10 May 2018

How to Add Original Style to Your Deck Railing

Maintaining standard wood balusters on the deck railing of your home can become tedious if they need replaced, stained, or repainted every few years. Using steel curved balusters can completely change the look of your deck and are relatively maintenance free.

Photo by Sonja Guina on Unsplash

Add Durable Curved Balusters to an Existing Deck--

If your deck is in need of an update or remodel, consider what adding stylishly curved metal balusters will do to give the design a fresh look. The outdoor area will actually look and feel larger. It looks great whether your railings are painted or stained. The thin, curved balusters offer durable construction that will not break down and force you to replace the materials every few years. It is a product with true lasting power.

Offer a Refreshing Look at Your Outside Entertaining Areas--

You may look at your deck and wonder what can reasonably be done to get a completely different look and feel out of your outdoor entertaining area. Curved balusters and a new set of outdoor patio furniture will leave your outdoor living space fresh and completely reenergized.

All-Weather Materials--

Each curved metal baluster is created out of steel and powder-coated for all-weather durability. Extreme temperatures, wind, snow, ice, sleet, and rain do not reduce the lifetime of this baluster material. You can feel confident that curved metal balusters for decking made by companies like Union Metalworks provide a product that is unequaled in outdoor functionality.

Easy to Install--

Each length of steel curved baluster has a flat end top and bottom for easy installing to your current deck. All you have to do is attach them securely using decking screws. 

Add Strength to Your Deck--

Switching from wood balusters to tough steel will add an incredible amount of strength to the overall construction. Each railing will remain firmly in place, with little-to-no wobble and give. It is the perfect choice for those that spend a lot of quality time in their outdoor living space. 

If it is a whole new look you are seeking for your deck, curved steel balusters will make a huge difference. With the added benefit of strengthening your deck railings, you will be glad you looked into the easy switch.

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