03 April 2018

Why You Need to Timbersled This Winter

Timbersledding will give you all the fun you need for what is left of this winter.
If you love motocross or dirt biking and are wondering what you can do in the colder months when those sports aren’t accessible then timbersledding is for you.
The timbersled combines the power of a traditional dirt bike and a snowmobile to create an exciting and adrenaline rushing experience for those who have winter 5 months out of the year.
According to Polaris Timbersled, the inventor of this technology was Allen Magnum, who used his knowledge of snowmobiles and his want to carve through mountainsides as the motivation behind this wonderful invention.
Here are a couple reasons you should consider timbersledding this winter, and why it is the new winter activity for you.
You Already Have the Equipment--
If you own a dirt bike, you already have half the timbersled system. The other half is the one that will turn your dirt bike into the motorcycle-like machine that can slice through the snow.
Although the price of the timbersled conversion system starts at about $4000, it’s well worth the price considering all the activity you will be able to get out of it in the winter months.
There are two styles of the system, one long and one short. Each one of them has their benefits and it’s more personal preference for the types of rides you want to take in the snow. The shorter version is made for sharp turns and not as deep as snow, while the longer version is for the deep powder and is not as agile. But you can’t go wrong with either one when it comes to powering through the mountainside.
It’s Easy to Learn--
Just like any other winter sport, there is a little bit of a learning curve at first with the timbersled, but after a few rides, the adjustment is relatively easy, according to their website.
Because the front of the timbersled resembles a sled, as soon as a rider gets on and starts riding through the snow they will come to realize just how stable that part of the system is and how it creates a smooth ride through the snow.
After that initial adjustment, most riders will begin to turn and ride as easily as if they had ridden and turned in a timbersled for many years and not just starting out.
So Much to Do--
With a timbersled, there are so many fun and adventurous riding opportunities.
After learning and adjusting to the bike and how it handles in the snow, you can take it anywhere you want to go.
If you want to take an easy ride through a valley or meadow, you can definitely do so. If you are feeling more adventurous and want more of an adrenaline rush, then take it up or down a narrow trail.  
The benefit of a timbersled versus a snowmobile is that the timbersled is more agile. The way it is built makes it easier to maneuver and lighter than a snowmobile.
There is really so much fun to be had with a timbersled this winter.

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