01 June 2018

5 Tips to Hiring Cleaning Help in Melbourne

Keeping your house clean is essential as it keeps you and your family healthy. A dirty home accumulates dirt and dust that trigger asthma. It can also harbor bacteria, infecting the inhabitants of your home with preventable diseases. Create a dust free environment in your home to keep your family healthy.
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A clean home is also less hazardous and not prone to accidents. Clutter in a disorganized home makes navigation hard and trips and falls the order of the day. It’s even more critical if you have kids, especially toddlers and aged persons living in your home. They can easily get injured.
Studies have associated clean homes with happiness and dirty, untidy homes full of clutter with lots of stress. Cleaning a house, especially a big one, can take a lot of your time. You can trade the time with money, hiring cleaning help to do the work.
No one makes money cleaning their own home; use the time spared to be more productive with your business. Here are the top five tips to hiring cleaning help in Melbourne to ensure your home is always clean:
#1 - Use Word of Mouth
First determine the type of cleaning help you need for your house. Once you know the exact type of cleaning service you need, get recommendations from your family and friends. They probably have helps in their homes or know a company you can consult.
Using word of mouth to get cleaning help ensures you get the services from trustworthy individuals or companies. You also don’t have to worry about having a stranger in your home.
Your connection of friends and family can use their network of friends and family to get you help from sources you can trust.
#2 - Search Online
If for any reason you are unable to find cleaning help through referrals from your connections, do a quick search online. Type the phrase ‘house cleaning help in Melbourne’ on the Google search engine to access various local cleaning services.

The search returns a list of likely cleaning help services you might need. Go through results on the first page and pick cleaning help services with the best reviews. Also make sure the company offers the services locally and can easily reach your home.
#3 - Communicate Clearly
Each and every person has a way they want their houses cleaned. Some people prefer vacuuming the floor before cleaning while others clean their homes before getting the floor vacuumed. Be clear in terms of the cleaning method you want when searching for cleaning help to hire.
#4 - Get References from Previous Clients
People who’ve previously used cleaning help services can help you with references. If they were happy with the cleaning services, they’ll be happy to refer you. Use social media and groups to ask for cleaning help services and references to individuals or companies offering them in Melbourne.
#5 - Plan Ahead
Most cleaners have cleaning schedules for their regular clients. So, if you are looking to hire a cleaner, make calls earlier to book for cleaning services.
During holidays, it is even more difficult to get a cleaner as everyone wants to clean their homes and spend time with their families. Plan ahead to get cleaning help in Melbourne when you need it.
Hire a simplymaid from Melbourne today to get your home cleaned inside out as you like it.

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