures exist to make your skin look younger and fresher. Wrinkles are the enemies of the youthful look, and Botox is one of the most popular ways to rejuvenate your skin. However, Botox is not the only solution, which you should consider. Get to see the Botox alternative that gives good results.
Before deciding to do some cosmetic procedures, getting to know about the deficiencies of botulinum toxin should also be looked upon. Botox can remove deep creases around the eyes, and regain a youthful look. But the sessions have to be repeated on a regular basis. The results are visible for only three months, and then the procedure has to be repeated. The improvements are not long-lasting and involve too much money and time to be done again and again.
Skin Micro-Needling--
This is also known as the collagen induction therapy, and this stimulates the skin to repair and regenerate itself naturally. The needles that are used in this procedure are made to penetrate the skin. The result is that the skin becomes smoother, the scars are improved, and skin looks brighter and younger. This can be used on stretch marks, cellulite, scars, UV damage, acne scars, and to improve the surface and texture of the skin. This also helps in removal of the fine lines and wrinkles. As natural repair process is activated, the results can stay long.
HIFU Face and Neck Treatment--
Another modern Botox alternative is HIFU or high intensity focused ultrasound. This treatment uses high-frequency sound waves, and the thick skin layer is targeted. Only an experienced and trained professional can perform this treatment. This procedure helps by improving the elasticity of the skin, and eyebrow lifting can be done using HIFU as well. The surface layer of the skin can grow. Also, the cheekbones can be lifted and tightened.
N-graft Stem Cell Injections--
These stem cell injections outperform the other treatments mentioned above, because they increase the collagen and elastin production of the body. This means that at the end of the treatment it is possible to get plumper, younger looking skin. The skin cells are activated through this procedure. The density of the dermal layer of the skin is improved a lot because of the production of collagen and elastin. Compared with Botox, this is an excellent way to do away the wrinkles because this procedure helps in getting permanent results while the results of Botox are temporary. It takes years for the effect of N-graft procedure to once again deplete.
The product that is used during the N-graft procedure contains about 1 million stem cells per 1 ml. The fibroblasts are stimulated to produce the collagen and elastin, once the stem cells are placed under the skin. This is the Botox alternative that works best when it comes to the removal of wrinkles and fine lines.
This is not a surgical treatment which means that you do not have to go under the knife, and this is relatively painless and offers the best results as compared to Botox, and its other alternatives. The best thing is that the natural process is stimulated. So it is easier to look younger for longer. 

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