30 May 2018

Awesome Decor for the Bed, Bath and Beyond

Are you planning on redecorating and redesigning your home this summer?
If so, then you might want to think about focusing on two key areas. You should
look to restyle your bathroom and your bedroom. Why have we chosen these
two areas of your property?

Think about it, and we believe you’ll realize that these are the rooms that
you love. You’ll use them for relaxing, unwinding and letting your stress just melt
away. But they can also be some of the most stylish areas of your property. So,
let’s look at some of the best design ideas for these two rooms. Though, make sure
you read to the very end for an awesome decor tip for another area in your home.

Marble at Your Bathroom--

If you’re looking for a complete bathroom redesign, we suggest that you start
with the color scheme. For something truly impressive opt for a marble design.
You can see an example of this on the Insta below.

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It looks amazing, doesn’t it? Using this palette for your bathroom will ensure
that it looks stylish and indeed luxurious. In this case, as you will notice, it’s
not actually marble flooring but rather a marble aesthetic.
This is a way that you can get a bathroom that looks luxurious without the
heavy price tag.

It’s useful if you’re working with a limited budget. Alternatively, if you can’t
afford to redo the flooring of your bathroom, consider instead coating your
existing flooring in epoxy resin.
This will make the floor glisten like water or glass and looks incredible.

You should also make sure that you are investing in a standing tub. With a
standing tub, you can make the bath the centerpiece of the room design and the
latest models do look remarkable. You can get standing tubs that balance
on legs or fit firmly onto the floor.
Either way, it could be an impressive addition to your bathroom.

Beautify the Bedroom--

Next, let’s consider the bedroom. How can you make this area of your home a
wonderful personal space? Well, one possibility would be to dress up the bed.
Large beds provide the option of adding some decor.
For instance, you can purchase some lovely colorful pillow sets or perhaps a
throw. Dressing up your bed is a fantastic way to make your bedroom cozy and
stylish at the same time.

You can also think about lighting in your bedroom. If you’re not opposed to
completing a larger change to your home, then you can think about adding some
spotlights to your room.
With spotlights, you will be able to put the focus on the most important areas
and make them shine. For instance, you might have a gorgeous vintage dressing
table with a mirror. You’ll certainly want this to stand out as a key area
of your bedroom.

Bring in the Beach--

We promised you a feature for another area of your home, and we think you’re
going to love the one we’ve chosen. You can get a beach sand platform for
underneath your work desk. Ideal for those who work at home this will provide
a soothing, stress relieving option. It’s also the type of stylish feature that
immediately captures the attention of guests in your home.

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