17 April 2018

..::Declutter::.. What I'm Getting Rid Of This Month

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this lately, but we are trying to move to a new house.  Over the course of a few years, you definitely accumulate quite a bit of 'stuff'.  A lot of stuff to be exact.  A LOT of stuff.  I am not sure when we will be moving.  There are a lot of logistics to the whole thing-- lots of looking, money saving, that whole bit.  

However, what I do know is that some of this stuff has to go.  I have been really cleaning house and getting rid of what I can.  I have been using local buy/sell sites to make a few bucks here and there, and I have been selling a few of the more expensive things (like old phones and such) on eBay.  I have been giving stuff away to family and friends and I also have a pile to go to the thrift store.  

It has been my goal to donate an entire pile of things every month until we move.  I hope I really stick to it!  I have also been on a no-spend diet.  That means that I have not bought anything that I do not absolutely need to have 100%.  It's been rough because I love to browse at thrift stores and yard sales.  I love couponing...you know me.  Anyway, here are some pictures of the latest donation.  Maybe if you guys hold me accountable, I will be more apt to declutter-type posts.

A generic power cable, a Peppa Pig lunchbox, and a new-in-box Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker.

Sorry if this creeps some of you out, but my daughter has too many, TOO MANY dolls.  We needed a mass declutter of her baby doll collection.

Some clothes had to go.

More to come soon!

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