03 April 2018

Going Green: Now’s the Time to Save Money Around the Home

If you want to save money around the home then you are not alone. It is very easy for you to save and all you have to do is make a couple of simple changes. By making these changes, you can also make your home much more energy efficient and it is a great way for you to really do your part for the environment.

Sink Aerators--

You have probably never heard of these things before, but they are super cheap and very easy to install. They work by reducing the water flow out of your sink tap. If you wash up by hand every day then you’ll soon see how much money these things can save you. After all, if you think about it, it’s very easy for you to see how much water goes to waste when you wash up and you can put an end to all of this without any extra effort.

It’s All About the Low-Flow--

Another thing that you can do is install a low-flow showerhead. When you have one of these, it will reduce the amount of water that comes out of the showerhead but it won’t affect the water pressure. You can even get some fancy ones as well, so you won’t have to worry about affecting the overall look and appearance of your home. You can still have the hot, relaxing showers you love and you’ll be thankful you made this change when your bills come through the letterbox.

Bricks in the Toilet Tank--

Did you know that if you put a brick in your toilet tank, you can actually displace and effectively reduce the amount of water that comes out with each flush? If you don’t have a brick handy then try and use a plastic bottle full of sand instead. Every time you flush, you’ll save water and this is ideal if you have an older toilet. If you plan on buying a new one, make sure that you get one that has a good water rating.

Go Solar--

The best solar generators will save you a ton of money. They pay for themselves in the long run and they are very easy to have around the home. They generate their own energy and this is far more effective in terms of cost when compared to solar panels. When you have your own solar generator, you won’t have to worry about using electricity every time you turn the lights on and it is a great way for you to help the environment.

Dryers Don’t Even Have Energy Ratings--

Did you know that dryers don’t actually come with an energy rating? This means that they are awful and that most of them aren’t even on the scale. To save money here, simply dry your clothes on the line. When you do this, you can save energy and your clothes will also straighten themselves out as well so you won’t have to iron them as much. This is a great way for you to really make a change starting today and it’s shocking to see how much energy you could save by doing this.